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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dream Street Papers 10 comments  


There is something for everyone on Dream Street.  There really is!  Dream Street offers so many awesome papers: girl papers...boy papers...."distressed" papers.....clean line many great designs!  The ACOT Creative Team was thrilled to work with these products for this week's reveal. I really think that this may be one of our best reveals!  Each layout is so unique and so amazing!  Take a look below at the layouts we have to show you this week!  Want to try your hand at Dream Street Papers?!?  Well, you can buy them here.  Then, once you have created your layout, you can enter the Dream Street Papers contest offered here at ACOT.  Visit the Contests and Challenges forum for details!


ACOT Creative Team Layouts

This stunning layout was created by Miranda (LoveMyBella).  I LOVE the way she cut out the circles and flower patterns from this collection of Dream Street papers and used them as an accent!  What a fun way to embellish a layout!




These two amazing layouts were created by Nancy (neboyle).  Nancy shows us just how diverse Dream Street papers can be!  Not only was she able to create a fun layout about her sk8r son, but she was also able to create a warm and serene layout about the great outdoors! 



This layout by Tristann (n7zuq) is just so precious!  And the way Tristann embellishes the Dream Street papers is just super-amazing!  By adding flowers and droplets to the flowers printed onthis paper, she has created a very beautiful embellishment!




These two layouts were created by Clair (clairbug).  There are so many embellishments out there that go so well with the Dream Street papers. By using the new Heidi Swapp photo corners and Lil' Davis chipboard, Clair was able to embellish her layouts without taking away from the amazing design of the papers.  For her second layout, she kept things simple and allowed the Dream Street papers to take center stage.



This amazing layout was created by Diane (Dianedi).  Diane uses the Rough-n-Tumble line of Dream Street papers to showcase this awesome photo of her son!  The blues make a bold statement and the stars are a very eye-catching embellishment!




Elsie (ElsieB) has put together two very beautiful layouts for this week's reveal.  The first one is so breathtaking!  I'm in love!  Those eyes!!!!  And the way Elsie added the lyrics to her layouts is so clever!  Her second layout is truly a work of art.  Not only are her photos phenomenal, but her design is as well!  The rub-ons were the PERFECT embellishment for this layout!!




With a style all her own, Grace (scrapsakes) creates two layouts for us that simply leave you speechless.  Grace shows us so many unique ways that you can design a layout.  Here she has cut apart several different Dream Street papers to create two very fun and artistic layouts.




Jackie (Jackie Pettit) is one talented scrapper!  These two layouts are totally "Jackie style".  She has a super talent for putting lots of different elements on a page and it still looks neat and clean! 





Jane (hokiecanuk) created three layouts for this week's reveal. Using the same line of Dream Street papers, she creates three very different designs that are all simply fabulous!




Janet created two layouts of her niece for this reveal. In the first layout, she used her Cricut to cut letters out of Dream Street papers to match her layout.  On the second she added doodles and brads to embellish her page!  Great ideas from a great scrapper!!!



This very cute layout was created by Kim (Lillpop).  I love how Kim cut out all those flowers and then adhered them to her layout to form a neat border!  Her mixed title really brings out all of the colors in this page as well! 



And this amazing layout was created by Melissa (melis_ga).  This is one of those layouts that you just can't stop looking at!  The scallopped circle...the chipboard flourishes....the rub-ons, buttons and many things to take it!  Everything is placed so neatly and is so pleasing to the eye!  AWESOME job, Melissa!!



Posted by clairbug

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Meet Samantha Walker! 1 comments  

the Creative Imaginations designer joins us for a celebrity chat

ACOT is thrilled to announce a celebrity chat with Samantha Walker!  Please join us on Wednesday April 25th at 9pm EST in the chat room!

Samantha Walker has always had an interest in art and design from a very young age. When she little she used to dig scraps out of the trash to fashion interesting creations. She fostered her love of art and graduated in Illustration Design from Brigham Young University. Samantha has worked as an illustrator for children’s magazines and as an interior designer designing custom window fashions but when she discovered scrapbooking in 2003, she knew she had found her “happy place.” Truth is, she’s always had a passion for “fashioning scraps” and it wasn’t until she discovered scrapbooking that she realized she had found her ultimate creative outlet.

Samantha designs scrapbook products for Creative Imaginations under two different brands: Samantha Walker and Pizzazzill. She has been involved with various scrapbook publications including Creating Keepsakes Magazine as a 2006 Scrapbooker of the Year finalist and Memory Makers magazine as a 2005 Master. She is also a frequent contributor to F&W book department and Cantata Books. Samantha lives with her family in Lehi, Utah.

