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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Scrappy Holidays 30 comments  
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December 2006

I’m going to tell you a secret. It’s a secret that may get me kicked out of the cool scrapbook island, but I can’t go on hiding and lying. I have to spill it and I don’t care who knows or what anyone thinks. I detest scrapping holidays. There, I said it. You don’t hate me, right? I can still visit the clubhouse?

Now, before you take away my key, you should know that I do scrap them. I force myself, but it does get done. I’m apparently too anal-retentive for my own scrapbooking good. I’m preserving these memories for generations to come. No pressure, right? I just want to do the holiday justice. I enjoy them so much that I’d hate to tarnish it by not scrapping it the best I can. Here are some reasons why I avoid scrapping holidays like the plague.

Matching. I’m a freak about matching. My kids, the wrapping papers and the coolest patterned papers of the season never match. Ever. I can match my kids to each other and I can even match their presents to their clothes, but try as I may, I can’t get everyone else to play in my reindeer games.

Synchronicity. My kids can’t smile at the camera at the same time to save their souls. One looking up, one hitting another, one crying and one picking his nose are not the images I want shared for generations to come. I have seen these great little layouts where it shows a few shots of a photo session where the photographer was obviously having some issues getting them all focused on the picture task. Honestly, I’d need an entire album dedicated to the one shot that out of sheer frustration I called it good. That and dinner was getting cold.

Uninspired. Seriously, how many pictures can you have of the same stockings, cookie plate or baskets? We’re definitely creatures of habit. Without a date or a hairstyle you’d be hard pressed to tell if the picture was taken in 1978 or 2008.

Documentation. Who wants to have evidence of your pigsty house after the event is over or that your family spoils the heck out of your kids? Last year we couldn’t see the tree for the presents or the floor for the wrapping. Insanity at its finest.

Unoriginality. I consider myself to be fairly creative, but I’m running out of titles. “Define Good”, “Somebunny loves you”, or “Our Little Firecracker” were old and tired with the first kid. I’ll be forced to work with pictures for baby number four this year. How “egg”-siting that should be this Easter.

Perpetuating the myth. I’m not big on the fact that I’m a big, fat liar. I don’t want to deny my kids the thrill of the fat man or the Easter Bunny, but in reality, I’m torn about introducing them only to rip their little hearts out in a few years. Even worse, is being exposed by the 8-year old neighbor kid. I guess I could always do a page of Bug learning that his parents are big fakes. Think the KI or the Doodlebug line would be the best choice to capture that moment?

Cruise Directing. Let’s face it I’m the only one that has the capacity to be in charge, so I’m usually pretty busy from sunup to sundown on any given holiday. I’m busy perpetuating myths, matching outfits for four kids or recreating family traditions that date back a few generations. With all the hustle and bustle from the events of the day I usually miss some really good shots of at least some of the action. I guess that’s why when I do sit down to scrap I’m faced with a stack of staged photos. “Act surprised” or “Put it back and pretend to find it again” are phrases that I’ll surely pay for at later sessions.

Any therapist would tell me to jumble things up a bit and not be so predictable or rigid, but I pay her to tell me stuff that I can ignore. For me, the delight in the holidays is in the traditions. It’s the scrapping of them that sends me to her office, not how I celebrate them. I just want my kids to remember the holidays with great affection. And with any luck an embellishment here and the right journaling there and all of my efforts will land me in a decent nursing home.

Posted by MaBuglet

Reader Comments ...
Irocz7 . Midland, MI
12/19/06 9:31 am
I agree, I dread scrapping holidays and birthdays. I don't really enjoy scrapping Christmas, even though it's my favorite holiday. You are right on the money with this one!!!! ha!!

suslvgeo . Colorado
12/11/06 9:17 am
How do you ALWAYS know the perfect thing to write? Every month, you have me rolling and shaking my head in agreement. :)

12/6/06 7:59 pm
can i be in YOUR clubhouse?! i look like a total bobblehead nodding at everything you've written & the "staged photos - act surprise" LOL, ohh so true!!!!!

MindySue . Sitka, Alaska
12/6/06 4:59 pm
As always, a superb article. Nice idea Egle about turning the photos to black and white. That gives me a really great idea!

12/6/06 3:55 pm
Hillarious! But so true...LOL

12/6/06 10:11 am
OMG James that is exactly what I was thinking for this year!!!! Another great article as always!!! Just an FYI you know what therapist means right?

The-rapist, they rape you for your money!

baltoscrapper . Baltimore Md
12/5/06 9:16 am
Genius I say! Pure genius!

12/5/06 8:25 am
OMG! You are too funny, I laughed the whole time I was ready. Did you hit the nail on the head with everything you said or what . . . Loved it!!!

12/4/06 2:21 pm
pahaha Don't get ahead of yourself, Laura. In some circles, it's VERY sketchy to agree with me ;o) I'm all about black and white photos...from the 30's ;o)

Thanks for the kind words, ladies! Makes my day!!

12/4/06 1:05 pm
I have totally thought about turning the photos to black and white Eg, so that the fool who wore shocking pink on Christmas ane messed up my photos doesn't mess up my layout too!

So with you on all of this Jamie...thank God I'm human!

12/4/06 10:10 am
Your a hoot! Great article!

12/4/06 10:02 am
what a great laugh to start Monday with...very true indeed.

12/3/06 7:28 pm
There's no santa...?

12/3/06 7:11 pm
Another great article Jamie!!!

deerewife . Eastern Nebraska
12/3/06 5:00 pm
You mean, we have to take pictures AND do something with them and those pretty supplies??

Charleneanne . Central Valley California
12/3/06 4:58 pm
oh so right on Jamie. great article

12/3/06 3:37 pm
Great article!

12/3/06 1:34 pm
Filarious as usual!

12/3/06 12:54 pm
Jamie...you hit the reindeer right on the nose with this one!

12/3/06 12:47 pm
Awesome Jamie!! So true :)

12/3/06 10:52 am
Okay, so there is no Santa and no Easter Bunny, but there IS Jamie, and you make every day a holiday! :-)

Flasher . The Shores of Lake Erie
12/3/06 10:20 am
Awesome article!!! I couldn't agree with you more!!

12/3/06 9:01 am
This is so funny and true! Another fantastic article, Jamie!

12/3/06 8:59 am
I totally agree with you! Scrapping holidays doesn't inspire me. In fact, it actually bores me! Give me everyday magic any day of the week. Great article, James! :-)

12/3/06 8:47 am
Your way ahead of me chicky. I still have not scrapped last years Christmas or the last two Easters. I say we start our own club.
Lol "And with any luck an embellishment here and the right journaling there and all of my efforts will land me in a decent nursing home."

12/3/06 8:27 am
So funny!

12/3/06 7:02 am
Pahahahahaha, sing it my friend....sing it! I love you!

12/3/06 7:00 am
Amen! There's only so much we can do.

12/3/06 2:12 am
Too funny! Have you thought of making the picture black and white so it does match with your scrappy supplies??? ;o)

12/2/06 11:42 pm
You're welcome in my clubhouse... although I wasn't on the cool island to begin with. ;0)) Great article, Jamie!