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Monday, July 25, 2005

Coming Soon... 7 comments  

our purchases from CHA

Here is only a partial list of the companies we placed orders with while at CHA!!!  We can't wait for all of the goodies to start rolling in!  Be sure to check out our Clearance Section to help us make room for all of the new stuff!

See our new Products on Orders section to view new products before we recieve them!  And get instant alerts when they come in!   Click Here!

Scrapbook 101
American Traditional
Memories Complete
Quick Quotes
Memories In The Making
Karen Foster
Carolee's Creations
Imagination Project
Mrs. Grossman's
Paper House Productions
KI Memories
Pebbles, Inc.
Paper Adventures
It Takes Two
Beary Patch
Flair Designs
Arctic Frog
Provo Craft
7 Gypsies
K & Company
Peterson-Arne/Collage Press
My Mind's Eye
Queen & Co.
Making Memories
Memories Complete
Me & My Big Ideas
Design Originals
Inspirational Memories/Brownlow
NRN Designs
Creative Imaginations
Destination Scrapbook Designs
Scrappy Cat
Scrapping Sports
Autumn Leaves/Mod
Foofola/Aritistic Expressions
Spanish Memories
Hot Off The Press
Magic Scraps
Go West
Basic Grey
Bo Bunny

... and MORE!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

1400+ New Clearance Products  

Good news:  We went crazy buying the newest and latest in Scrapbooking at the CHA Tradeshow in Chicago last weekend!  In a few weeks we should begin receiving some of the new products we ordered. 

More good news: We have our work cut out for us ... we MUST SELL ALL of the 1400+ products that are now in our Clearance Collection to make room for new products.

Hurry!  These Clearance products have been marked down 30%, 40%, 50% and are expected to sell out quickly.
Visit our Clearance Collection today.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Come Meet the Queen ... 25 comments  

... scrapbooking at her castle, meeting friends at ACOT!

Gloria who goes by the name, "Queen_Mum" here at ACOT is the scrapbooker whom you will find wearing a crown while browsing our Message Boards.  Her positive and friendly attitude inspire and encourage those who visit ACOT and everyone she meets.  ACOT recently caught up with Gloria and had the opportunity to ask her a few questions ... and we are sure you will pick up on her excitement this month as she tells all about her scrapbooking experiences ...

Photo: Gloria (left) and Betty get to meet for the first time.

How long have you been scrapbooking and how did you get started?
In May 2000, my friend, Betty Ann, showed me an album she was making that had the corners rounded off and some journaling near the pictures and a couple of stickers.  I was fascinated.   Even that looked better than just sticking the pictures in a  (GASP!) magnetic album with a piece of paper with the info about the pictures  - which is what I had been doing.   She told me that she had gone to a Creative Memories party and they do some neat stuff.  She told me she'd call me with the name of the person and phone number.   The CMC called me - said she was having a crop at her house and could take the time for a new person - bring along 4-5 photos that I didn't mind cutting!!!! CUTTING????  (Another GASP)

The weekend after Memorial Day 2000 I went to my first CM crop.   I was given information about acid/lignin free papers.   Whatever..........   LOL   Let's get to the fun stuff, huh?   I laid down about 4 or 5 pictures that I'd taken on a recent trip to NYC and put a bit of colored paper on the white page and then I got to pick out a few stickers to put on the page.   Can we say STICKER SNEEZE? An apple here and there (to designate The Big Apple) and I was HOOKED.

My son got married in June 2000 - and believe it or not - that was my first album!   When my son came to visit I gave him the album to take back with the promise that he wouldn't look at it  until he and his wife could look at it together.   He called when he got home and said that his wife was crying.  I was terrified that she was upset because I had cut up her photos.   She was thrilled.   She called a couple days later and said that her co-workers were so impressed.   One co-worker cried and said she wished someone loved her enough to do something like that for her.

What inspires you? (your kids, art, magazines, colors...maybe a combination)
Most of my albums are centered around my travels and things we do.   Many of my photos do not include people - or if we are in them, they are set up - none of those fun candids to use.   Lots of pictures of places - and I do try to get some shots at various angles or from different views.    If it's a particularly interesting building I might take close ups of the stonework or a door or a particular feature.  

I have travel albums about Italy, Florida, my trip out to Wyoming, Niagara Falls, NYC, - LOTS of places.   When the travel channel or PBS has a segment about a place I've visited, I drag out my albums to bring the whole thing back to life for me.    I can say, "I was THERE and here are my pictures to prove it!"

