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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick and EASY Advent Calendar (S) 1 comments  
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Just guy one box, magnets, pick some themes and you to can have 3 different advent boxes in under an hour and a half :)

When I first saw the Advent Calendar by Karen Foster, it was love at first sight! However, I have a million and one Christmas countdown calendars, so I thought nah, I don't need it. Well, you know how scrapping is, even if we don't "need" it, we buy it!!! LOL I purchased my calendar and then I turned to the little man that would be using it and asked him what he would like to countdown to and then took it from there. I am thinking I am also going to be making a birthday one, once he realizes it is getting close to that particular day.

My three themes are Disney, summer (or out for school) and Vacation. Some other themes might include Easter, Halloween, Birthdays or Valentines, just to name a few. So many different choices, easy to do and the kiddos LOVE them!! My friend has a hubby in Iraq and did one for the kiddos counting down the days until Daddy gets home. Priceless.

So as you can see many different uses. In fact the hardest thing for me was narrowing down the choices to three. But now that they are done, and easy to do, I am definitely going to be adding on!

I did all three of the boxes in less than an hour and a half. The most time consuming one is the first one, because you need to add the magnets to both the boxes and the papers. I used tiny little round magnets that I picked up at Archiver's, but if I were to do it again, I would chose the magnet sheets. Although mine are okay, they are a bit bulkier than I would like and the magnet sheets would take care of that problem.

So let’s start with what you might need to do your calendars.


To make things really easy you will need a small corner rounder and a small circle punch. The calendar package does come with a template that you could cut each box out with, trimming the edges and cutting the semi-circle but the punches are so much quicker.




There are many ways you can do the calendar, first you can make each box and decorate from there, like I did with the countdown to summer one.

Like I said the advent box comes with a template. The easiest way (and I am all about is to make sure the patterned papers you chose are double sided., that way when you cut your strips you can use either side for alternating rows. Or you could make all the boxes the same which would be easy and look nice too!!

Place your template on the side of the paper you don't want showing. Then draw a line down at the bottom. Cut under that box all the way to the end of your paper. So you would have a strip that looks like this.



Then take your template and place marks alongside the box, going down your strip. Then cut. You should have 5-6 squares now, like this.



Use your corner rounder punch on the bottom two sides, leaving the top not rounded. Then use your small circle punch and punch HALF a circle near the top, for the notch to match the calendar boxes.



Next you need to place the magnets onto your box. Like this.




Again, I used little round magnets that when by themselves do not look thick, but remember you are going to have TWO on there. One for the paper and one for the boxes. So maybe this might work a little better.

3D-Dots Magnet Squares or I did see some sheets at Michaels which looked thin.

I did not really pay attention to how I was putting the magnets on (positive or negative side) I just placed them and then when it was time to add the papers I just tested each magnet first to see which side I needed to put the adhesive on. You will need to put the adhesive onto the side that repels the one on the box. Place the magnet onto the side of paper you are not having face front.

I used Mini Glue dots.



This was actually my second box. The Advent Calendar only comes with one set of numbers which I used on the first one. So you could either use stamps or rub-ons if you have a lot of number or do what I did and just use a phrase. If your children are really into the number parts, I would try to have them on there, but I explained to Cole where the last box is and he knows now on each one. I will probably go back and stamp on numbers though so he knows exactly just how many days until SUMMER. :)

You can make all of your boxes look the same, that is using different papers but using the same template or you can branch out like I did on my Disney and Vacation ones.

On my Disney one I used a Mickey punch and two border strips, cut into the correct size, but just lined up across. Then mixed those in with the box templates to create different rows. This is faster than cutting the boxes out and I think the strips and punches add some more personality to the box.


The strips I used are no longer in the shop, but Reminisce makes so many different themed ones, like the new St. Patrick’s (just in case an adult wants to count down to that Green Beer and Easter ones.

Green Day Glitter Ribbon CS StickerHappy Easter Glitter Ribbon CS Sticker




For my last one, I was kind of bored with squares, so I went for a circle one and this one by far was the quickest one. Use a 1.5 inch circle punch. Punch out 25 circles.  Then use your smaller circle punch to cut out the notch. Totally takes out the corner rounding step.




The Lil Davis Line I used had some great 12inch borders that I wanted to use. An easy way to do this is place your border strips on your paper before you punch.


After you are done placing your borders, then punch your circles and you are good to go.



So now, you can have three different advent boxes using ONE box and just changing the faces. FUN, QUICK and EASY!!!

Posted by suslvgeo

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Reader Comments ...
Kara . Howard County, Maryland or Woolford
2/23/09 10:40 pm
These are way cool....but I wonder what I would do with them when I am done.. like after I went on the vacation. Love these Sus!

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