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Friday, September 18, 2009

When it's worth 1001 words: 8 comments  
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Embellishing Large or Panoramic Photos.

Would that I find a photo worth a thousand words, maybe a thousand and one words?  Let's face it... where would we be in the scrapbooking world without our treasured photos?  This week we honor those special photographs in our lives that inspire us, that move us, those pictures that awaken our sleeping mojo.  That's right, this week the Digital Creative Team designed their layouts by embellishing some of their favorite photos--and in a BIG way!

Conner by Sarah (davsar) chose this beautiful photo of her son Conner and accented it by clustering elements and two other small photos in the bottom corner.  Sarah shares with us, "I am blessed to have a very talented photographer in my sister-in-law. Honestly, her pictures could stand alone as a work of art; however, I love that I can take these pictures of my children and make them my own with digital scrapbooking. Here I enlarged, multiplied, extracted, and grain merged to get the background image. Everything else is a classic design."

Sunshine Kids by Janell (janello) took a photo of her sweet children and enlarged it to fill the entire 12x12 space, adding little doodle borders and elements to spice it up.  Look at how she wrapped them up in a ribbon stretching across the page.  Janell tells us, "I remember the first time I saw a digital layout with a panoramic photo.  I thought it was amazing and wanted to know how to do that right away.  Since then, these type of layouts are still some of my favorite, because the photo really shines!"

Thick as Thieves by Karin (mayerkt) used one of her favorite photos from watching her brother's band play.  It's an amazing shot and makes us all feel like we are right there on the street looking through the pub window with her.  She says, "When I work with a BIG GIANT photo, I tend to try to keep the rest of the layout on the simple side, and let the photo be the main focus of the art!"  

American Beauty by Laura (Art_Teacher) She may say that she didn't spend a lot of time on this beautiful layout, but the stunning results leave no indication of that!  Laura comments, " I love how [using a panoramic picture] draws attention to a great photo and everything else is just "icing on the cake." Plus, it makes it easy to do a layout in a short amount of time!" 

Robin Hood by Sara (Keling) scrapped a photo from their recent trip Sherwood forest.  Of course the hero from the tale deserves such bold attention that this layout brings!  Sara suggests, "I find that portraits and landscapes can work equally well when you choose to spread it across a full page, however, it is best to follow the KISS method - Keep It Simple, Sweetie!"  We like that she calls us sweetie!

Gotta Have Friends by Jen (Sarahwhithers) explains, "For my layout, I used a blended picture as the background and added in pictures and elements around it to give it some fun!"  She certainly did make t his an energetic layout bursting with fun in her clustering work.  

A boy is... by Jenn (JennK) Well this next photo features a little cutie that frequents our gallery.  It's the son of Suzanne_79. Jenn just really loved this photo and new it was what she needed for this reveal.  Jenn says, "I found this photo to be amazing and just perfect for the digi-reveal! There was no way I could possibly crop any of this photo away!" 

Love Cake by Angie (nun69) This sweet face of Peyton's looks fabulous as the focal point for this layout.  Angie choose a sweet overlay frame to anchor this panoramic photo to her gorgeous scrapbooking page. 

Chalk by Ronny (Smiley-Scrap8).  Don't you just LOVE the black and white panoramic photo of Ronny's beautiful children.  Her title placement is composed just so with the extra white-space in the photo, adding splashes of color.  This makes for a very eye-catching layout.

Mariah by Jessa (JustJessa).  Jessa is our Guest Creative Team member for September.  Jessa says, "This weeks reveal was to embellish a panoramic photo! I love the way layouts look when there is a huge photo sprawled out across the top of it."  We love how adorable your layout is too Jessa!

Adorable Pear by Amanda (mkcdaisy).  Amanda's soft color pallet works wonders with this picture of the daughters of her friend.

Journey Begins by Egle (FairyMouseMom)Egle's layout looks awesome with the vertical panoramic photo that she chose.  The elements overlapping the photo really bring it all together and the stitching placed directly on top of the photo add the perfect touch!

Journey Begins...

My guy by Annelies(Annelies1972).  The profile photo that Annelies chose to highlight goes perfectly with the papers and elements she scrapped with.

i was here by Kristianne (MamaK321) uses a few appropriately placed embellishments to lead the eye up and to the arrow which points to the key part of the photo. Her journaling tells exactly what makes that focal spot important and the fact that the photo spans the entire page helps give a nice close up shot of the action.


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About the Author: Janell (janello) has a passion for digital scrapbooking and has been a very happy member of the ACOT Digital Creative team since May of 2007. When she is not scrapping she also enjoys photography, reading, traveling, and spending time with her family.  Janell loves all things pink and loves to melt M&M's in her mouth and not in her hands. 

Posted by MamaK321

Reader Comments ...
9/24/09 7:16 pm
wow, such outstanding photos!! i think that's one of the huge appeal that i like about digi-scrapping -- being able to scrap with large photos :) terrific job, everyone!!

Smiley-Scrap8 . Georgia
9/20/09 4:49 pm
Awesome article Janell!! I'm blown away by these layouts, great job ladies!!

9/20/09 2:58 pm
Beautiful, jaw dropping LOs - awesome photography, and the photos are what keeps us doing what we do. TFA!

9/19/09 11:41 am
awesome LO"s gals and great article Janell!

JustJessa . Missouri
9/18/09 9:43 am
Beautiful LO's Everyone! Great Article Janell

Janell . Indiana
9/18/09 9:06 am
Love all the fabulous photos! They really shine!

Keling . Bermuda
9/18/09 8:14 am
Fantastic jobs, once again, ladies!!!!

9/18/09 6:11 am
Awesome layouts, gals! It's terrific to see photography in the spotlight. Great article, Janell!