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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A 2011 Christmas Planner Tutorial 5 comments  

Every year around this time I think about participating in one of the many Christmas scrapbooking "events" that go on all over the internet.  But I find the idea of scrapping a page every day of December really overwhelming, to be honest.  I already have four million things to do and although scrapping is a great stress reliever it sort of stops being fun if it's just one more thing to add to your to-do list. 

So this year I came up with an all-in-one mini album that combines a planner AND a place to put important memories and photos.  I like the idea that I can use the organizational section up until the big day and those lists will become a neat record of the past all on their own.  But I can also use the other sections after Christmas when I add highlight photos, reflections on the holidays, and even our family card. 

I used the fabulous Echo Park Season's Greetings collection for this, with Cinch book boards and my Bind-It-All. 


- Cut two pieces of thick cardboard or book board to 6" x 8"
- Cut two pieces of coordinating cardstock to 8" x 10"
- Adhere the book boards to the center of the cardstock, cut the corners at an angle, and adhere the edges around the book board

For the front cover:
- Cut a 5.5" x 7.75" piece of the green diamond paper and adhere it towards the right side
- Border punch a 2.75" x 7.75" piece of solid red paper and adhere to the left side
- Layer a black border sticker at the left
- Find the large bracket frame sticker, add white cardstock behind it, and trim.  Adhere to the center of the page
- Cut the teal tag from the journaling tag page, punch a hole, and tie a red bow at the top. Layer on top of the bracket frame
- Add two tree stickers
- Add "Christmas" and "the most wonderful time of the year" stickers
- Insert a snowflake brad in the top of the red tag chipboard and layer onto the teal tag
- Insert a black brad into the hole of the green tag sticker, tie a small twine bow, and add this on top of the red chipboard tag
- Add the "2011" numbers

For the inside cover:
- Cut a 5.5 x slightly less than 8" piece of the plaid paper and adhere to the left
- Add the noel banner sticker to the upper left corner
- Add a ticket sticker to the bottom

Inside Pages

**A Note About Binding** I chose to use my Bind-It-All to finish this project but you could use another binding machine or simply punched holes and book rings.  I "cheated" all of my papers to the outside of the pages to leave a little room for the binding holes.  This ensures that you don't have holes straight through your lists and photos.  Keep this in mind when completing your layouts!

-All inner pages are cut to 5.75" x 7.75"

Planning divider: Base paper is red honeycomb.  Cut the edges off a ticket sticker and fold it in half over the top of the right edge.  Add alphas to spell "planning".  Border punch two 5.75" red swirl strips. Adhere them to a 5.75" x 4" piece of the blue ornament paper.  Adhere that to the bottom of the page.  Add the black tag block.  Insert brads in the three chipboard ornaments, tie twine bows, adhere the ornaments, and tuck twine ends up over the top edge of the punched strip.

Pocket page: This page is meant to hold receipts or other important bits of paper.  Cut a 6.25" x 5.5" piece of the red holly swirl paper.  Fold 1/2" in on the left side and 1/2" in on the bottom.  Cut on the diagonal and add the swirl border sticker.  Adhere to the bottom of the page.  Add three sentiment stickers to the top of the page.

**Planner Pages Note** All the planner pages are downloaded from the Christmas and general sections on this site.  You must print them to 5" x 7", which is easy to set on your printer screen before hitting the "print" button. 

The order I used was:
- Calendar
- Master to-do list x2

- Gift list x2

- Christmas card worksheet and list

- Shopping list x2

- Notes

The Details and Memories

- For the Details divider: Cut the edges off a ticket sticker, fold it in half and adhere it to the center of the right edge.  Add alphas stickers to spell out "details". Cut a 2.5" x 7.75" strip of the green patterned paper and adhere to the right side.  Add a red border sticker. Layer the "making a list" tag, toys sticker, naughty or nice sticker, and the chipboard Santa.  Punch a small circle from the plaid paper and add the circle sticker with pop dots or foam tape. Tie a twine bow.


- For the card page: This page is designed to display your family card that you send out this year.  Cut a 5.25" x 7.25" mat from the advertising paper.  Adhere the long strip brad to the bottom of the page.  Add "2011 card" stickers.

**A Note About Photo Mats** Unless otherwise noted all of the photo mats on the following pages are cut to 3.75" x 5.25".  This is a perfect size to just see a small mat around photos printed to 3.5" x 5". 

The following pages have room for special photos and small journaling areas to detail what goes on in your family over the holidays.  Things like decorations, what you craft or bake, and what your traditions are add to a comprehensive look into how you celebrate!

