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Monday, May 21, 2007

Time To Go In Circles! 15 comments  
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Circles is one of the hottest trends around right now. You can make them small, layer them, or usethemas the focal point of your layout.  It seems that everywhere you turn there is something circular on a layout.

There are several different ways to cut your circles - punch, chipboard, cutting system, or tracing

Punching Circles - You can punch them small, medium, or large. 

You can also layer them to add a "punched" effect.      You can use them to make bubbles or highlight an area on your layout.

Chipboard - You can use your chipboard to trace a circle onto your paper. 

Next, cut it out and adhere it to the chipboard.   Next, file the edges and ink. 

You can also trace your chipboard onto a picture.  .  Adhere your picture to your chipboard and file the edges. 

Cutting System - You can cut a big circle (thisis very easy) or cut an outline of a circle.  To cut an outline of a circle, cut the inside edge of the outline   Next, cut the outside edge of the circle.    This is great to use to accent or highlight a picture (See Below).

Big Circles - You can use big circles as a background. I used the top of a mixing bowl to make a huge circle on chipboard (the kind that you receive with your ACOT order).  This is my template for my big circles. 

Place it on your paper and trace. 

Cut it out and adhere to your page - decorate around it. 


There are so many creative ways to use circles on your layouts.  Use your imagination and the ACOT gallery for inspiration!

Posted by Lillpop

Reader Comments ...
txbelle26 . Sanger TX
5/30/07 7:48 pm
Great article!

5/26/07 7:08 pm
I have the CM system too....Glad for the great ideas!!!!

5/26/07 6:35 pm
All very excellent ideas.... I have the CM system too, I am so glad to see there are circle-styles I have not used. I love the circle "rim" I have seen them in other LO's and I love the look!

Janell . Indiana
5/25/07 9:14 am
Beautiful article!

5/24/07 8:28 am
I have that same CM cutting system!

5/23/07 8:55 pm
I gotta try some of these techniques! Thanks!

5/23/07 10:30 am
Great article!

5/23/07 1:39 am

5/22/07 9:04 pm
Wonderful article!!!

5/22/07 3:48 pm
I've been waiting for this! Thanks, Kim!

5/22/07 3:21 pm
Great article Kim!

5/22/07 2:46 pm
This is great, Kim!

5/22/07 2:35 pm
Thank you Kim for the article!

5/22/07 2:17 pm
great article Kim!

Kara . Howard County, Maryland or Woolford
5/22/07 1:01 pm
Very good article, thanks!!!