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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

CACTUS PINK Winner!!! 22 comments  

Creative Photo Cropping, Doodling

The winner of our Cactus Pink Layout Contest displayed a fresh and fun style:  inventive photo cropping, fun doodling and heartfelt journaling all make this layout a winner!

Congratulations clairbug!

Special thanks to all our contestants!  We hope to see you all in all our future contests!!!

Posted by Janet

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh Baby! BasicGrey Class 1 comments  

Directions from the June 25, 2006 Class

Dana Smith designed the layout for this month’s Oh Baby! BasicGrey Class.  This layout is a simple and functional 12x12 layout that is easy to reproduce with a few key supplies.

BasicGrey supplies for Girl version:
BasicGrey Oh Baby! Girl papers: (Natalie, Sarah, Rosebud, Marigold, and Peapod)
Oh Baby! Girl Tags
Oh Baby! Girl Letter Stickers
Oh Baby! Girl Fibers
BasicGrey Decorative Rub-ons

BasicGrey supplies for Boy version:
BasicGrey Oh Baby! Boy papers: (Jackson, Nathan, Marigold, Buttercup, and Peapod)
Oh Baby! Boy Tags
Oh Baby! Boy Letter Stickers
Oh Baby! Boy Fibers
BasicGrey Decorative Rub-ons

Other supplies for both designs:
White Glaze Pen
Distressed Ink
Pop Dots
5x7 Photo


1. Cut 1.5 inches off the top of the Sarah patterned paper, as well as the left side so you have a 10.5” x 10.5” square.

2. Lay the sheet of Rosebud on top of Sarah patterned paper and using a pen mark where you would like your angle to go. Make sure that it cuts along the line of dots on the Sarah paper underneath. Cut along the line.

3. Use the Rosebud corner you have now created to help measure and cut the next piece. Lay the cut corner piece on top of the Marigold paper. Measure down about 1/2" inch and using a pen mark your top cut line on the Marigold paper. Be sure a row of dots will show between the Rosebud corner and the Marigold strip. Measure down a few inches and mark your bottom cut line on the Marigold paper. Be sure that both cut lines follow the same angle as the Rosebud corner. I used the Sarah paper as a guide for my cut lines and to maintain the same angle.

4. Repeat step 3 for the Peapod piece. This time use the Marigold piece and the Rosebud piece to help measure and cut the Peapod piece. Once again I used the Sarah paper as a guide for my cut lines and to maintain the same angle.

Measuring upper cut line.

Measuring lower cut line.

5. Use your Marigold paper strip as a template for the 2nd Marigold strip. The 2nd Marigold strip goes below the Peapod strip on the layout. Place the Marigold strip color side down on the remaining piece of the Marigold paper and trace around the strip so have a mirror image.

Marigold strip template.

6. Repeat step 5 for the 2nd Rosebud corner. The 2nd Rosebud corner goes below the Marigold strip on the layout.

Rosebud corner template.

7. Lay your 3 cut strips and 2 corners on the Sarah paper to check the spacing. DO NOT ATTACH THESE YET. When placing your strips leave a space along the edges and between each strip. Leave a larger space after the Peapod piece for your title. Once your strips are laid out you will notice the Peapod strip is a little long on each end and needs to be trimmed. Use a ruler lined up along the edge the other strips to determine where to mark your trim lines on the Peapod paper. Once trimmed you should have a nice space around the edge. Note: You can do this for the other strips if they are too long.

Check strips.

Peapod trim line #1.

Peapod trim line #2.

Peapod strip after trim.

8. Ink all edges of the strips, corners and Sarah paper.

9. Using a white pen make small lines on the edges of the paper to give it the look of sewn paper. I only lined the outer edge of the strips and corners.

Adding stitch lines.

10. Attach the 10.5 x 10.5 Sarah paper piece to the center of 12 x 12 Natalie paper.

11. Attach the first 3 colored pieces to the Sarah piece. First the Rosebud corner, then the 1st Marigold strip, followed by the Peapod strip.

Rosebud corner.

Marigold strip.

Peapod strip.

12. Adhere photo to page before adding the last 2 strips of paper.

13. Attach the last 2 pieces of paper. Make sure the 2nd Marigold strip overlaps the photo. Create your layout title in the space between the Peapod strip and the 2nd Marigold strip. Use a ruler to line the stickers so they follow the same angle as your strips.

