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Friday, July 27, 2007

Baby On Board 9 comments  

Creative Baby Layouts

We have noticed that there are quite a few people in the ACOT community that will soon be having babies, including a few of our creative team members.  To celebrate and inspire those who will soon be making plenty of baby layouts, we wanted to show you some creative baby related pages and announcements.


Sleepy Time Boy by Marcie (m1218p)-Digital Creative Team guest for July
We know everyone has a newborn sleeping picture.  I love the bright yellows and blues here, instead of "sleepier" (or more muted) colors.   Marcie told me that the baby had fallen asleep outside and that was the reason she chose the blues and yellows, to sort of represent sunshine and sky.   A great way to keep that in the memory with out actually showing it. 

Sugar and Sass by Jackie(CamsMomma)
I used some things here that are not traditionally baby related, like the leopard print paper and the bright green color.  I thought that emphasized the "sassy" theme of my title and subject.  I used lots of soft pinks, the scalloped edges, and the crocheted fabric with the sassier elements to incorporate the baby girl feel. 

Peyton by Angie(nun69)
I love how Angie used such a big close up picture of her newest son.  I really like the deep blue, it totally says "boy".  But I also like how she used a flower stamp in the corner for a little bit of softness. 

Little China Doll
Little Chine Doll by Egle(FairyMouseMom)
Egle did a bit of the same here as I did with "Sugar and Sass", she used the traditional soft pinks for her background and added the brighter blue for a punch.  She also tied the colors of her elements in to the colors of the large photo making even more of an impact.  I love how she used the chinese characters, which mean daughter, to emphasize her theme.

Pacify-her by Kristianne(MamaK321)
Kristi found the Beautiful Love kit by Something Blue Studios, with its soft browns and pinks, was perfect for a girly-girl page and peaceful photos of a sleeping baby.  The witty journaling about making the important decision between thumb or pacifier lends contrast to the delicate, feminine style.

He's Here by Janell(janello)
Janell made this baby announcement.  I love the classic boy colors she chose, blue and brown.  And the texture she added with the stitching and the torn strip.  She kept the cute picture the main focus, but still formatted the stats and family name in an interesting and eye catching way.

Surprise!! by Jackie(CamsMomma)
I made this layout to announce my pregnancy to my family and friends.  I thought it would be more fun and intersting than just calling with the news, and a great way to preserve the memory for me and our family.  I used colors I felt reflected either sex, since I have no clue yet what is going to come.

Posted by CamsMomma

Sunday, July 22, 2007

CT Spotlight Vol. 15 15 comments  

Putting the Spotlight on Superior Layouts

Welcome to the CT Spotlight, a monthly feature in which the Creative Team will put the spotlight on superior layouts that have caught our eye in the gallery.  We'll show you the layouts, tell you who made them and why we love them.  The first CT member quoted is the one who chose the layout for the Spotlight.

Is it CHA time again?  We will soon find the ACOT store full of new products and fun things to try, but these scrappers are making beautiful creations with what they already had in their stashes!  Check out these wonderful layouts:

"Your Brother"
by claritee

ElsieB says:
"I know I may be a little biased, but claritee's work always really impresses me!  I love this layout in particular because not only has she perfectly captured the personalities of her two grandchildren, she's also left them a loving message for the future.  Her colors and product choices are always impeccable and emotion comes pouring out of her work.  Love it!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"I love the color combination well the items she used work perfectly with the colors in the picture.  And then there's the picture...truly a great photo!"

Janet says:
"Wonderful use of pattern, color and picture!"

melis_ga says:
"Gorgeous layout!  Great colors...they work perfectly with the photo (which is super cute)!  The stamping is a wonderful completes the layout."

scrapsakes says:
"That photo cracks me up and I like the way it's cropped.  I also love her choice of distressed beautifully and subtlety she stamped them!"

mayerkt says:
"This is adorable!  I love the fantastic colors, and the stamps give it such a cool, edgy look!"

janello says:
"I love the inking and stamps on this layout.  How precious to leave advice for the people you love in our layouts!"

"2 of a Kind"
by ria_mojica

Janet says:
"I just love this page by ria_majoca!!  The photo is fabulous and the design is just fun and playful!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"What a fantastic focal photo showcased by the lovely papers and embellishments she chose!"

