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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Dynamic Duo - Bella Gypsy Designs 5 comments  
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Tabatha Reed and Lena Brandenburg

This week the digi creative team is highlighting the awesome designs of Bella Gypsy Designs. Tabatha's and Lena's designs are fun, fresh and colorful. Even with so many different themed kits they all coordinate beautifully together. Here are some questions Tabatha was kind enough to answer so we can learn a little more about the designing pair.

1) How long have you 2 been working together as Bella Gypsy Designs?
Bella Gypsy Designs came about in February 2006, so this is our 3 year anniversary month!  We did briefly try designing solo but it just wasn't as fulfilling so we reunited!

2) Where do you get inspiration for your kits? Designs?
I know it's kind of a generic statement but we truly get inspiration everywhere!  Anything from a pile of towels on our bathroom floor to our favorites movies or songs.
Of course, our children are daily inspiration.

3) How long have each of you been digital designing?
I began designing in December 2005 by myself. A few months later my husband and I divorced so I went to stay with Lena for some family support, that was February 2006. And the rest, as they say, is history!

4) What do you love the most/ \least about designing?
I love the creative process, brainstorming and bouncing ideas off of each other. Watching a color palette we've created come into it's full potential or seeing a kit idea take us places we didn't know it would go.  Of course, the least fun part is the administrative side of things, advertising, uploading, putting things in the store. The administrative stuff definitely not a fun process but it's so worth it when all the work pays off!

Here are the layouts the digi CT has created using Bella Gypsy's designs:

Fluttterbies by M'Lee (Themom: Digi Guest CT for February)

M'Lee says "I am so hooked on the new artists in the digital shop, Bella Gypsy Designs. Their color combinations seem to perfectly match so many photos that I have in my stash and their elements are terrific!"

I Stole Daddy's Heart by Angie (nun69)

Heaven Sent by Laura (Art_Teacher)

Laura says "Not only do Bella Gypsy designs have awesome kits...they have some fabulous templates!"

Cute Hat by Amanda (mkcdaisy)

One I've Been Waiting For by Cassandra (Mommybruno)

Cassie says "I used their Drops of Jupiter kit because I loved the deep, dark color palette, and it was the perfect kit to use to showcase my DH's all-too-rare smile. If you haven't used any of their kits or elements yet, run to the shoppe and pick them up. This is good stuff!"

Let's Get Ready to ROLL! by Janell (Janello)

Janell says "The CT is spolighting designer Bella Gypsy this month. I love their new Happy kit, so fun and fresh and just what I needed to kick the winter blahs!"

Sit by Baby by Sarah (davsar)

Sarah says "For this reveal we got to use some of the wonderful kits from Bella Gypsy. Check out their store - they are booming with some great new creations!"

My Bud, Jules by Sara (Keling)

Sara says "I loved the soft colours of the Pear Extrordinare set, and can't wait to play with it again. Also, the Sketchology, Something Like Tabitha, templates made it so easy to put this adorable page together!"

Fun by Angie (nun69)

Angie says "So we are highlighting Bella Gypsy Designs and boy do they have some FUN stuff out there...well, I have come to favor this ADORABLE kit and all of it's bright colors and of coarse this is the 2nd LO I am doing of Abby using this go check out there shop and I am sure you will find something you like."

He's Three Today by Ronny (Smiley-Scrap8)

Ronny says "One of my favorite things about their kits is that the elements look real, so my digital layouts look so close to paper. I love that!"

Go and check Bella Gypsy's Designs today, I know you will be thrilled with how your layouts turn out when you include their designs!

Here are a few of the kits used in the layouts above:


Posted by Smiley-Scrap8

Reader Comments ...
2/27/09 2:03 pm
Sooooooo, sooooo beautiful! I really wish I could purchase your entire store. However, I (like many others) have lost my job and my immediate financial situation isn't the best!! This, too, shall pass and I'll be RAIDING your store!

Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful inspiration!


2/26/09 8:55 am
These LO's are fabulous!

Kara . Howard County, Maryland or Woolford
2/23/09 10:44 pm
these are all great lo's and another great article!

2/20/09 10:32 am
great article and GREAT LO's ladies!!!

2/20/09 6:23 am
Great job, ladies, and terrific article, Ronny!