- For the decorations page: Page base is green holly paper. Adhere a red swirl photo mat to the bottom.  Adhere the plaid tag to the top, add three sentiment stickers to the left, and spell out "decorations".


- For the baking page: Page base is striped paper.  Adhere a red swirl photo mat to the top and tuck the green tag under it.  Adhere the subway art sticker to the right and add "baking" in red alphas. 

- For the crafts page: Page base is small green swirl.  Adhere a teal photo mat to the bottom and tuck the red tag under it.  Adhere the matted "do not open..." sticker to the right.  Thread twine though three chipboard buttons, tie a bow, and add below the sticker.  Add "crafts" in black alphas.


- For the feasting page: Page base is red poinsettia.  Adhere a red honeycomb photo mat to the bottom and the greet diamond tag to the top.  Add the chipboard wreath to the right of the tag and "feasting" in red alphas.

- For the Memories divider: Page base is teal diamonds.  Cut the edges off a ticket sticker, fold it in half, and adhere it to the bottom of the right edge. Cut a 2.5" x 7.75" strip of red snow flake paper and adhere to the left.  Cut a 7.75" punched strip of red honeycomb paper and add to right of the red strip.  Adhere the ornament banner sticker to the top.  Layer snow flake stickers, the sentiment banner sticker, and the chipboard snow flake. 


- For the large photo page: Mat a 4.25" x 6.25" piece of the cream snow flake paper onto green solid paper.  Add the "merry christmas" chipboard to the top. This page is for a 4" x 6" photo.

- For the season's greetings page: Page base is red plaid paper.  Add a solid dark green photo mat to the bottom.  Layer the green flourish sticker and the "season's greetings" label sticker to the top.


- For the traditions page: Page base is green patterned paper.  Add a solid red photo mat to the bottom and tuck the traditions tag under it.  Add the "trim the tree", red border, and "happy new year" stickers to the right. 

- For the Christmas Eve page: Page base is striped paper. Print an extra "notes" page from the printables I linked earlier and cut it in half.  Add a teal photo mat to the top and tuck the lined paper under it.  Add the green border sticker to the bottom and the "24 eve" sticker to the side.  This is your area to journal about Christmas Eve.


- For the Christmas Day page: Page base is green holly paper.  Add a solid light green photo mat to the bottom and tuck the second half of the lined paper under it.  Add a red border sticker to the top and the "25 day" sticker above the mat. 

- For the inside back cover: Cut a 5.5' x slightly less then 8" piece of red snow flake paper and adhere to the right.  Mat a 4.25" x 6.25" piece of cream grid paper on to small green swirl paper.  Add six sentiment stickers. 

WHEW!  And we're done!  Punch binding holes with your binder of choice or a Cropadile and secure your pages.  I added a large green and white bow to the top of my binding, as well as some strung beads and crystals on a ribbon. 

Enjoy planning, celebrating, and remembering your holiday!

I used the following products:



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Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Challenges 12 comments  

Ok, who's still in a candy coma??  I know I am! But hey, there's nothing like scrapping with a sugar high, right? Just in case the Halloween candy has slowed your brain the Creative Team is offering up these bits of inspiration to get your creativity flowing. Have a warm and festive November, everyone!


- only one LO per challenge will enter you into the points drawing

LOs cannot be entered into more than one challenge category

- *please* only enter LOs that meet the specific challenge instructions  

Ad Inspiration Challenge - By MamaK321 (Kristianne)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

All About Me Challenge - By millmomma (Brittney)

Paper or Digi

Fall has come and settled upon us and the trees are changing and the temperatures are dropping. For me this means lots of baking and soups. I love the comfort foods of fall and winter. They have such a heartiness that makes them taste better. For this month's All About Me challenge we are focusing on your favorite comfort foods. Use it as the title, like me, or just the subject your choice how you chose to let this inspire you.

Card Challenge - By bluejeans7 (Angela)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I also have so many loved ones with Fall birthdays. So my challenge for you this month is to create a "Fall themed" birthday card. I made this one for a special lady that I work with. It just so happens that she shares a birthday with my son Erik. :-D

Color Challenge - by Art_Teacher (Laura)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

My birthday is in November, and, as you can see from my jacket collection, my favorite colors are shades of greens and blues. So, your challenge for this month is to do a layout that is all greens and blues (which are analogous colors).

Countdown Challenge - By sarahwhithers (Jennifer)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

For this challenge you will create a layout using a countdown method of items. I will list five different kinds of things (eg. elements, papers, photos) for you to use in your layout. Every month there will be five new items for you to use. And for this month, since November is a month for thanks and remembrance, I want to see some journaling! I want you to journal either about something you are thankful for, or something that you want to remember.

