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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What is an Online Crop?  
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Get answers here and join us for an incredible experience!



1) What is an online crop?

An online crop is an huge event hosted by the Creative Team members incorporating scrapbooking, games, challenges, classes, PRIZES, chatting with other members and all around FUN! The point of an online crop is to get active and we encourage you to participate in the many games and challenges. 

2) Online Crop Activities

The main attraction to the online crop are the challenges. You'll find layout challenges featuring many different themes and techniques, and Fast Scraps which are mini challenges intended to keep you thinking and scrapping on the ball! Most every challenge can be completed using basic supplies any scrapper should have in their supply. In the case that a particular product is required, an announcement will be made ahead of time in the Online Crop Forum, allowing plenty of time to gather necessary supplies beforehand. 

Games are a big feature during the online crop.  You can join in the fun playing bingo, guessing games, scavenger hunts and MORE!  Remember... the more games and challenges you participate in the better your chances are of walking away with ACOT points, prizes and/or gift certificates!

3) How to get ready for the Online Crop 

This is simple!  Check out the Online Crop Forum and jot down the schedule and check for any other announcements regarding challenges or games.  

Gather all your favorite supplies and clear a scrapping space... preferably near your pc to optimize your crop enjoyment! Lastly, make sure you plan ahead and clear your busy schedule so you can spend as much time participating in the crop as you possibly can!  You won't want to miss a bit of the action! 

4) What to expect once the Online Crop begins 

Hold onto your hats for Fun! Fun! Fun! You'll suddenly begin to notice new threads popping up for games, challenges and friendly chit-chat in the Online Crop forum. Keep an eye on the Online Crop Forum, refreshing often to be sure you don't miss a new challenge or game.  The rules for each challenge and game are posted clearly in each new thread.  As always, if you have a question please feel welcome to shout it out.  Our Crop hostesses are there to ensure you have fun and many members of our online community are seasoned veterans of online cropping! 

5) How to find new challenges as they become available 

The best way to stay in the know is to keep refreshing the Online Crop Forum!  You'll see new threads with the challenge title and # and in case you get lost in a sea of new threads... there is always a master Crop thread highlighted and stuck to the top of the Crop Forum with an up to date listing of current and past challenges. 

6) How are winners chosen 

This is a question we hear a lot... our Crop hostesses try their hardest to make sure everyone has the most fun they can have during an online crop. The only way to get awards is to participate, participate, participate!  Most challenge and game winners are chosen by random drawing.  Some games will state in the rules as they are posted, that the "first person with the correct answer" is called winner.  It's important to read the rules in every new challenge or game. You also never know when you'll be randomly selected just for hanging around on the Message Board with us!

7)How do you prepare for a crop

Read this message board thread for tips and ideas on how to prepare for an online crop.


Posted by MamaK321