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Friday, December 28, 2007

Year in Review 2 comments  
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How do you do yours? Whether its about your family, your self, your kids or events in the news, having a year in review can be a great thing.  Fast forward to 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years from now. Wanna know what happened in the month of March, wanna know your families big events or do you just wanna take a trip down memory lane - this is how you do it...

I love how Jackie (CamsMomma) has the 12 photos clustered to show pics of her family during the year. Proof that explantion is not needed.

Karin (mayerkt) has shown us an amazing 2 page layout of her 2007 year.  Using the ACOT Transitions Kit, Anita Stergiou's Floriade and Kim Hill's Royally Grunged Papers, Karin displays her family events in severl clustered with journaling.

This page from Sarah (sarahwhithers) just cracked me up.  Well, the title did.  Great idea on showcasing her parties of the year.  I love the colors she used and that the background papers on the 2 pages are not the same colors.  And Sarah they is no suck thing as having to much fun.

Here is Cassandra's (Mommybruno) take.  I love the poloraid frames used to display each months event.  I like that she is giving one pic but several events that happened.  And I love the backward staple.

This page from Egle (FairyMouseMom) made great use of ACOT products.  I love the ue of many different lettering style and the sentence strip wrappers.  Great job of showing the family events.
2007 Flew (left) 2007 Flew (right)

Angie (nun69) made great use of Kim Hill's Lots of Frame and her new Love and Marriage kit to make her Year in Review.  I love the use of speia photos except for a few.  She also has a great combination of photos and journaling for looking back on the year in the future.

Sara (Keling) used a different approach on hers. Instead of the 12 months of pics she chose to use only a few and journal some other events.  I love her use of the rolodex card and frames.

And last here is mine. I do some kind of year in review every year and last year I started doing it different.  I do a calendar for each month showing the news events in that month,  But also add other personal things too.  This is august of this year using the Joy kit from Janelle Paige.

Everyone did a great job and showed their year in different ways.  I hope that we have inspired you to do one if you don't already and given you some ideas if you do.  Have a reat 2008!

Posted by mkcdaisy

Reader Comments ...
1/4/08 1:54 pm
Great job gals!

1/4/08 11:08 am
Love all the different styles of reviews that we made! Neat job, ladies!