14. Add rub-ons to the corners of the page. I placed the rub-ons on the two Rosebud corners.

15. Attach tag to a piece of chipboard and cut around the tag. Use a hole punch to punch out a hole in the chipboard to match the tag.

16. Ink the edge of the tag and embellish the tag with fibers and letter stickers. Attach tag using Pop Dots

Finished girl layout.

Finished boy layout.

NOTE:  You can use the space on the blank Marigold sheet for journaling.

About the author ...
Tristann has been a Creative Team Member at A Cherry On Top since March 2004. Tristann is well known here for her obsession with BasicGrey. She currently lives in Washington state with her husband, Bryan. In addition to being an avid scrapbooker and photograther, Tristann is a full-time Human Resources Coordinator for a international travel company.

Posted by n7zuq

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sometimes it IS just about the pictures 32 comments  

Deep thoughts about why I scrapbook

My mom marches to the beat of her own drummer. Or maybe I should say, scraps to the slice of her own scissors.

She thinks my beloved scrapbooking magazines and idea books are a little silly. She doesn't see the point of looking at them. Sometimes if she's REALLY bored, she'll thumb through one, but it usually ends with rolling her eyes and me being all defensive about her thinking something I'm into is stupid. She always says "I just scrap the way I like. I don't need other people telling me how to do it." (Part of me admires her for being so confident and uninfluenced by what the "cool" people are doing. She doesn't care that there ARE cool people.)

While on a road trip together, she caught me looking through a new idea book, at a layout that said "it's not about the pictures." She said "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Of COURSE it's about the pictures."

I tried explaining to her that a lot of people have the theory that scrapbooking is about telling STORIES and that pictures merely supplement the story someone is trying to tell.

She looked at me and said, "No, my PICTURES are the story, and the WORDS I write are the supplement."

And in a way, I think she has a point.

For some people, scrapbooking IS about creative expression, telling stories, being artistic and such. But to a lot of people? We just want to do something fun with our photos. Not every photo HAS a story. Not every page needs journaling. Or a title. Not every layout has a deeper meaning that needs to be written about.

Sometimes I just love a photo. And I want to do something fun with it. No story, no deep introspection, no forced sappiness about it. Sometimes just the sight of the photo will bring the memories rushing back, and no journaling even by the best writer in the world could articulate those feelings.

When I think about the album I put together for my father last Christmas, I know this is true. What he had been asking for were prints of the pictures we kept taking but he never ended up seeing. "What's the point of taking so many pictures," he asked, "if you hardly print any of them? I never end up with any!" Ah, the curse of the digital camera. Literally more pictures than you know what to do with. So that got me thinking. I started with the goal of throwing together pages of my favorite photos from the past few years, especially from the times we visited with my older half-sisters (who dad doesn't get to see much.)


As I started making progress with those layouts, I started thinking about my favorite pictures of my dad throughout his life, and my favorite pictures of me and my sisters. Photos that in the past I have picked out to put in those multi-photo frames to hang on my wall. Photos that my mom had enlarged and displayed around our house growing up. Photos that to me are the classic ones that somehow perfectly capture a moment in my childhood. Photos that mean something, that will easily stand alone on a page with just some paper, an element or two, and a small amount of text for date and location.

And so I kept going.  I was making pages like a mad woman.


Some pages in this book for my dad are literally just an arrangement of photos with some text typed in. Some are absurdly simple in terms of the current scrapbooking culture. I made 50 of these layouts in a week's time. (It dawned on me to make the book about 2 weeks before Christmas!) I wasn't trying to be creative or express myself as an artist. I wasn't trying to impress anyone -- I knew my dad wasn't going to care about anything other than the photos.


It was so easy to throw these layouts together digitally. I didn't have to wonder if I had enough supplies to work with all the photos. I didn't have to make any decisions ahead of time about which pictures to use or what size to print the pictures. I didn't have to use any originals . . . I just kept browsing through my computer's photo folders and scanned folders and grabbed what caught my eye. If someday down the road I FEEL like making a complicated, artistic layout with one of these photos, I can (there's no rule that says you can't use the same photo for multiple different layouts). And the BEST part about doing this project digitally, is I'm able to reprint any of these layouts for myself, my 4 sisters, and my mom.