I know that someday I won't be able to travel and do the things I do now (hopefully this will be many years away!) and my albums, with the journaling that scrapbooking has taught me, will be my reminders of what rich experiences I've had.

There have also been albums of special events: Weddings, Anniversaries, etc.  But the most memorable one is one I made for my favorite aunt of a party she had to gather family.   I took two rolls of film - and she didn't realize I was doing this.   I made her an album of the party and gave it to her just before she was to enter the hospital for a double mastectomy.   This was her third bout with cancer.   She was thrilled.   She took the album to the hospital with her to help her through those first rough days.   My uncle said she showed everyone her album and was on the verge of calling people in off the streets.

As to what types of things inspire my layouts - it's what comes to hand and what feels right at that moment.   I am hopelessly dedicated to working in chronological order - so new pictures inspire me to get moving on what I have to do to get to the new pictures!

I love looking at layouts in the gallery and in magazines - but prefer not to have the layouts too 'done'.   So many times I think that a page will be a decorated page that someone added a photo to - for my own albums I prefer that the photos be the main event and the colors and embellishments just enhance or coordinate what is in the picture.   Some layouts are very simple and some have more time in them.   But each has a bit of "me".  

How did you find ACOT and how long have you been on the Message Boards?
I found ACOT back in the "olden days" when it was still Stickers Galore.   I had done a search for scrapping 'stuff' and there you were!  I've been on the MB since the beginning - but probably didn't post for a bit.   But now I'm a regular!

What draws you to the Message Boards?
I seem to be drawn to the board like a moth to the flame!

Since I live in a very rural area my exposure to other scrappers is limited - pretty much to CM crops.    I am grateful for this time to get together with others who are fanatical as I am about scrapbooking - but the creativity and technique is limited - and I needed to expand my horizons.   The girls on the board inspired me to try new things and new products.   Some things I found weren't for me (embossing - got rid of the powders and heat gun after trying a couple times)   and it took me a while to gather up the courage to try eyelets!  Of course, all the beautiful work in the Gallery is inspiration - and it shows me that we all can be happy with where we are in our level of creativity - but if you want to go further - someone is there to give you the encouragement to try something new and different.  And there are others who say, "It's ok to keep your style as it is."  

What is a favorite memory or event that came from being a member of the Board?
Just ONE??? That's like asking me to pick my favorite hair on my head!  LOL

One of the most touching was the way some of the gals embraced my sister, Gracie, as she was fighting cancer.   Gracie was shy and quiet - and had few life experiences and even fewer friends because of her shyness.   But the girls on the board just became her friends!   So many sent cards, treats and emails to her.   Just knowing that people were reaching out to her and making her last days less painful was a joy to me.   And I also felt the compassion of these wonderful people supporting me with care!

It was a blast being part of the FIRST ANNIVERSARY QUILT.    Amazing that people from all over contributed, not knowing what others were doing - and what a beautiful thing it turned out to be!

There have been so many instances like this - giving from the heart to someone we've not met, just because it felt good to do it.

So many friendships have been formed.   Some strong bonds established for so many.  

I recently met a 'Stickgal' and felt that we were old friends who hadn't seen each other for a long time and had to catch up rather than meeting for the first time.   

How wonderful is that?

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Half Off Shipping!

With the boss flying out to CHA this week, we figured we would have some fun...

....Be sure not to tell Kristin that we decided to mark down the shipping rates and toilet paper her office while she is gone.  This is your chance to save big on shipping and still enjoy our huge product selection!

50% Off Shipping...

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

July Design Team Reveal & Challenge 14 comments

Alter it!

ALTERED (al·tered) ART

def. 1 : to make different without changing into something else

This month's reveal seems to be all the rage these days. Clip boards, coin holders, boxes, notebooks and other items are being altered. A little bit of paper,...

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Friday, July 1, 2005

A Simple Approach to Journaling 8 comments

Moments, or Events?

Okay, so your layout is adhered, embellished, titled, and matted. Now, all that is left is that speed bump that keeps us all from reeling off enough pages to actually get caught up—journaling. I have talked to a lot of scrapbookers, and very few...

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Friday, July 1, 2005

It's our biggest Fourth of July Sale EVER!

It's our biggest Fourth of July Sale EVER!
EVERY product in our online store is now marked down 5% - 50% for this weekend only!  Over 8000 products including a huge selection of stickers, embellishments, paper, cardstock and more!

Hurry!  The be...
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