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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Labor Day Sale - only a few hours left!  

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Posted by A Cherry On Top

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So Long, Summer 10 comments  

Hasta la vista, baby!

The Digital Creative Team would like to take the opportunity to use the gorgeous bright summer colors one more time before having to move into the rich deep colors of Fall.

Read on to see what we were able to come up with to showcase these bright colors we found here at A Cherry On Top.

...And They Were Swimmin' by FairyMouseMom (Egle)

" Here's the first "part" from my daughter's early birthday party that she had this month with a few of her friends.  I just love summer...and the bright, fun, and cheery colors associated with it!  I also love mixing the digital kits I used to put this layout together.  I love being able to use black with a bold color and make my layout 'pop.' "

 Pool Party by bamablue (Glenda)

Did you notice how Glenda mixed and matched two different patterned papers to put her layout together?  I just love how she added the solid color mattes behind her photos....and how the colors in the photos are drawn out by the papers she used.

Bye Bye Summer! by hwillard (Haley)

I love how the colors that Haley picked from the kit she used complement the colors in her photo.

End of Summer by janello (Janell)

" At the end of every summer we go camping. Here are my 2 ds and their cousin! They had so much fun together! I can't believe summer is coming to an end. I love bright colors and it will be good, but bitter sweet to say hello to the earth tones of autumn. "

Chicago Botanic Gardens by mayerkt (Karin)

I love how that yellow patterned paper Karin used really plays up with the colors of the daisies in Karin's picture!

Who Needs Shoes Anyway? by CamsMomma (Jackie)

 I love how the colors that Jackie chose to use really plays up the picture of the flip flops.  Did you notice that her toe nail polish even matches the blue she used as her wallpaper?

 End of Summer by nun69 (Angie)

I like how Angie highlighted her "end of summer" by using those pictures through the alphabet templates she used and focused on the journaling for this layout.  Love how her elements bring out the sunny colors of summer here!

Summer Fun by EdelineM (Edeline)

I like how Edeline used the bright blue as a focal color here on this layout of hers.  It's neat how it pics up the blue off of the shirt in the photo.

Summer 2007 by MommyBruno (Cassandra, Guest CT Member) 

" I don't often use such bright colors on LOs about me, but these PlayGround papers were just too cool! And the Paper Bag elements were so easy to recolor that everything just works perfectly together! "



Goodbye Summer by MamaK321 (Kristianne)



" Well, since it's practically summer all year long here in Hawaii I decided to highlight a few of the things we did this past summer.  We had lots of family visit, we did some island sight seeing and tourist stuff, spent a lot of time at the beach, and headed back to school on August 1st. "




 These are some of the kits at A Cherry On Top that the Digital Creative Team used for their reveal layouts:




Did you notice how Egle, Glenda, and Janell used frames on their pictures?

Did you notice how all of the CT members somehow incorporated the color blue onto their layouts?

Did you notice how Haley, Karin, Jackie,  Angie, Cassandra, and Kristi used more journaling on their layouts than just the title, date, and little piece of information like Egle, Glenda, Janell, and Edeline did?

Did you notice how Egle, Glenda, Janell, Karin, Jackie, Angie,  Edeline, and Kristi incorporated the outdoors in their reveal layouts?

Did you notice how Angie, Janell, Cassandra, Edeline, and Egle used elements to "brighten up" their layouts?

We would love to see what kinds of "So Long, Summer" layouts you can create using bright colors!  Hurry up, though, as Fall is almost here! 

Posted by FairyMouseMom

Thursday, August 23, 2007

How my new EHD solved all my (scrappy) problems 4 comments  

and one could solve some of your problems, too!

I have a new toy.

I'm pretty excited about this toy, because it has solved a lot of my problems. Mostly my scrapbooking problems. (Serious, I know.)

It’s a 500 GB external hard drive. (To give you a comparison, the computer I’m working on right now has a 75 GB hard drive.)

