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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rubber Stamp Scrapbook Ideas  
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Rubber stamps can add a wealth of embellishment possibilities to your scrapbooking projects. These trendy stamps are available from popular manufacturers such as Inque Boutique

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Why Buy Rubber Stamps? 

Rubber stamps are one of the more versatile scrapbook products on the market today.  Inque Boutique's large selection of rubber stamps are cheaper than wood mounted or acrylic rubber stamps making them a great choice for the scrapbooker on a tight budget.

Although alphabet stamps are very popular, there are a number of other options to consider as well. Floral stamps make a great general purpose embellishment. You can also find themed stamps for projects such as Holidays and Birthdays. 

Using Rubber Stamps

Even if you’ve never tried stamping on your scrapbook pages, rubber stamps are very easy to use.  Acrylic pain) is the most popular medium for working with rubber stamps. When using paint with your rubber stamps, you’ll want to apply the color with a foam paintbrush or a clean makeup sponge instead of pressing your stamp directly into a puddle of paint. A thin layer of color will achieve the clearest impression.

When you’re done using your rubber stamps, clean them with soap and water. Some staining is normal when working with dark paint colors, but you can try to scrub off any stubborn paint with a nail brush if you wish. To keep your stamps in top condition, however, make sure you wait until they are completely dry before putting them back into the correct storage container.

Making the Most of Your Stamp Collection

Unlike stickers, chipboard, or metal embellishments, rubber stamps can be used as many times as you wish. However, you don’t have to settle for the same look on every page you create. To keep things fresh, consider the following ideas:

  • Instead of lifting your stamps straight off the paper, rock each stamp slightly for a distressed look.
  • Add definition to your stamped letters by tracing the outline of each letter with a fine-tipped marker.
  • Make a stamped outline. Instead of covering your entire stamp with paint or ink, try using your fingers to add color to only the edges. When you press down on your paper, you’ll have a cool outline image that provides an entirely different look for your scrapbooking layout. If you wish, you can even try coloring the inside of the stamped letter outline with chalk or colored pencils.
  • Mix and match the letters from several different foam stamp sets to create a unique title treatment. If you only have one stamp set, try combining stamped letters with stickers or other types of mixed media alphabet embellishments.
  • Change your materials. Although rubber stamps are most often used with acrylic craft paint, stamping with watercolor paint or dye-based stamping inks can provide a different effect.
  • If you have an old stamp set that you’re tired of using, try altering it to create a new look. Using a sharp craft knife, cut out small notches in the design for a grunge effect or add tiny stripes for a preppy look. 

Posted by A Cherry On Top