MamaK321 says:
"Adorable layout!  I love the frame inside the photo and how the circle elements draw the eye around the entire page."

melis_ga says:
"I love how she drew extra attention to the focal point of the main photo and added the smaller photo too.  Great use of the different shapes.  With 'busy' background paper the focus of the layout is still on the photo.  Great layout!!"

scrapsakes says:
"Wonderful use of Imagination Project coasters and love the highlighted effect on the photo."

janello says:
"I love the color extraction on the photo and the soft colors she used to scrap it with!"

"In Your Baby Blues"
by pne123

CamsMomma says:
"Love everything about 'In your baby blues' by pne123.  The picture really pops off the black background and I love the use of graph paper and the 'twinkles.'  Also I really love the texture to everything, like the messy pinked frame, and the ragged denim 's' and flowers."

FairyMouseMom says:
"I love the way that Erica used a picture that is not a full face...showing that it's okay to take or edit your photo to focus on a certain thing.  I also love the look of that title work."

Janet says:
"The dark background really enhances the photo and makes the other elements really stand out!"

MamaK321 says:
"Pure beauty is right on!  I love the variety of textured elements she chose to use."

scrapsakes says:
"Such striking baby blues!!  I just love how she did that title."

janello says:
"Another gorgeous layout.  I just love those eyes and the deep background.  Very eye catching."

by lorigaud

FairyMouseMom says:
"I just love these pictures that Lori used.  The elements that she used work great on this layout.  It just goes to show that layouts don't have to be 'glitzy' to be great!"

Janet says:
"Great title, fabulous photos and I love the simple color scheme!"

CamsMomma says:
"Love the simplicity on this!  The colors are awesome with the pictures, and what cute pictures!"

MamaK321 says:
"I like how she stapled the photos across the page.  The simple title design and clustered elements make for a great page design."

scrapsakes says:
"Adorable photos and lovin' the choice or rustic colors here as well."

janello says:
"I love the story with these pictures.  It is such a simple moment in life, but I am sure it would be lost without scrapping it.  This is why we all scrap!  Lovely layout!"

"Flip Flops"
by DawnMcD

MamaK321 says:
"The bright, summery colors she used in this layout really make it pop!  I really like how she added tabs and colors to the filmstrip and how she accented the 'p's in the stamped title."

FairyMouseMom says:
"I love the subject matter Dawn scrapped.  Her use of white space is great here, too!"

Janet says:
"What a fun summer page!"

CamsMomma says:
"Love the bright summery colors!"

scrapsakes says:
"Love the fun, bright and bold colors of this layout in showcasing what is quintessentially a favorite summer accessory!"

mayerkt says:
"LOVE the stamped title!  This is such a great layout – clean and crisp! What a great way to document a family project!"

janello says:
"I am a sucker for shoe and feet layouts!  I just think they are soo cute!  I love the bright summery colors!"

"Let's Bounce"
by koala1966

nun69 says:
"This is absolutely STUNNING!!  The photo just takes my breath away and I love how she managed to think 'outside of the box' and re-color her paper."

ElsieB says:
"Wow!  The photo in itself is amazing.  And Tania did an amazing job with the elements on this page, making it into one of the prettiest layouts I've ever seen!  Lovely."

FairyMouseMom says:
"What a beautiful picture Tania used here on her layout.  The addition of those flowers just makes it look so feminine!"

Janet says:
"The word that come to mind is 'lovely!'"

melis_ga says:
"WOW...this layout is dreamy.  The softness of the layout truly makes this layout stand out.  Beautifully done."

scrapsakes says:
"Very flirty and feminine...the papers complement the lovely photo very well."

mayerkt says:
"The simplicity of this layout is superb!  It really lets the colors flow and makes the photo the focus!  And what a darling photo it is!"

janello says:
"What a beautiful photo and the overlay is perfect for added design and texture without being over-powering!"

by Ashwyness

Nominated by hokiecanuk

ElsieB says:
"I've loved this layout from the moment I saw it.  I'm so glad Jane nominated it for the Spotlight!  The photos and colors are gorgeous, but I especially love the way she handled that chipboard swirl.  Beautiful job!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"What pretty pictures are used here.  Love the little ribbons on the chipboard well as the way the patterned paper was added to it."