I firmly believe that after you have admitted to yourself that you are a (*gasp*) digi scrapper (or a dabbler, or a hybrid scrapper, or one who does both paper and digi), the first thing you need to make sure you have is an external hard drive (commonly referred to as an EHD. If you don’t know what an EHD is, read this article about it and come back.) Really, an EHD is something that anyone with a pixel collection of any kind needs. (Unless, that is, you are like me and have someone in the house who can install an additional internal drive to your computer. My hubby is a computer genius, so I’m good to go in that department -- but no, he can't help you. You probably live too far away, and I keep his schedule packed with a honey-do list. Note to self: harass hubby about fixing the solar lamp in the front yard that I stepped on yesterday.)

So anyway. Why do you need an extra drive? Your computer can not happily or safely hold unlimited amounts of data. Fill it too full, and it will crash. Any scrapbooker who has a digital camera probably has a photo collection reaching epic proportions -- it’s just a matter of time before that hard drive is completely full. Add digi-kits and layered Photoshop documents to the mix, and you’re just asking for trouble.

What scrappy problems did my new EHD solve?

-- All of my data was previously divided between two 100 GB external hard drives. Everything. Digital photos, scanned photos, my layouts in layered Photoshop documents, digital scrapbooking kits, Word and Excel documents . . . I had no idea what I had, or where. I have had a digital camera for four years and been a digi-scrapper for three years, so we’re talking a LOT of files.
-- It was hard to remember what I had. I spent time scanning pictures, not realizing I had already scanned them. Because I didn’t have my entire digital kit collection in one place, I bought duplicates of kits, forgetting I had already purchased them. The day after I put everything on my new EHD, Jen Wilson had a sale that included a lot of her old stuff -- I put five different items in my shopping cart before I looked in my EHD files and saw them there.
-- I was getting worried about where to put new kits. Space was getting scarce, and I was considering deleting old kits. I knew I'd probably never use them and had already relegated them to a "random designers" folder to keep them out of my way . . . but the pack rat in me didn't want to delete them. It was making me a little anxious.
-- I actually got momentarily frustrated one day upon learning that my mom had taken a several videos of my son with her digital camera. I never take any, and Jake's only almost five once, so I should be thrilled that she does this. The videos are hilarious, but they take up absurd amounts of hard drive space. And she takes videos all the time. Where was I going to put all those new videos? More anxiety.  To make matters worse, I was already (subconsciously) cutting back on my own picture taking -- both because I was falling behind in layouts, and suddenly with limited storage space, 400 pictures a month seemed excessive.

I have issues, yes I know.

But as I’ve already said, my new external hard drive solved all these problems. So yay me!

There are other benefits to having an external hard drive that I was already enjoying -- but telling you about them might help convince you to get one.  So here goes. 

Sharing: Taking your external hard drive to someone’s house is a great way to share pictures. Because most computers have USB ports in the front these days, set up is easy. You can get pictures from friends or family who take lots of pictures of your kid, and you can also transfer your pictures to THEIR computer. No worrying about having the time to burn a disk or harassing people to just do it already – stick your external hard drive in your purse on your way to their house (this is easier if you get a portable EHD) and you’re halfway done! (I'm pretty sure my EHD has saved my relationship with my mom, because until I got one? We were making each other crazy with the whole why don’t you ever give me your pictures thing.)

Easy back-up: For normal people, EHDs can be used to back up not only photos, but the other day-to-day files on a computer. For me, I use my two 100 GB external hard drives to quickly back up the new files I put on my big EHD, as well as all my important documents. This way I can procrastinate a bit before I back up to DVR disks. I think the possibility that all three of my EHDs would die at the same time is highly unlikely.  (Although now that I've mentioned it, do you think it's more or less likely to happen?) 

When I bought my first EHD two years ago, it was huge (almost the size of a dinner plate, and four inches high), only 40 GBs, and $80. The next year I bought a small "portable" one with 100 GBs. It was the size of two decks of cards, had over two times the GB storage, and was the same price as the first. (And later that year I bought an additional one because my files were outgrowing the first 100 GBs.)

This year, I got smart. I got a 500 GB, for merely $150.   500 GBs should last me a while.  That's 30 cents a GB. My first one was $2 a GB. Gotta love how with time, the price of a technology gets less and less. (At this rate, I might actually get an iPhone within the next decade!) I knew which brand I wanted, so I went to three store websites (Best Buy, Circuit City, and CompUSA) and compared their products and prices. Doing homework like this before I went into a store to make a purchase kept me from being overwhelmed by my choices. 

