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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Boo-tiful Halloween Paper Reveal 7 comments  

Ooooooooooooh! The ghouls and princesses are all coming out this week, so what better time for the Creative Team to SCARE up some fun Halloween layouts? With so many BOO-tiful Halloween products in the shoppe, it was hard to choose one manufacturer, so they decided to show you how to mix up some fun just in time for the ink on your Family Halloween photos to dry!

Jill (Mamasteng) made the most of these Scrapworks Patterned Papers by layering them, and then

stitching around the arrow to call attention to all of the fun characters in her photo!

And, what a Spook-tacular idea to trace around a chipboard alphabet for her title on this perfectly sweet layout of her little Pumpkin?  Those 7Gypsies stickers a great embellishment for these fun layouts!

Laura (Laura Fiore) made her first ever Halloween layouts using products from Moxxie and some great gems from Queen and Co.  She added a little stitching, and layered some of those stickers and

EEEEEK--there you have it! She used Halloween photos of her son, 14 years apart for the two layouts!

  She even used the leftovers to make a few holiday cards!

Tristann (n7zuq) made the cutest doorhanger with the Papers from Carolees Creations. She also

tried out the Glitter/Flock/Foil rubons from We R Memory Keepers for just the right amount of sparkle and shine!

 The Bazzill Bling has just the right shimmery "darkness" for this SWEET Treat of a card! 

and this layout is  gorgeous! The stitching is reminiscent of Frankenstein's monster, but the photo is cute enough to give you goosebumps!!!

Bet'cha can't wait for your little pirates and ghosties to dress up so you can scrapbook with these HORROR-RIFIC Halloween products!

Posted by n7zuq

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spooktacular Halloween Digitals 8 comments  

The trick or treats on us!

Let the countdown to candy begin!  With Halloween just a hop, skip, and a broom flight away the Digital CT decided to delight your freaky night with a preview of Halloween treats!

"Boo"tiful layouts created with a few clicks are sure to be found this time around.  Check out this frightful family.  The members are dressed in costumes made (and worn) so creatively!

Angie (nun69) surely delights and tricks the eyes with each corner holding a tiny surprise.  Clusters of elements here and there and that snappy black strap placed with care. 


Marci, (M1218p) as you'll see, created a layout that delights with glee.  Don't you love how she decorated with frames and the sweet candy?

Janell (janello) also has in store a cute little guy who's willing to draw you in with his eyes for more candy surprises!  Love the ric rac, ribbon, and frame made of candy.  You can feel the Halloween that's handy!

Cassandra (Mommybruno) was in the right frame of mind to use this picture of dh with a great pumpkin find! The jack-o-lantern chipboard is the perfect touch and all those journaling strips that tell us so much.  Halloween facts and tips for you, too, just take a look we promise not to say "BOO!"


The next delightful part of the digi reveal,  holds inside creations that make quite a squeal!  You'll see that some CT members had a monsterously good time, making treats of all kinds, and I might add in gorgeous designs.
Candy Corn Treat Bags - small
Egle (FairyMouseMom) has boiled up some trouble with these adorable little treats that will guarantee joy in double! Those cute candy corns all dressed up with flair has these digital creations making me want to stare! 

And these bags (also made by Egle) are going to insure her house is a hit on Halloween night..they are so stinkin' cute there's no room for a fright! Easily done with printables made by Julie Mead..check her out in the shoppe...after reading, proceed!
Front of finished project  Front of GHOST POCKETS
Halloween pencil holder
Hyrbids were hot in this boo crew reveal. Egle did these too, if you can believe.  Lots of smiles from her trick or treat children, she's sure to receive.


Amanda (mkcdaisy) created this calendar. Perfect timing and sure to be reminding of this year's All Hallows Eve!



Jackie (Camsmomma) is all set to party and with these rockin' name tags she's sure to impress this Halloween!  What a cool way to combine elements with just the right amount of bling!


Karin (mayerkt), so cute, made more treats to boot!  Love this altered tin, look inside it's sure to give you a grin.  Digital designs printed like an acordion, elements added, so easy she says... voila, it's "D-UN!"



Lookie here, the fun doesn't stop...Karin also made this yummy little box.  A spooky treat just for her son, but we all know he's quite under if you ask me I think truly it might be for the guy she calls "Honeybuns!"

Kristianne (MamaK321) has been busy cauldron cookin', with some yummy treats that are awfully good lookin'.  With digital scrapping you can make Halloween treats just like this one.    Jeepers, creepers wouldn't you say this is fun!?!


Where to put all these wonderful treats?  Well hold on to your witch's hat and take a seat!  Kristianne has also created these trick or treat tote bags (so clever.)  Her daughters could use them for ever and ever.

Another cute pencil slider.  Create the digital design, print, and put a pencil inside her!

