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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Scrapbook Ideas for Pages  
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Scrapbook Ideas

Once you’ve collected all of the necessary supplies for your first project, you may find yourself wondering how to come up with scrapbook ideas for pages. 


Scraplifting, the practice of creating your own scrapbook layout based on a design by someone else, is a great way to help define your own unique style. By copying the scrapbook design ideas of crafters you admire, you’ll gradually learn more about what elements are the most important to you in a project. For example, you may notice that you find yourself repeatedly scraplifting one or two photo layouts with a clean and simple look and shying away from busier scrapbook examples that feature a plethora of photos, patterned papers, and embellishments. 

While some people consider scraplifting to be copying a layout exactly, you may discover it is more effective to simply borrow a few elements from a page you like and customize it to fit your own needs. Changing the color scheme, substituting products, and adding or removing photos can give a scraplifted layout an entirely new look. 

Of course, it’s important to properly credit your sources when creating layouts based on a scraplift. If you plan to post your work to an  online gallery, enter a contest, or submit a layout for possible publication in a scrapbooking magazine, cite the creator of the scrapbook layout that inspired your project. 

Using Sketches 

Sketches are an excellent resource for scrapbook design ideas. By providing a basic outline for the placement of photos, embellishments, titles, and journaling blocks, they give you the framework you need to begin your scrapbook layout. 

Creating Keepsakes has a large assortment of sketches by Becky Higgins, including several ideas for incorporating more than 10 photos into your layout. Becky Fleck also shares a number of sketches and scrapbook examples on her Page Maps Web site. 

Creative Sources of Inspiration 

Once you’ve gotten comfortable designing pages by scraplifting and using sketches, you may find yourself in search of new sources of inspiration. Fortunately, scrapbook ideas for pages are all around you! For example:

  • Make your own sketches based on the placement of text and photos in your favorite magazines. Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living are two examples of publications with design schemes that can translate well to a variety of scrapbook projects.
  • Flip through an interior design book to choose color schemes for your scrapbook layouts or visit a fabric store to see how colors and patterns can be successfully mixed.
  • Copy the unique typography styles found on the packaging of your favorite products.


Keeping Track of Scrapbook Ideas for Pages 

If your schedule doesn’t permit you to scrapbook on a regular basis, you may find it difficult to keep track of page ideas. Invest in a sturdy binder and plastic page protectors to file scrapbook design ideas and sample layouts you’ve saved from your favorite magazines and Web sites. You may also want to consider buying a small composition book to keep in your purse so you can quickly jot down any scrapbook ideas for pages you come up with throughout the day.

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