Posted by MamaK321

Friday, April 20, 2007

CT Spotlight Vol. 12 19 comments  

Putting the Spotlight on Superior Layouts

Welcome to the CT Spotlight, a monthly feature in which the Creative Team will put the spotlight on superior layouts that have caught our eye in the gallery.  We'll show you the layouts, tell you who made them and why we love them.  The first CT member quoted is the one who chose the layout for the Spotlight.

Check out these amazing layouts!

by lindse

ElsieB says:
"This layout really caught my eye first because of the wonderful color combination.  I looked closer and fell in love with that adorable, peaceful baby in the picture.  I love the way the black and white photo works with the colors of the layout.  I love the hearts.  Love it all!"

novita says:
"The picture is precious and love how you did the journaling!"

hwillard says:
"Karen always has gorgeous layouts, and this is no exception!  The colors are so beautiful and the scalloped paper on the side is a wonderful touch!  The elements are perfectly placed -- with wonderful attention to drop shadows!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"I like how I am drawn to the sweet picture."

neboyle says:
"I love the colors and the precious photo!"

Janet says:
"The photo is 'precious' and her use of leading lines in the design just draws you right to it!"

Jackie Pettit says:
"Beautiful colors, precious photos, love the design!"

MamaK321 says:
"Adorable photo and great overall design.  I really like the hint of red with the soft blues."

"Spring Beauty"
by NicoleD

MamaK321 says:
"It's the many little details on this page that drew my eye.  I really like the way she blocked and stitched the patterned papers, the slight curl to the photo gives the page great dimension, and I'm diggin' the flourishes and big circle attached with buttons."

ElsieB says:
"What a soft, pretty layout.  I love the adorable picture and also all the layering of papers and elements.  The circle with the buttons looks great!"

novita says:
"Love the layering and the composition! The kit is so perfect!!"

hwillard says:
"Nicole created a gorgeous layout with Kelly Shults' fabulous kit!  Nicole has a wonderful eye for design.  I love the circles and the buttons.  All of the elements are perfectly placed.  This is just eye-candy!!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"Such a 'soft' look to this layout.  Nice design and added paper tear."

neboyle says:
"I love the whole design of this layout.  It is just perfect!"

Jackie Pettit says:
"So soft and pretty, great design."

LoveMyBella says:
"Great design and beautiful colors!"

"Bryce Canyon"
by m1218p

FairyMouseMom says:
"Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words!  Just beautiful!"

ElsieB says:
"That is a fantastic photograph!  It makes me yearn for a good, long southwest vacation."

hwillard says:
"This photo needs NOTHING else.  It carries its own weight - and this layout displays this beautiful landscape perfectly!"

neboyle says:
"Gorgeous photo!"

Janet says:
"Just phenomenal!  It's a work of art!"

Jackie Pettit says:
"Breathtaking photo!"

MamaK321 says:
"Absolutely stunning!"

LoveMyBella says:
"Stunning photo that feels very peaceful."

"Those Kupper Girls"
by amtmhj

neboyle says:
"I love this layout by amtmhj.  The colors, the wave of the paper, the journaling and the photo all together make this layout perfect!"

"What fun to look at!  I love the colors and the photo.  The waves on the top and bottom tie in perfectly with the water and bathing suits in the picture.  Great job, Amy!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"Such a 'fun' look to this layout.  Neat colors and  neat journaling strips used here."

Janet says:
"Wonderful design, use of lines and fun photo!"

Jackie Pettit says:
"Such a fun feel, love the title and the curves!"

LoveMyBella says:
"Great pictures paired with great colors!  Wonderful layout."

"19 and Counting"
by Laura Fiore

Janet says:
"This layout by Laura Fiore is just so how she ties 19 all together, love the heart and the bullet journaling!"

ElsieB says:
"The colors are what first drew my eye to this layout.  And that big heart is fantastic!  Upon a closer look, I fell in love with her journaling and all the wonderful elements on the page.  Great job, Laura!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"Neat theme here for Laura's layout.  I like the angle of the photo that is included!"

neboyle says:
"Fabulous layout! I love how she used the number 19 throughout her journaling and layout."

Jackie Pettit says:
"Awesome page idea - tying in all the '19's' of their lives! Great layout!"

MamaK321 says:
"I love all the little details of this one and especially how the entire layout revolves around a single number!"

LoveMyBella says:
"I love the way Laura can add embellishments but not overwhelm the photo.  Very pretty!"

"Life Lesson: 4 year olds repeat everything"
by BethW

Lillpop says:
"Love this one!  The tree, the presents, and the journaling are just awesome!!"

ElsieB says:
"Beth perfectly captured this hilarious moment!  Love the journaling!"

neboyle says:
"I love all of the details that Beth put into this layout.  It is beautiful!"

Janet says:
"Great journaling, love the stack of presents!"

