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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Are You Growing? 1 comments  
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Whether flowers or a relationship, everything needs to be nurtured to grow.

Many things, like grass and trees can grow just fine without our help. But there are things in life that we must care for and nurture to help them grow. It may be a beautiful flower garden, or veggies to help feed the family. You could be working on growing a stronger relationship with a friend or family member. Maybe you are growing towards the person you want to be or helping your child to be the best person they can be. No matter who you are, something in your life needs your help to bloom. This week the CT shows off what they nurture in their lives. We hope you will find inspiration to scrap what you grow in yours.

Grow in God's Grace by Sara (Keling)

Sara layout is about herself and how she grows with God's guidance: her journaling: from Galatians 5:22-23a: But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness and self-control.

All Growed Up by Angie (nun69)

Angie says: "it's all about what you are growing for this reveal!!!! basically I am growing a little mini me and she is growing faster than she needs to be :) "

Our 4th Annual Garden by Ronny (Smiley-Scrap8)

Ronny says: "This week's reveal is all about how we need to nurture many things to help them grow. Each year our family grows a veggie garden. It started as something to keep my toddler busy while the baby napped. But now 4 years later it is something the entire family enjoys doing together and I'm so glad we do. I think working on growing the garden together helps us grow closer because of the extra time we spend as a family."

Garden with Grandpa by Kristianne (MamaK321)

Kristianne's daughters share a special activity with their grandpa, learning about and tending a garden together. This is an experience that helps more than just plants to grow.

Here are some of the kits used to make these inspiring layouts:


About the author ...
Ronny was introduced to paper scrapbooking by a friend in 2000 and started digi in 2004 not realizing it. She has been a member here at ACOT for over 2 years and has very recently joined the digital creative team. She lives in Georgia with her husband and 2 kids. Drawing, painting, reading, swimming, photography and playing outdoors with her kids are things she enjoys when she is not scrapbooking.

Posted by MamaK321

Reader Comments ...
5/17/09 9:01 am
Great article, Ronny! Ladies, these layouts are gorgeous, as always!