My dad doesn't like getting gifts. He doesn't like people spending money on him, and he doesn't like accumulating stuff. (Ok, he calls it junk.) Every holiday that comes up, when I ask him what he wants, he says not to get him anything. When the time came on Christmas morning to give him the albums I'd made (there were so many pages, I put them in two albums), I really hoped he wouldn't say I shouldn't have bothered. But as he sat there and looked through the albums, one after another, over and over, I knew it had been time well spent. And that it really WAS about the photos.

Posted by strangejen

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Oh Baby! BasicGrey Class 6 comments

This Sunday ... hosted by Tristann (n7zuq)

Date: Sunday, June 25, 2006
Time: 8 p.m. EST

Oh Baby! I love BasicGrey. Please join me for our next BasicGrey class featuring the Oh Baby! collection. We will be making our own version of this layout:

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

CT Spotlight Vol. 3 14 comments

Putting the Spotlight on Superior Layouts

Welcome to the CT Spotlight, a regular feature in which the Creative Team will put the spotlight on superior layouts that have caught our eye in the gallery.  We'll show you the layouts, tell you who made them and why we love them.  The first CT member quoted is th...
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Monday, June 19, 2006

Pressed Petals Contest Winners! 21 comments

Congratulations to hanah and 4kfam

Another wonderful round of inspiring layouts!!  We are very impressed and inspired!!  So, without further ado, the winners of the $25.00 ACOT gift certificates are:




Thanks to all the members who entered...

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Congrats to our Kim Crothers winners! 4 comments

...come see their incredible layouts!

A special thanks to Kim Crothers for helping us judge this contest. There were so many wonderful layouts, but she chose the Grand Prize winner, to receive a special CD with 5 kits of the winners choice, as....

lindse's Stray Cat

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Meet Andrea Burns! 2 comments

..Plus contest details and the CT Reveal!

We are pleased to welcome Andrea Burns as this month’s Featured Designer.  She’s created a new kit just for this event, "Lavendar Fields", so you’ll have to check it out.  Scroll down to learn more about Andrea, see her contest details, and see...

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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Something for Everyone!

I am a fan of Creative Imaginations products.  I admit it!!  Why?  Because there is something there for any theme, topic, feeling, mood...anything!!  They have such a variety of products....Studio Basics,  Scrapperware, Sonnets, Narratives, Art ...

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

CREATIVE IMAGINATIONS - CT Featured Product Reveal 6 comments

Wow...look what the CT has been up to!

The ACOT Creative Team has been at it again...making great layout using some of the wonderful products from Creative Imaginations!!  Cowgirls, Sk8ers, swimmers and more...Creative Imaginations carries products that will cover any themed layout.  C...

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Digital Alphas 4 comments

Going digi means never running out of E's

I hate running out of alphabet stickers and rub-ons when I’m paper scrapbooking. It makes me insane. There are never enough vowels to begin with, and my son's name is Jake. 'doh. Although I always call him Jake, I've actually spelled out &qu...

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

ALL MY MEMORIES Winners!!! 24 comments

Layouts Worth the Memories!

Great job with the All My Memories Contest, ladies!!  You sure did give us so many creative ways to use their products!  It was tough, as usual, to select the winners.  So many stood out!!

The winners are:


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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Paper Purse Class 12 comments

Step By Step Instructions

In this class I will show you how simple it is to turn a single sheet of patterned paper into an adorable little purse!  These purses make cute accents to your scrap area and can also be used as gift or party favor bags, notecard holders, etc.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

My Mind's Eye Contest!

Wild Asparagus, Kaleidoscope and more!

My Mind's Eye seems to have something for everyone, for every occasion.  They have kits, monograms, embellishments, layovers....anything!  You can coordinate to your hearts desire.  So....let's have a contest!

Rules:  Use any of the fabulous My Mind's ...

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Monday, June 12, 2006

MY MIND'S EYE - Featured Product CT Reveal 1 comments

MME, maker of beautifully coordinated products.

The ACOT Creative Team is featuring products from My Mind's Eye, including the Kaleidoscope and Wild Asparagus lines. My Mind's Eye products include a wonderful selection of coordinated papers, die-cuts, stickers, and embellishments. The ACOT Creat...

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