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Friday, April 24, 2020

Planting Trees For Kristin 8 comments  
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Today, April 24th, marks two years since Kristin, my mom and the founder of ACOT, lost her battle with cancer. She was the heart and soul of this company, starting it all out of a little shoebox of stickers in the basement. We miss her every day, but it's especially hard today.

Two years ago we planted a cherry tree in her memory behind the ACOT warehouse, and we plan to add more in the future. With most garden stores being closed in Michigan right now, we found another way to be able to plant some more trees in her memory.

For every order placed this weekend (April 24-26), ACOT will donate a dollar to the non-profit organization One Tree Planted. Each dollar donated will help plant a tree around the world. We think Mom would have loved to be a part of this, as she was a gardener herself!

There's no need for a special promo code or anything - all orders, big, small, pre-order, in stock or not, will be counted towards the amount. If you don't need any craft supplies right now, please consider donating a tree through this organization yourself in Kristin's memory and let us know about it! You can find them at



Thanks so much for your kind words and support in remembering Kristin/Mom this past weekend. Together we were able to donate 1200 trees to be planted where they're needed most! 



Posted by Rachel Kent

Reader Comments ...
sherelm . Between Hershey and Harrisburg PA
4/26/20 11:39 am
What a beautiful idea for someone as loving as your mother was. I'll be happy to do both. I'll place an order, but also donate to the charity directly. At these scary times, it's nice to plant trees.

4/25/20 11:09 pm
I lost my own Mom in January of 2017. My passion for crafting, in all ways, came from her. It also happens to be my husbands today, 4-24! I am so happy to have been able to place even a small order to honor our moms. May they be crafting happily together somewhere!!

maureen749 . 811WarringtonAve
4/25/20 6:09 pm
My son, Nicholas, died April 28, 2016. He was only 30 and the air that I breathe; he was my only child. Nicholas died of a fentanyl /heroin overdose. He was an Addict for a year and a half, but he was so much more than his addiction, he son. I love projects that involve the heart, no matter the illness; truly, no matter the illness.

blfonty . East Tennessee
4/24/20 8:36 pm
Love this idea! I'm going to see what's in my cart now and put an order together this weekend. Thanks for continuing to remember Kristin in such a special way. Thank you!

4/24/20 10:36 am
So sorry for the loss of your beautiful mom. You will miss her always. I am grateful to her for starting this amazing company, and to all of you who are carrying on. She would be proud of you, for your caring and service for us customers, adding cheer to every box of craft supplies you send out. God bless you all, Cherry pals.

NICOLE M. . Maryland
4/24/20 9:00 am
What a beautiful woman. I am so sorry for your loss. Cyber hugs to you and your beautiful family.

Natalie Dill . Nashville, TN
4/24/20 7:44 am
I wish I would've known your Mom! I know she raised you to be such a sweet soul. This is beautiful!!

suewho372 . Missouri
4/24/20 6:14 am
I think your Mom would love this project! Such a lovely way to continue honoring her!
We all love her, her heart and her vision, for not only the store, but for the community that she developed here. I know she is so proud of all of you! For who you are, and who you are becoming personally and professionally! Thank you for sharing those wonderful photos too, they are so precious!