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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

How to Crochet a Scrunchie  



Scrunchies are a favorite hair accessory that you can make quickly and easily with this crochet project. There are so many different ways they can be made once you know the construction. They can be big and fluffy, or thin and sleek. The style also can change so much depending on what type of yarn you use.

These are the materials you will need to get started:



Crochet Hook

Large Eye Blunt Needle

I used a size G hook from The Hook Nook and Small Stuff yarn for this scrunchie. Watch this video to see how it is done.

If you want a fluffier scrunchie you could start by casting on 15-20 stitches and crochet 40-50 rows for a more bunchy look. I love to have a range of sizes and colors of scrunchies to use at all times! I hope you enjoy this quick and easy crochet project!



Posted by Jessica.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Summer Crochet Projects 2 comments  


Check out these 20 summer crochet projects! We have rounded up these favorite tutorials from Pinterest, and all of them have FREE patterns. You'll find plant hangers, popsicle holders, coasters, sunglass pouches, and more! They are the perfect little projects to keep you crafting all summer long.

Need crochet supplies? We have you covered.




Crochet Plant Hanger from February Sky Designs


Crochet Plant Hanger – Free Crochet Pattern from Whistle & Ivy


Hanging Herb Garden from Heart Hook Home


Crochet Succulents from Whistle & Ivy


Mermaid Tail Popsicle Holder from Ariana Hall


Crochet Mason Jar Tumblers & Coasters from A Beautiful Mess


Crochet Water Bottle Holder from Dream A Little Bigger


Crochet Edge Beach Towel from Dream A Little Bigger


Seashell Collecting Bag from Dream A Little Bigger


Crochet Watermelon Coasters from Crochet 365 Knit Too


Watermelon Crochet Wine Bottle Cover from Crochet 365 Knit Too


Crochet Flag Basket from Crochet 365 Knit Too


Summer Day Bag from Winding Road Crochet


Rope Rainbow Basket from The Little Bee


Crochet Water Balloons from Left In Knots


Summer Throw Free Crochet Pattern from Crafty Tuts


Crochet Cute Sunglasses Pouch from Joy of Motion Crochet


The Happy Daisy Crochet Glasses Pouch from Persia Lou


Clearwater Cover Up from I Like Crochet


Cotton Face Scrubbies from Daisy Cottage Designs




Posted by Rachel Kent

Friday, April 10, 2020

Learn How To Crochet!  

Some Tips To Get You Started On Your New Hobby!


Crochet can seem intimidating at first with all of the different types of yarn, hooks, patterns, and stitches. Today I will walk you through the basics of crocheting to learn how to make the single crochet stitch. I will show you what you need to get started with picking out the right hook and yarn. After you know these basics, you can make endless things with crochet.




When starting a new project I always get my inspiration from the yarn, so that is where I like to start. Pick out a yarn that you love! Pick out something in a nice color, something soft, or something that you can see yourself wearing! When you are first learning crochet you want to start out with a more basic yarn. I recommend The Hook Nook Main Squeeze yarn. This is a great yarn to begin because it isn’t too big or small and shouldn’t get tangled easily. 


Picking the right hook size is the next step. Usually on the yarn packaging there will be recommendations for what size hook you should use. If it is not on the yarn it should be in its online description. The recommended hook size will make for a fairly tight stitch. If you want a looser stitch, pick a larger hook to work with. Usually for beginners I recommend using a hook 1 size bigger than recommended because when first learning people tend to crochet very tight, and this leaves a little more wiggle room. If you are using the Main Squeeze yarn that would be a size J hook.


This is a chart to reference if you don't know what size hook you should use with your yarn.



I also recommend having The Hook Nook How to Crochet Booklet to reference as you are learning. In the booklet you will also find other beginner stitches to try out.

Good luck, Cherries!




Posted by Jessica.