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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Blending with Tri-Blend Markers  

Light, Dark, Medium, Light!


Spectrum Noir's Triblend Markers take the guesswork out of blending! These markers house three ink chambers that have three different shades; light, medium, and dark. This allows for a perfect gradation of a color.



Start by coloring the whole area with the light color. Next use the dark side to put in your darker areas and shadows. Then use your medium color to color the area between your light and dark areas. Lastly, color over the whole area again with the light shade to blend everything together.

Just remember:

Light, dark, medium, light!







Color Me Photoplay


The Color Me papers from Photoplay have many designs to choose from! These are perfect to cut apart and stick on a card or layout!






Posted by Jessica.


Friday, February 14, 2020

Dylusions Shimmer Spray Tutorial 1 comments  

Shimmer Spray is in your March Cherry Box!

This tutorial shows ways that you can use Dylusions Shimmer Spray and also gives some tips on how to keep them working great.

Every Cherry Box this March will have one of these sprays along with a stencil so you can try all of the techniques seen in this tutorial.


Tip #1: Always shake up your shimmer spray before you spray! The shimmer powder needs to get remixed in with the ink. So shake it up every time before you spray!

Tip #2: If you leave the bottle laid down on its side the powder will not clog your tube or nozzel.

This technique was by far my favorite! I love how shimmery it is but I was not expecting all of the bubble/ textured look it got! For this I didn't blot off any of the extra spray and just let it sit there to dry. It was very wet at first but it was dry in about 3 minutes, so worth the wait! I also thought it was cool how the blue blended naturally with the pink to make a gradient with purple in the middle. When doing this technique you need to be careful of which colors you use because the spray could look muddy if you choose colors two colors that don't work together. But you don't know until you try so just do it anyways!

On this page I went a little crazy and mixed up some stencils. I thought it was too loud and bright to use for a background, which is why I sprayed it down and whipped off a lot of the shimmer spray and blended it more together. It still was very shimmery, it was just more blended together and. I was very surprised to see how well the Dylusions Journal paper held up! The paper didn't bead up at all, which in my experience, happens on 99% of paper.

This was the reverse side of the stencil that I had used in the page above. This technique is great for getting the most out of your sprays because after you use it on one side; you flip it and use it on the other. Before I sent the stencil on this page down I gave it a spritz of water using my spray bottle. This just makes it easier for the shimmer spray to come off easier from your stencil. Disclaimer: I think I had something else on my stencil that I did not wash off all of the way before I did this which is why it has some yellow-green parts in it.

This technique is great if you don't want your entire background covered in shimmer. You can just add small spritz over your page for an accent.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I'm off to go scrub the ink off of my hands laugh

I would love to see what you make! Use our hashtag #thecherrybox or #acherryontopcrafts on social media so I can check out how you use your shimmer spray!


Thanks, Jess

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Posted by Jessica.


Friday, January 31, 2020

Distress Oxide Reinkers Tutorial  

How to use your reinkers from the February Cherry Box!



There are endless ways to use Tim Holtz Distress Oxide Reinkers for backgrounds.



Here I am using the Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat and an Acrylic Block for spreading the ink onto my tags using different techniques you can see in the video:




There really isn't a wrong way to use these!




We hope everyone is enjoying their February Cherry Boxes! Use the hashtag #thecherrybox on social media so we can see how you used your Distress Oxide Reinkers!




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Sunday, November 3, 2019

How To Use Watercolor Pencils

Using Watercolor Pencils from Your November Cherry Box

Watercolor Pencils Found in your October Cherry Box

Why use watercolor pencils? They combine the accuracy of drawing with the color transitions of watercolor painting! These pencils are water-soluble so when you add water, more pigment is released and blendi...

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Inside The Cherry Box

Take a peek at what has been inside our past Cherry Boxes! Every month is a surprise of crafty goodies from various brands. Each box will have the same value of items, but some products will vary. We have enjoyed putting these boxes togethe...

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