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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pink Paislee Phantom Canvas Banner 4 comments  
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I love Halloween! I probably have more Halloween decorations than any other holiday... so why not one more! This tutorial will show you how I created this spooky Halloween banner from Maya Road canvas and Pink Paislee Phantom papers.

Accordion Flowers

- First we need to make the little banners by cutting 1.5" x 6" strips. You will need six of these. Cut notches in the ends and ink the edges.

- Cut six 2" x 12" strips and then border punch one edge. Score every 1/4" and accordion fold the strips.
- Cut six 1" x 12" strips. Score every 1/4" and accordion fold the strips.

- Adhere the strips end to end. Cut circles and adhere the folded strips flat to the circle backs. Hot glue is great for this! Ink the edges. Repeat this process for all large flowers and all small flowers.

Canvas Pennants

We have six pennants to our banner. Two will be misted green, two will be stamped black, and two will be stamped orange.

- Lay the chevron mask over one of the banners.

- Gently mist over the mask. Take your time so you get the amount of coverage you prefer.

- Carefully peel off the mask and let your banner dry. Do this again on a second banner.

- Put your acrylic word stamp on a hard acrylic block. I used a stamping tool with a foam pad to transfer ink from the larger ink pad to the stamp. I feel like I get better coverage that way.

- Gently but firmly press the stamp onto one corner of your banner. Repeat three more times so that the entire banner is covered. Try to line up the stamping so that you don't have gaps but don't worry too much because there will be embellishment over the seems. Repeat this a second time on another pennant.

- I stamped the orange banner the same way but instead of using a traditional ink pad I switched the foam pad on my stamping tool for a cotton alcohol ink pad. I then sprayed orange mist on the cotton pad and dabbed it on the stamp. This method makes the color bead up a little on the stamp but since we are stamping on fabric the color sort of bleeds out to look more even once it is on the canvas. Repeat this on a second pennant.

- You should now have six pennants:

Putting it Together

Now we are going to assemble all the parts.

- Begin by adhering a small accordion flower atop each large one. Mix up the patterns in a way that you like. I still prefer my glue gun for this part!

- Adhere each flower to a banner strip.

- Adhere each flower/strip to a pennant.

- Punch a small hole near each of the bottom points. Add a brad to each side. I used my glue gun to put a small amount of hot glue on the back of each brad where it met the canvas to ensure that they did not pull out of the fabric.

- Punch six black 1.5" circles from cardstock. Draw a border around each with a white pen. Add chipboard alpha stickers to each circle to spell out "spooky" or the word of your choice.

- Thread your banner pennants onto a long black ribbon. Tie bows between each pennant.

And that's it! It takes a while to do the accordion flowers but this project is actually extremely simple. I love using canvas because it is so easy to make it fit your project. It takes ink and mists extremely well and gives a great shabby look. Canvas is the perfect neutral backdrop!

I used the following products on this project:

Posted by ScrapGoo

Reader Comments ...
11/2/11 12:42 pm
Gorgeous! I love the stamping on the canvas!

happayscrappay . Missouri
11/2/11 12:31 pm

3/5/18 2:24 pm
Jess, your tutorial is awesome..You make me believe I can do this! Thanks showing us a glue gun is necessary to make those medallion folds.. so much easier than fighting double sticky tape and glue dots.. Your Project is amazing!

11/2/11 7:25 am
Awesome tutorial!