5 - Stitches
4 - Flowers
3 - Lines of journaling - about something you are thankful for or want to remember
2 - Papers
1 - Heart Element

You are welcome to use more than these items (eg. 3 papers instead of 2 is fine) just as long as you meet the required list and numbers asked for each. An example is seen below.

Digi Do-Able Challenge - By Smiley-Scrap8 (Ronny)

Digital Scrapbooking

On hiatus

Hybrid Challenge - By Smiley-Scrap8 (Ronny)

Paper AND Digital Scrapbooking

On hiatus

Journaling Challenge - By Jenn Kellams (Jenn)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

For November, journal about something that does/does not change.

Manufacturer Challenge - By 4peasinourpod (Pam)

Paper Scrapbooking

On Hiatus

Movie Buff Challenge - By Mommybruno (Cassie)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

For this challenge we'll be drawing our inspiration from a movie. I will supply you with the movie and a pic of the movie poster. The rest is up to you. And there is lots of inspiration available - from the poster, the title, the soundtrack, the theme of the movie, the actors, movie quotes, you name it! Just be sure to note in your description what it was that inspired your layout.

This month's movie is: 17 Again

The poster:

And the layout:

Music Challenge - By Mommybruno (Cassie)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

For this month's challenge, I want to know what you're listening to RIGHT NOW! What's on your playlist? Do you have a favorite new song? Share your tunes!

One Word Challenge - By Mommybruno (Cassie)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

This month's word is HOME, which should be featured somewhere on your LO. November means Thanksgiving and family, and gatherings at home. What makes your home special this month? Will it be full of people, and fun fall decorations? Or will you be traveling to a childhood home? Let's see those Home layouts!

Photography Challenge - By nun69 (Angie)


So I know it is November, but I want to see your Halloween pictures!!!! If you are somewhere that doesn't celebrate Halloween, show me your favorite picture from October. :)

Pinterest Inspiration Challenge - By SarahA (Sarah)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

All of us are spending a lot of time at Pinterest lately! I'm challenging you to find an inspiration piece and make a layout from it. It could be another layout, house decor, even a recipe! Just be sure to include your pinned piece with your layout in the gallery!

Scraplift the GCT Challenge - By Carrie123 (Carrie)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

This month our guest designer is handerful!  Go into her gallery and scraplift something you love.

handerful's page:

The scraplift:

Sketch Challenge - By Kimandasmo (Cindy), 4peasinourpod (Pam), and CT

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

On Hiatus

Supply List Challenge - By SarahA (Sarah)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

For this month, I'd like to see you used die cut paper, chipboard alphas and your latest scrappy purchase. Be sure to let us know what that is- mine is the wood buttons from Prima!

Theme Challenge - By ChrissyTina (Chrissy)

Paper or Digital Scrapbooking

The theme for November: Dress up

Trends & Techniques Challenge - By Megamay (Meg)

Paper Scrapbooking

For the past few months I have done trends, so this month I thought a technique would be fun. This month I challenge you to add stickers into your journaling. I love how this looks and I never think to do it. I will also count mixing fonts if you are working digital or hybrid.

Here is my example


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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pink Paislee Phantom Canvas Banner 4 comments  

I love Halloween! I probably have more Halloween decorations than any other holiday... so why not one more! This tutorial will show you how I created this spooky Halloween banner from Maya Road canvas and Pink Paislee Phantom papers.

Accordion Flowers

- First we need to make the little banners by cutting 1.5" x 6" strips. You will need six of these. Cut notches in the ends and ink the edges.

- Cut six 2" x 12" strips and then border punch one edge. Score every 1/4" and accordion fold the strips.
- Cut six 1" x 12" strips. Score every 1/4" and accordion fold the strips.

- Adhere the strips end to end. Cut circles and adhere the folded strips flat to the circle backs. Hot glue is great for this! Ink the edges. Repeat this process for all large flowers and all small flowers.

Canvas Pennants

We have six pennants to our banner. Two will be misted green, two will be stamped black, and two will be stamped orange.

- Lay the chevron mask over one of the banners.

- Gently mist over the mask. Take your time so you get the amount of coverage you prefer.

- Carefully peel off the mask and let your banner dry. Do this again on a second banner.

- Put your acrylic word stamp on a hard acrylic block. I used a stamping tool with a foam pad to transfer ink from the larger ink pad to the stamp. I feel like I get better coverage that way.

- Gently but firmly press the stamp onto one corner of your banner. Repeat three more times so that the entire banner is covered. Try to line up the stamping so that you don't have gaps but don't worry too much because there will be embellishment over the seems. Repeat this a second time on another pennant.

