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Monday, December 2, 2019

Paint Like Pablo  

Paint Like Pablo Painting Kit

This painting comes as a kit where you can make it your own with the brushstrokes and colors you chose. The paint is very vibrant and flowed nicely onto the canvas while painting. This painting took about 25 minutes.

Supplies you need:

This kit contains everything you'll need to paint like a pro! You get a 12x18 canvas that has a pre-printed image of the painting featuring fruit and a vessel, a set of 12 acrylic paints, and a paintbrush, and a step by step page explaining how to make the masterpiece come to life! There is also a small painted version of the painting so you can see the colors that are recomended. On my painting I chose to follow the colors for the fruit but have a more colorful and vibrant background.

Additional Supplies you may want:





Once your masterpiece is finished you can mount it on a board, put it in a frame, or crop and pin it to the wall. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are inspired to paint!


Posted by Jessica.


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Easy Watercolor Tutorial  


New to watercolor? Here's an easy tutorial for you to make your own custom art!



Supplies needed:




The key word here is EASY! Even if you have never used watercolors before, you can't mess this up! 

Step 1) Choose 3-4 colors that you want to use. I love the Prima watercolors - they are so rich and come in such gorgeous shades! For this project I used the blues and greens from the Woodlands pan.

Step 2) Dip your brush in water first, then one of your chosen colors. Choose a random spot to paint on your color reveal panel/print. Repeat with the other colors - scatter them around a bit freely, overlapping in some areas. There doesn't need to be a rhyme or reason to it! You'll probably see some brush strokes and it will look unfinished at this point still. Don't worry, the next step is magic!


Step 3) Here comes the magic - get a piece of plastic that can be scrunched up. (I just used the wrapping the panel came in!) You're going to make a marble effect with your watercolors just by dabbing your scrunched up plastic all over. Super easy! Then you can add more colors and more dabbing until you feel like it looks done. I used my finger to wipe off any excess paint on the words. That's it! I love how the gold wording pops with this marble background! 


Here's the video of the process:





Thanks for joining today, and I hope you have been inspired to try out some watercolors!

-Rachel Kent


Posted by Rachel Kent


Saturday, June 8, 2019

DIY Shadow Print Tote  


Is it possible to have too many totes? Of course not! This DIY shadow printing tote is an easy summer craft! I love how it turned out with only using a few items. I used one magenta Inkodye packet leftover from my canvas pouch project. I probably could have used two packets in order to cover more, but I like more of the distressed look.




1) Find a place away from sunlight to do this project. Set your canvas tote on a surface you don't mind getting messy, and that is sturdy enough to carry outside. (Iron your tote if it's wrinkly!)

2) Insert a cardboard piece or thick paper inside the tote to create a smooth, flat surface and to make sure no ink seeps through. 

3) Shake up the ink packet and bend it to snap it open. Spread the dye around using the packet itself or a foam brush. 

4) Place your object(s) on top of the tote. I used some letterboard letters that I had laying around.

5) Set your tote out in the sun for 12 minutes. If it's a cloudy day it may take 20-30 minutes. Bring it inside away from the sunlight and take off your objects.

6) You're almost done! In order to set the dye you need to machine wash it with the included inkowash detergent. I air dried it and then ironed again. Tumble drying low would probably be fine too! 

I just love how it turned out!





Posted by Rachel Kent


Sunday, June 2, 2019

Color Pour Tutorial


Hello everyone, Wendy here today to share some messy gorgeous art with American Crafts Color Pour!  When I first saw this system introduced I was totally in love, the colors, the marble look, and everything always looked wonderful…  So I wanted to find o...

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Lumi Shadow Printing Tutorial

Here is a fun summer craft for you or the kids! Design a canvas pouch using sunlight, any flat object, and dye. This inkodye by Lumi is specifically formulated to develop its color when exposed to sunlight. So whatever you put on top of the pouch, that part w...

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