Janet says:
"Colorful and nicely designed!"

CamsMomma says:
"Wow, love the large chipboard swirl with the ribbons all over it and the flower pictures are awesome."

MamaK321 says:
"A beautiful arrangement of photos, patterns and elements!  I like the ribbon tied to the big flourish."

scrapsakes says:
"A girl after my own heart with the oversized chipboard scroll & text, buttons, and...well, anything Fancy Pants, really! :)  And, those photos are absolutely fantastic!!"

mayerkt says:
"This is a total eye catcher!  The colors are bright and vibrant, to match the fantastic flower/butterfly pictures.  And the chipboard with ribbon ties – GENIOUS!"

janello says:
"Love, love, love the giant chipboard swirl and how she tied those little ribbons on it!!"

by my3boyz

Lillpop says:
"Love everything about this layout.  The felt is just a fabulous touch!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"What a beautiful picture and what striking colors are used here.  I love how the title was made as well."

Janet says:
"I love the felt elements...great colors and outstanding photograph!"

CamsMomma says:
"Love all the little heart and flower gems and brads.  The title is too cute with the heart instead of the word.  And that picture is ssssssooooo cute with him giving the flower."

MamaK321 says:
"Love the felt, layers and clever title down the side of the page.  Absolutely darling!"

scrapsakes says:
"And he sure is... a 'heartbreaker' that is!  I just adore lil' boys in tiny vests and it being red (my fave color), makes it even sweeter.  This layout is totally scrumptious!"

mayerkt says:
"I absolutely adore the color combo on this layout.  But the stand out, by far, is the felt hearts.  They are SOOOOO perfect for the warm and fuzzy feeling of the page!"

janello says:
"I just love all the embellishments!!  My kind of page!  Lots and lots to look at but still you are drawn to that wonderful photo!"

"It's All About This Face"
by Jillybeans

clairbug says:
"Jillybeans is new to the boards and I love her already!  Just look at the STYLE and TALENT she has!  And anyone who doodles on a layout just captures my heart!!  She took a very subtle patterned paper and made the colors POP by adding bold embellishments that compliment the paper's colors!  Fantastic in every way!"

ElsieB says:
"Fun and funky!  This is a great layout!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"I love the way the black border stands out on this layout.  The journaling looks  does the way that is bordered."

Janet says:
"I love the title and journaling strips, and of course, I love this color scheme!"

MamaK321 says:
"Great combination of patterns, colors and elements!  I really like how she accented the title and fit the journaling around it."

melis_ga says:
"Gorgeous layout!  The colors are perfect and the details of the layout really bring focus to the photo."

scrapsakes says:
"Fabulous freestylin'!  I'm very drawn to the array of title, journaling, and embellishments altogether with the circle."

janello says:
"I love her title work and the journaling strips with doodle-esk flair.  Very fun and very cute!"

by Jann-Will

neboyle says:
"I love this layout by Jann-Will.  There is so much to see on this page: the doodling, the stitching, the flowers, and all the other little surprises.  It is such a fresh approach to a beach page, especially a boy page!"

ElsieB says:
"This page is nothing but fun to look at!  I love all the embellishments, the stitching and the doodling.  The colors are different and fantastic!  Great job!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"What cute subject photos here.  What I love most is the doodling that has been added to this layout."

CamsMomma says:
"This is SO fantastic!  There are so many cool little details here, I feel like I see something else every time I look at it."

MamaK321 says:
"This page is all kinds of clever fun!  I love looking at it, picking out the many different embellishments from her awesome design!"

melis_ga says:
"I love all the extras on this layout...and how the photos pop off the page.  Fabulous layout!"

mayerkt says:
"LOVE this look!  It's so cool and fresh, with so many neat elements!  I especially dig the use of flowers, bling and stitching with chipboard…and it STILL manages to look very BOY-ee!"

janello says:
"I love those alpha beads and the very cute pictures!  I love it when you can use flowers on boy flowers!"

Congratulations to all the spotlighted scrappers for this month!  The CT is on the lookout for new layouts for next month's Spotlight.  Keep scrapping everyone!

Posted by ElsieB

Friday, July 20, 2007

We're Keeping You In Stitches! 3 comments  

See what the Digital Creative Team does with stitches!