One last thought: don't ever depend on ONE data source as your end-all, be-all back-up source! CDs, DVRs, on-line backup, an extra internal drive at yo' mama's house (if she lives nearby) . . . these, along with your EHD, are all devises that can help you preserve your digital collections.

Posted by strangejen

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Have you ever wondered "How To"? 4 comments

Digital Creative Team Reveal

This week our Digital Creative Team began with a clever title prompt to create "How To" layouts, following the theme with instructions and examples of things we see or do in everyday life. The CT has created some adorable and fun layouts to share ...

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Monday, August 20, 2007

CT Spotlight Vol. 16 18 comments

Putting the Spotlight on Superior Layouts

Welcome to the CT Spotlight, a monthly feature in which the Creative Team puts the spotlight on superior layouts that have caught our eye in the gallery.  We'll show you the layouts, tell you who made them and why we love them.  The first CT member quoted is the...

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Friday, August 17, 2007

"Mommy, what are we doing tomorrow?" 8 comments

Creating a visual activity calendar for your children

Our summer has been pretty non-scheduled. Lots of lazy days, and lots of goofing off. Pretty soon, though, Jake will be back in preschool, I'll be teaching piano lessons after work again, and getting together with my best friend will take advance ...

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Time Saving Quick Pages 7 comments

Digital Creative Team Reveal

If you need a page in a hurry, no fear... turn to a Quick Page. A definite time saver, all you need to do is add your journaling and you're done! They can also make perfect mini books, frameable gifts, and even creative digital cards and desktop backgrounds! Don't th...

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

From Paper to Digi Without Breaking A Sweat 5 comments

I admit it – I used to look down on digital scrapping. It would surely never be as good as the hands-on approach that I had been doing for the past four years. How can hitting a few keys compare with adhesive and paper tearing? Sure, I had some freebie kits tucked a...

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Matchbook Mini Book 2 comments

Instructions for both Paper & Digital scrappers

Instructions from the online crop class (Sept.06)

This is quick and easy project that makes a great notepad for your purse or desk and can also be given as a simple handmade gift for friends, family or teachers.  For a more creative twist, you can use ...

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Matchbook Mini Albums: HOT! HOT! HOT! 6 comments

See what the digital CT has been up to this week...

Matchbooks? Matchbook albums? These are wonderful, tiny albums that are not only quick and easy, but make adorable gifts as well. They’re fun to work with; it’s really just like scrapbooking in miniature. And it’s a perfect hybrid project. 

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pageframe Designs 11 comments


Clear is in!  With the new products from CHA soon hitting the stores, you'll be seeing LOTS of clear items. This week the ACOT Creative Team is featuring one company in particular: Pageframe Designs! You probably know them as the ones who came up with the clear layou...

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Friday, August 3, 2007

The Creative Team Spotlights Kim Hill 4 comments

Fabulous layouts with fabulous kits - plus a contest to boot!

Your Digital Creative Team is pleased to present a plethora of layouts featuring the works of talented designer Kim Hill.  You can find her items in ACOT's Digital Shoppe, or by clicking HERE!

Do you love Kim's designs as much as we do?&...

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Scrapping with 4x6 Photos 10 comments


So you have this HUGE stack of photos and you can't wait to scrap them. But there is one problem: they're all 4x6.  You don't want to crop them, but you also want to make the most out of your page. What do you do?!?  Well, the ACOT Creative Team is here to help....

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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Meet Sus 25 comments

A proud Air Force wife, devoted mom to son Cole and a diehard Dolphin fan come meet Suslvgeo and get to know more about her.

Tell us about your family: 
My husband’s name is George and he is in the US Air Force. In February he will be pinned on as Major. “MAJOR LUSH”…I still giggle at that every time I think of it. So proud of him and what he has accomplished. He, my son an...

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, MoJo 28 comments

Ma's Madness August 2007

It’s official. I’ve lost my scrapping MoJo. You know, that thing that gets your scrappy groove on? It gets you from a pile of pictures and papers to a page you can be proud of. Or, for me, at least not cry about. I can’t seem to find mine. Not even a fai...

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