- I stamped the orange banner the same way but instead of using a traditional ink pad I switched the foam pad on my stamping tool for a cotton alcohol ink pad. I then sprayed orange mist on the cotton pad and dabbed it on the stamp. This method makes the color bead up a little on the stamp but since we are stamping on fabric the color sort of bleeds out to look more even once it is on the canvas. Repeat this on a second pennant.

- You should now have six pennants:

Putting it Together

Now we are going to assemble all the parts.

- Begin by adhering a small accordion flower atop each large one. Mix up the patterns in a way that you like. I still prefer my glue gun for this part!

- Adhere each flower to a banner strip.

- Adhere each flower/strip to a pennant.

- Punch a small hole near each of the bottom points. Add a brad to each side. I used my glue gun to put a small amount of hot glue on the back of each brad where it met the canvas to ensure that they did not pull out of the fabric.

- Punch six black 1.5" circles from cardstock. Draw a border around each with a white pen. Add chipboard alpha stickers to each circle to spell out "spooky" or the word of your choice.

- Thread your banner pennants onto a long black ribbon. Tie bows between each pennant.

And that's it! It takes a while to do the accordion flowers but this project is actually extremely simple. I love using canvas because it is so easy to make it fit your project. It takes ink and mists extremely well and gives a great shabby look. Canvas is the perfect neutral backdrop!

I used the following products on this project:

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweet Shadow Box Frame Tutorial 1 comments

This tutorial will show you how I created this shadow box frame from the Pink Paislee Mistables frame and the Farmhouse collection from Crate Paper.

You will need:

- The Pink Paislee

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Challenges 9 comments

Happy October... happy fall! The weather still doesn't know what to do with itself around here but that doesn't mean I don't know what to do with MYself!  And that's papercrafting and gearing up for all the wonderful holidays coming up in the next ...

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Crate Paper: Random 12 comments

One of my favorite parts of working in this industry is attending the CHA shows.  This summer in Chicago I had the pleasure of walking aisle after aisle of amazing new scrapbooking products in search of the latest and greatest.  EASILY in my top three was

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Challenges 7 comments

September means back to school and back to scrapping! Hustle those kiddos out the door and head for your desk, too! Why not learn something new yourself?  Maybe you'd like to learn how to cluster, work with found objects, or try a digi templat...

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

3 Bugs in a Rug: Under the Sea 12 comments

Are you ready to see something CUTE from me?! I normally stay away from theme-y papers but when I saw this collection from 3 Bugs in a Rug at the CHA show I couldn't help but want to go Under the Sea with them!

This collection is filled ...

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

August Challenges 11 comments

Happy August!  We're winding down, folks.  The last month of summer is here!  Are you all vacationed out yet?  Have you taken a bazillion pictures of all the fun and festivities? Are you now asking yourself what the heck you're going to do w...

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oxford is Brilliant! 7 comments

New from Basic Grey

When it comes to patterns Basic Grey is top of the class! Their new collection, Oxford, is straight from the pages of a college yearbook with plaids and sophisticated yet masculine prints that have a touch of yesteryear combined with typical Basic Gr...

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Friday, July 1, 2011

July Challenges 12 comments

With Liberty and Mojo for All!

Welcome to July! It's hot, it's busy, and it means it's time for another dose of inspirational challenges!  Hopefully amidst your BBQs, picnics, beach trips and other obligations you'll find some time to document all those fun Summer memories... an...

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Blasting into the Rocket Age! 9 comments

October Afternoon takes us on an adventure

It's no secret that I am always on the lookout for great boy-appropriate paper lines.  But you know what the pinnicle of paper lines is?  The Holy Grail of collections, if you will? I know I have found a real winner when a paper line is both great for lit...

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Challenges 15 comments

Start Summer with Mojo Mayhem!

Happy June everyone! If school is not out in your neck of the woods it will be soon. That means it's time for family vacations, BBQs, the beach, and about a million other opportunities for photos to scrap.  This new set of challenges should get your creative j...

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meet You at the Yacht Club! 13 comments

New from Webster's Pages

This line is reminiscent of soft Summer breezes, lobster dinners with friends, and a J. Crew catalog.  Preppy with a side of nature.  Canvas totes and white wine at sunset.  Sandcastles and seagulls. For the most part I tend to stay away from themed pape...

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Challenges 13 comments

Inspiration is Blooming!

It's May!  And you know what that means, right?  National Scrapbooking Day and the biggest crop of the year here at ACOT!  But it also means a whole new set of inspiring challenges to get you ready for the big weekend.  Pick a few to get you war...

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