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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Sn@p Binder Album 1 comments  
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by Jessica Harvey


I've made many albums in the Sn@p Flipbooks from Simple Stories, but this was my first time using a Sn@p Binder. I loved it! I like how there were many pages that were already included and all of the ways to personalize it. I added a lot of pockets and flip-outs, which are some of my favorite things. This album is ready to fill for when my family takes our upcoming trip to Disney! I used the Say Cheese Main Street collection for this album. I put all of my left-over ephemera and stickers into glassine baggies so they wouldn't get lost and I can use them to embellish the photos as needed.




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Posted by Jessica.

Reader Comments ...
10/19/21 4:55 pm
This turned out so super cute! Thanks for the inspiration.

I was seriously thinking about getting one of those albums, but I ended up going with a different album from your store (the same size). These look SO SUPER CUTE, and I deliberated about them for a long time. My big hangup was the two rings. I ended up buying an album that has 6 rings. Is anyone making a 6x8 album with 3 rings?

My husband and I lived aboard a sailboat for about five years. When we were sailing in the Mediterranean, we spent some time in the Middle East, and the office supply stores in that local area only had 2-ring binders rather than 3-ring binders. I bought some of them, and they drove me bonkers! The binders we got from there didn't hold the paper very securely. I get that these albums are A LOT smaller, so maybe that wouldn't be such an issue for a smaller-sized album that isn't stuffed full of one zillion pages. At any rate, it looks like y'all sold out of the six-ring pages for the binder I ordered, so I might end up giving this album a try after all. We'll see how it goes.