Stitches....the "fun" kind of stitches, though, is what the Digital Creative Team focused on for our reveal this week.  Lucky for some of us, we do not need to know how to sew....or worry about a rub-on being transfered correctly....or even for markers to dry.  There is so much variety of stitches available to digital scrappers, sometimes it is tough to decide which ones we want to use.  You can buy kits of just stitches and you can buy kits that include some type of stitching element in it.  You can size them up or down and even recolor them.

Below are the layouts we created for this reveal to show you some of the ways stitches can be used.


Egle’s (FairyMouseMom) – “Magnolia Bush”


“Here, I wanted to show you a fun way of how you could just dress up your page with stitches. My page was initially mostly a "white space" page, until I added stitches along the top, bottom, and the edges of my photo and masked them with different color papers. The only other embellishments that I used for this was a grungy overlay (also masked), a few brads, and some word art along with a date.”

Used Stitches from:
Simply Stitching Basic Taupe by Christine Nash
Simply Stitching Vanilla Basic by Christine Nash


Janell’s (janello) – “Sitting Pretty – Stitching Kitty”


“Anita Stergiou has such great templates in her sketch plates series! Many of them have stitching built right in to the template. I wanted the layered pieces of paper to look sewn together so I used Julie Mead's "Keeping you in stitches" stitches on the green and brown paper. I also used some of Anita's other stitches from her Strawberry Iced Kisses elements for the top of the pink kitty patterned paper. I think stitches are a subtle, but very sweet addition to your layouts. I really enjoy them when I print out a layout, because sometimes the stitches are harder to see on the computer screen, but the details are amazing!”

Used Stitches from:
Keep You in Stitches with Templates by Julie Mead
Strawberry Iced Kisses Collection :: Embellishment Set by Anita Stergiou


Glenda’s (bamablue) – “Wading”


“I love these stitches and templates by Christine Nash and find that I use them over and over as they're so versatile particularly with the stitching to match the curves of the paper.  They're fun too!”

Used Stitches from:
Simply Stitching with Templates in Taupe #1 by Christine Nash


Angie’s (nun69) – “Any Day NOW!”


“I JUST LOVE stitches and templates...check out how I used Julie's template and stitches (I turned the template to make it fit my LO)and then I used the sinle stitch to stitch down my circle frame. And you can using a stitching action (around my photo mat) and make it any color or shape you would like.”

Used Stitches from:
Keep You in Stitches with Templates by Julie Mead


Egle’s (FairyMouseMom) – “Just Veronica and Jack”


“One way to use stitches is shown using it to draw attention to something this daughter and Jack.”

Used Stitches from:
Simply Stitching Arrows #1 by Christine Nash
Simply Stitching Arrows #2 by Christine Nash

Jackie’s (CamsMomma) – “Macho Men”

“I love using stitches. Not only are they great for "adhering" things, but they can also add a lot of texture and dimension, and are a great way to add interest and focal points. For this layout, I mainly used the stitches to highlight some of the text and to draw the eye to the start of the series of pictures. I also used it for the practical purpose of holding down my turned corner. I didn’t use a lot of elements since my paper was pretty busy, but I did use a stitched alpha and stitched frames to add texture. I really like this alpha because not only is it simple but also the stitch really makes it stand out.”
Used Stitches from:
Chromatic Summer Collection :: Embellishment Set by Anita Stergiou

Karin’s (mayerkt) – “I Love You - Epecially”

“I love stitches because they add a continuous embellishment that fills a long area, and draws the eye along the edge of a paper.  Or, I can use short partial stitches to frame a small photo!  I probably use stitches on 90% of my digital layouts.....but almost never used them on my paper layouts!  LOL - I was always too lazy to bust out my sewing machine, but LOVE the look!”

Used Stitches from:
Keep You in Stitches with Templates by Julie Mead
Little Messy Stitches by Christine Nash

Marci’s (m1218p), Digital Guest CT Member, July 2007 – “Nature’s Beauty”


Kristi’s (MamaK321) – “my pretty kitty“


“I wanted to bring the bright orange flowers from the photos onto the page so I recolored these cute flower stem stitches by Something Blue Studios. I also used the blanket stitch from Kim Hills' Juicy Fruit kit to border the left side of the page.”