Jackie Pettit says:
"Love the tree and presents!"

LoveMyBella says:
"Beth does such amazing work, this is no exception.  I love this layout!"

by Mel1973

novita says:
"Love the rich colors and the adorable pictures! And those flower are perfect touch!!"

ElsieB says:
"Perfect is right!  What a wonderful layout!  I especially love the colors."

hwillard says:
"What gorgeous colors!!  The title says it all!  The photo is just precious - and I love the flowers!!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"Love the colors on this and the added flowers by the photo.  Awesome looking title."

neboyle says:
"I love the colors of this layout! Bold and beautiful!"

Janet says:
"What can I say--PERFECT!!  What outstanding colors and love the font of the title!"

Jackie Pettit says:
"Amazing colors and love the flowers!"

"Libby and Daddy"
by mamakimberly

hwillard says:
"I love the pictures in Kimberly's layout here - the colors in the photos work so incredibly well with the papers!  The flowers are all so soft and sweet -- but the photos are just WOW!!"

"I just love these special father-daughter pictures!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"Neat paper flip.  I like the softness of the flowers added here."

Janet says:
"Great daddy-daughter page!"

Jackie Pettit says:
"Great photos and design!"

"Hey Waterboy"
by scrapperjade

Dianedi says:
"I loved the simplicity of this layout by Scrapperjade.  Love the contrast of the dark background, the photos, and the waves at the bottom.  I love the added design details of the brads and doodling! Really fantastic layout!"

ElsieB says:
"I just love those waves of patterned papers!  This is simple, but beautiful."

FairyMouseMom says:
"Love the patterned papers used here against the black.  Love the look of it!"

neboyle says:
"I love the waves.  Very creative!"

Janet says:
"The black background really makes the colorful waves stand out and --- WOW!  What a great photo!"

Jackie Pettit says:
"Love the curves, the colors, and the simple cleanness of the layout!"

MamaK321 says:
"Proof that you don't need all the papers and embellishments in the world to create an amazing layout!  Very clever idea to cut the patterned paper into waves."

We can't wait to see all the fabulous creations that will fill the gallery during the upcoming NSD Crop!  Watch next month for the next CT Spotlight!

Posted by ElsieB

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Flair Designs 8 comments


If you have lots of sports photos or lots of ideas for those recipes you've been collecting, then Flair Designs has you covered!  With tons of papers and stickers to match, Flair gives you endless opportunities for your layouts and altered projects!  The ACOT Cr...

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Don't make it harder than it has to be 11 comments

How fear really messes with your mojo

Last year I came across three panoramic pictures of my older sister that I had always really liked. I decided they needed to be in a scrapbook, and arranged them with removable tape on two blank pieces of paper. I do this a lot with my paper scrap...

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

DIGITAL scraplifts PAPER 12 comments

See how the Digital CT Members scrapped the Paper CT Members here at ACOT!!!

The Digital Creative Team thought it would be a nice way to "repay" the Paper Creative Team for "allowing" us to borrow their idea of the interview that we revealed in March.

So, it was suggested to "lift" their layouts to show them our thanks.   Th...

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Piggy Tales 6 comments


Piggy Tales paper and tags are just so fun to work with!  Each line is named after a nursery rhyme or fairy tale which makes them almost impossible to resist!  The colors are fantastic as well as the playful designs of each paper!  Check out the Piggy Tales...

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

April Guest CT Member amandagale 3 comments

ACOT is very happy to work with Amanda (aka amandagale) for the month of April. She has been a wonderful addition to the gallery and the CT has spotted her fabulous work several times in our contests. For more on Amanda, please read below...

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Monday, April 2, 2007

Meet Amy S. 42 comments

Moodyonceamth has been a long time member of the Message Board Community and regular contributor to the Gallery. Get to know more about her.

Tell us about your family:
I am married to Dan (8 years) and have 2 kiddos: Emily is 12 and Liam is 6. 

How long have you been a scrapbooking and what got you started?
I've been scrapping for 3.5 years, and I was inspired to start after...

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Monday, April 2, 2007

Wouldn't You Like to be a Sinner Too? 42 comments

Ma's Madness April 2007

Recently I was thinking about the Seven Deadly Sins (don’t ask, you’ll need your own therapy) and, since scrapbooking is more of a vice for me than a hobby at this point, I wondered how they would apply to my scrappy world. Turns out that I’m headed stra...

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Meet Featured Designer Michelle Bradley! 4 comments contest details and the CT Reveal!

ACOT is pleased to feature Michelle Bradley for April as our Feature Designer. In honor of her month with us, she's created an exclusive kit for ACOT: Canyon River!  Please continue reading to learn more about Michelle and see what the CT did ...

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