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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Scrapbook Inspiration: Curing Scrapper's Block  
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Even if you’ve been scrapbooking for several years, you may still find yourself occasionally suffering from a bad case of scrapper’s block.

Finding Scrapbook Inspiration by Evaluating Your Layout

When you’re running low on scrapbook inspiration, it’s helpful to spend some time evaluating your layout to see if you can identify the problem. For example:

  • Have you left enough white space in your layout to avoid creating a cluttered appearance?
  • Does your scrapbook layout have a clear focal point? What does your eye see first when you look at the page?
  • Is your scrapbook journaling free of typos and easy to understand? Does it adequately tell the story behind your photos?
  • Do the scrapbooking embellishments you’ve chosen have a clear purpose in your layout?
  • Does the color scheme you’ve selected fit the mood of your page? Do the colors in your patterned paper and scrapbook embellishments coordinate well with the colors in your photos?


When you’re struggling to finish a particular project, it’s often helpful to simply get a new point of view. Try turning your scrapbook layout upside down or looking at it in a mirror to see if you still like the basic arrangement of elements on the page. In many cases, this new perspective makes it easier to identify the design flaws in a project and get the scrapbook inspiration you need.



Tips for Curing Scrapper’s Block

If you’re unhappy with your latest scrapbooking layout and suffering from a major case of scrapper’s block, try jumpstarting your creativity with one of the following tips:

  • Take a break. Remember, scrapbooking is supposed to be fun! If you’re not happy with your scrapbook layout, move on to another activity and come back to your page at a later date. For example, CK Hall of Fame winner Beth Opel says her favorite way to cure scrapper’s block is to curl up with a good book.
  • Get organized. For many scrapbookers, the process of organizing their craft rooms provides an instant boost of scrapbook inspiration. As you clean your workspace, you’ll come across patterned paper, colored cardstock, and scrapbooking embellishments you may have forgotten you owned. One of these items may just turn out to be the perfect addition to your layout.
  • Ask for a critique. If you enjoy cropping with friends, ask them for ideas on how you could improve your scrapbooking layout. If you don’t have friends who scrapbook, consider posting your work to an online gallery and asking for constructive criticism.
  • Take part in a challenge. Experimenting with new techniques is a great way to cure scrapper’s block. A Cherry on Top has several contests and challenges that can help you push your creativity to its limit.
  • Try a new craft. Scrapbooking is unique in that it draws from aspects of several different artistic pursuits. If you’re having trouble finishing a particular scrapbook layout, spend some time enjoying a different crafty activity. Try sewing, making handmade greeting cards, designing a beaded bracelet, or crocheting a baby blanket to get your creative juices flowing again.



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