Used Stitches from:
Daydream Believer Page Kit by Something Blue Studios [stitched stems]
Juicy Fruit Kit by Kim Hill [blanket stitch]


Egle’s (FairyMouseMom) – “Lily, the Dog Who Cries WOOF!”


“On this layout I used STITCHING in only one section. I used it in my journaling by using Julie's stitch and template kit to create the letters "O" in WOOF....for a unique and fun look.”

Used Stitches from:
Keep You In Stitches with Templates by Julie Mead


....and, here's a few layouts from some of our ACOT designers, too, showing their use of stitches!


Anita Stergiou's "Shadow Me"


Kelly Shults’ “Quirky Girl”


Used Stitches from:
Strawberry Iced Kisses Collection :: Embellishment Set by Anita Stergiou

Did you see how Egle, Glenda, and Karin used stitches to adhere a photo to their layouts?

Did you see how Jackie and Egle used circle stitches?

Did you see how Glenda, Angie, Egle, Karin, and Kristi used curved stitches?

Did you see how Janell, Glenda, Jackie, Karin, Kristi and Kelly used stitched to adhere the papers to their layouts?

Did you see the creative way Anita used the stitches to appear as journaling lines on her layout?

Did you see how Marci and Kelly used stitches to border their layouts?

Some of the stitches used to make these layouts came from these following A Cherry On Top digital kits in the Digital Shoppe:


By clicking on the following link it will take you to a search on "stitch" in our digital shoppe and see what is available here:

You have seen what we can do.  Now, why don't you show us what you can do with stitches

Posted by FairyMouseMom

Sunday, July 15, 2007

How digi-scrapping helps me be lazy 10 comments

(or, how I re-use my layout designs for pages in multiple albums)

Ok, so I have a confession: I don't have unlimited stores of creativity in me just waiting to be tapped. Some days I can't even bring myself to open Photoshop, because the thought of simple tasks like making decisions about photos and which papers...

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Scraplift the Digi-Team 5 comments



This reveal is a VERY special reveal. The ACOT Creative Team of paper artists are constantly amazed at the work and talent of the digital Creative Team members. So for this reveal, each of the paper team members chose a layout or two from a digital team mem...

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Color Your World: 5 comments

Digi Team "works it" by Color Blocking

Color Blocking is a technique that has been used in traditional scrapbooking for years.  It is perfect when you have a ton of photos you want to squeeze into a layout, but it can also be really dramatic if you only have one special photo to highlight.

I ...

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Friday, July 6, 2007

My Secret Recipe....Paper Piecing! 22 comments

You know how most people have those secret recipes that they won’t share? It’s the one thing that people know them for and everyone begs them to make it. For my mom, it’s this great coffee cake that she makes and everyone swears that she bought. My broth...

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Meet Amy a.k.a. FurBaby_Mom 27 comments

Her style is so fun and cute. Be sure to read about Amy and then check out her Gallery.

Tell us about your family: 

I am lucky to be married to Matt (it was seven years in January). We are the parents of Elijah, the apple of our eyes. Elijah is two years old (my how time flies!) and it’s hard to imagine life without...

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Friday, July 6, 2007

Digital CT has been Framed! 7 comments

Check out what the digital CT has created this week!

This week our Digital Creative Team gets funky with frames!  We've got slide frames, polaroid frames, frame brushes, frame stamps, decorative frames, grungy frames, elegant frames... frames in every shape, color, size and style, you name it!&...

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Fourth of July

Our Biggest Fourth of July Sale Ever!

It's the ACOT 1776 Independence Day Sale!  For 76 hours you will experience our BIGGEST FOURTH OF JULY SALE EVER!

Now thru Friday at 4am ... Click here to see all of the details

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Fourth of July SALE!

It's bigger than ever

76 hours only!  Over 4,000 products are on sale at ACOT. This includes a huge selection of paper, stickers, rub-ons, embellishments and more!

*Hurry, the best bargains are expected to sell out early! Sale begins July 3 and continues thru July 5, 2006. It j...

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hip Fads 28 comments

Ma's Madness July 2007

I’m so not the cool kid on the block when it comes to scrapping. It seems I’m always a pair of Jordache jeans away from being cool. I can’t get over how fast our little scrappy world has exploded and with another CHA on the way this month I couldn’...

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