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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

August Memory Planner  

By Jessica Harvey


Hi, Cherries! Today I'm sharing my August Memory Planner spreads. I have been loving to work in this planner and filling it out has become something I'm excited to do at the end of each week.

I've tried to use planners in the past but often gave up after the first week or two. But here are some reasons why I think I have been keeping up with this one so well:

1. The planner I am working in is so pretty and just my style!

2. It's actually pretty cool to look back at the weeks and remember what happened when.

3. It's somewhere for the random photos I take during the week that I wouldn't make a 12"x 12" layout for.

4. Memory Planning works better for me than regular planning. (Although I do also add plans in the monthly calendar section of this planner).


For the first week of August, I wanted to challenge myself to use only black and white stickers. On all of my previous spreads, I've used a lot of color and florals, so I thought this would be a fun challenge. I was having a tough time not using any florals, so I was happy to find some white flower stickers in the Pressed Florals Sticker Pad. I also used the Black & White Sticker Pad for the rest of the stickers on the page. 

The pen that I use for my larger lettering is a Fudenosuke Brush Fine Tip Pen, which I've used on all of these August pages. For the smaller writing I'm using a Metal Gel Pen.



I've noticed that I like the spreads that keep to one or two main colors. This week I decided those colors were purple and grey. I think this looks better because I don't want the pages to look too busy with my photos, lettering, and stickers all in a range of colors. This way, the lettering and stickers blend together and help complement the photos rather than fight with them. 


For this purple spread, I used stickers from the Girl With Goals Sticker Pad and the Wild Styled Sticker Pad. The purple lettering is done with an Erasable Pen



When working in my memory-keeping planner, I never think I am going to have enough photos or things to say. But when I start, the page always fills up! I'm not typically someone who takes a lot of photos but wish that I did. Working in this planner has pushed me to take more photos. 


Don't feel like you have to take a photo every day. This week I took the majority of photos on one day, and that is what has covered my whole right page. The sticker books also come with large stickers which fill up empty space beautifully. For this page, the colors I tried to stick to were light green and peachy pink. I used stickers from the Sophisticated Florals Sticker PadSo Much Happy Sticker Pad, and the Summer Sticker Book. The green writing is from a Fineliner Pen Set



I am typically not a pink person, but I really love this spread! Usually, I start with the photos and work around them, but on this page, I started with the flowers. I loved the yellows and reds in these florals and thought they went perfectly with the last week in August feel. Next, I added in my photos and used the pink-red Tombow marker from the Advanced Lettering Set. I had some open space so I used a bigger sticker from the Pressed Florals Sticker Pad and some phrase stickers from the So Much Happy Sticker Pad



Thanks for checking out my August spreads and I hope this inspires you to try out Memory Planning.

I have been working in a Big Happy Planner with a horizontal layout. Planners come in different sizes and layout types, but there is no right or wrong way to plan or memory keep. I recommend picking the planner that you think is the prettiest. Here are some options of planners that you can start memory-keeping with!



Click HERE to see all of the planners, planner stickers, pens, and accessories. 

Posted by Jessica.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Mixed Media Journal Page  

By Jessica Harvey


During our Gel Press class, I made the background of this page by pressing the inky plate onto my page. I like giving myself a background to work off of then fill it in later on. I like working this way because then you can do all of the messy mixed media stuff one day and keep your photos and paper elements clean. I always end up with splatters on my photos otherwise! 



To make the background I squirted a drop of Prussian Blue Liquid Acrylic paint on my PolyGel Gel Plate then rolled it out with Tim Holtz Distress Brayer. It was not a smooth background because the plate did not have a ton of paint on it. This is what created all of the groves and gaps in the background. Because this is a junk journal, I had some black stitching coming through from the page I made before it, so I knew I wanted to cover that up.


I thought the blues in the background complemented the purples and pinks in the "Hello Pink Autumn" collection. I love the rub-ons from this collection and knew I wanted to use those as well! I like that when using the rub-ons you can see the background through them, so I wouldn't be covering up so much of my background.


I started laying things out where I thought they may want to go. I cut the rub-ons that I wanted to use out of the sheet. I thought my photo needed a border to help it stand out a little more so I used a piece of pinkish/purple cardstock. I thought the plain backing stood out in a weird way so I wanted to distress it.


I painted and splattered Crimson Liquid Acrylic and white gesso on it and also distressed its edges. I used my paints to also give the edge of this lace a little color as well.


I added some Cherry Foam Tape to bump up my photo. I think this helps to separate it from the background nicely.


When using these rub-ons, be sure that you rub over the entire image and pull away from the plastic slowly in case you missed any of it. I wanted to keep this page pretty simple because there was already so much happening on the background so I only added a few pieces of Hello Pink Autumn Ephemera around the photo.


To complete the piece I added Gold Metallic Pearls. I love the little bit of sparkle these add!

I had a lot of fun making this page and I hope it inspires you to create some backgrounds and add to it after.


Posted by Jessica.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Happy Planner Addition  

By Jessica Harvey


ACOT recently got in a new line of Memory Keeping Planners from Happy Planner. These are made specifically for remembering what happens each day. I have been using my Big Happy Planner for memory keeping and I thought it would be a great idea to combine the two. I decided to use the Rustic Blooms Big Memory Keeping Extension Pack because I thought it went nicely with the florals in my planner.



I use my planner for both planning and memory keeping. This is what my spread looked like after filling in just my plans for the week and adding a few stickers. I had a lot going on this week because it was my brother's wedding and I was about to head camping for a week. I wanted to add many photos to remember this week but didn't have the space I needed. This is when I decided to add a page from the memory-keeping expansion pack. 

I love that you can easily add and take out pages from these Happy Planners. The expansion pack and also be used by itself and I think would make an interesting scrapbook, but I love how it looks adding it into my planner!

I adhered all of the photos to my page using Cherry Tape. I print my photos out small on mat photo paper so I can size them whatever size I need. Some of these photos will also show up in a 12"x12" spread but most would likely just stay on my phone if I didn't add them in here. I think a planner is also a great place to add some journalling. I typically would not add more than a couple of sentences on a 12"x12" layout because I like those to be more about the photo. 


Next, I wrote down some memories from the day. I started by writing the title with a Fudenosuke pen and filled in the journalling with a purple erasable pen. Often times in my planner I like to keep to a limited color palette and this week I chose to use mostly purples with black. The pen I used for the black writing is the Carpe Diem Gel Pen. This also gives me a chance to practice my calligraphy. Here is the free download that I used to practice my hand lettering with.



I love how adding in this extra page allowed me to write about the day and include more photos than I would have been able to otherwise. If you haven't given planning or memory keeping using a planner, I highly recommend it! I think this will be an awesome book to look back in and be able to remember what actually happened each week!

Here are some options of planners that you can start memory-keeping with!



Click HERE to see all of the planners, planner stickers, pens, and accessories. 

Posted by Jessica.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Why I Memory Plan And How

By Sara Mishler


Why I Memory Plan And How 


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Monday, July 19, 2021

Sharing My Planner Journey

By Deatrice McFadden

Sharing My Planner Journey

Becoming a mom of 2 boys, a wife, and a teacher started to become a bit much for one person to keep up with. Thinking back to my high school years I knew that I needed to go back to the basics with ...

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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Live Inspired Journal Page 1 comments

By Jil Larson

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