   Created by Kristianne (MamaK321)

And last but not least one more treat to share.  Janell (janello) altered some take out boxes...BEWARE! Using Anita Stergiou's Horrorween Collection a digital kit so clever you'll want to scream!


Tomb this may ghouls or ghosts were harmed in the making of these creations.  We hope you enjoyed and have a very Happy Halloween!

Here are a few of the Halloween "treats" used in these creations:

Posted by Janell

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CT Spotlight Vol. 18 15 comments  

Welcome to the CT Spotlight, a monthly feature in which the Creative Team will put the spotlight on superior layouts that have caught our eye in the gallery.  We'll show you the layouts, tell you who made them and why we love them.  The first CT member quoted is the one who chose the layout for the Spotlight.

It's that time again!


melis_ga says:  
"The color combo is so striking...and I really like how you used the arrows.  Awesome layout!!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"I love the title on the curve...and the fact that the photo was cut just for the curve!"

4peasinourpod says:
"The layering and the arrows rock!"

Beth-W says:
"I love the whole idea of using a clock and the arrows.  The photo is wonderful and the color scheme is fantastic!"

bamablue says:
"Love the colors and especially the arrow embellishments that look like a clock face!  Oh, and the picture is priceless!"

Jackie Pettit says:
"Love the arrows and the curved title!"

Biggest fan


mayerkt says:
"I love the colors, and the variety of elements!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"I love how the colors of paper and elements matches so well with the phofo of Karen's husband!"

Laura Fiore says:
"Biggest Fan by Lindse is awesome, because the look on his face in the photo makes you believe that he feels exactly the same way! I love the at the neutral colors kept this masculine, but still so beautiful!"

nun69 says:
"Love the use of the ribbons around the frame."

bamablue says:
"Great colors and that star overlay is to die for!"

n7zuq says:
"The elements are wonderful, they really add depth and texture to the layout without being overwhelming the photo.

suslvgeo says:
"Absolutely LOVE the colors and all the elements fit together so well!"



Laura Fiore says:
"The color choices and the way she distressed the edges of her stitched paper really caught my eye!  I love the cute way she put her photos on the stars!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"I like how the photos were cut out in the shapes of the stars.  Fun layout!"

Beth-W says:
"I love all of the stars used in the LO and how some of her photos were cut into stars."

bamablue says:
"Aw!  These stars are adorable as is that little gal!"

n7zuq says:
"The colors and star shapes really give the layout a fun, playful nature. Beautiful job."

Jackie Pettit says:
"Love the stars and the colors."


Jackie Pettit says:
"I love the colors, the flowers and buttons up the side.  Gorgeous photo!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"I love how those flowers grab your attention...and then have you look directly at the photo."

4peasinourpod says:
"I saw this layout and immediately hit the save button!  The small but striking title, the flowers, the is work of art!"

Laura Fiore says:
"Such beautiful floral work on this one. Pia's layouts always have great artistic balance!"

Beth-W says:
"The photo here is gorgeous and I love the subtle colors and design that make it shine."

nun69 says:
"The flowers are the perfect embellishment for this page and that little bit of red gives it that extra punch!"

bamablue says:
"I love the use of flowers on this layout - the little checkboard piece behind the picture with those little flowers is just precious!  And the buttons in the flowers up the side!"

suslvgeo says:
"Love the use of different shapes. The diamonds, flowers, and stripes work so well here! Love the frame around the pic as well as the letters used to spell the title!"

Hot Sauce


FairyMouseMom says:
"I love all of those pictures used, the grouping of them, the tied ribbon, the title.....  I could " feel" the emotion as if I was sitting right there watching it!"

4peasinourpod says:
"I am a big fan of scrapbooking the every day things in life...and this is a HOOT! It is perfectly done, I love the angles of the title, the ribbon, and the pics are fantastic!"

Laura Fiore says:
"I have to agree that I can really feel the movement from photo to photo. Great embellishments on this one too!"

nun69 says:
"Love that she scrapped so many pictures on one page and that "RED" alpha is just great."

bamablue says:
"I love the feel of this layout - the progression of the photos is perfect!"

melis_ga says:
"How fun...I really like she layered the title."

Silly Pup

bamablue says:
"Such a funny halloween picture!  I laughed out loud when I saw it in the gallery.  The background paper and stamped alpha really compliment the quirkiness of the photo and the haloween stickers."

FairyMouseMom says:
"I laughed when I saw that picture, too!  I love the silliness and fun that this oozes!"

Laura Fiore says:
"Silly Pup is just so darn fun to look at! The colors are so playful and the photo is downright hilarious!"

nun69 says:
"What a twist on a Halloween LO...just to cute!"

melis_ga says:
"What great colors...I like the design with the small squares of different colors."

What's with the Pout

4peasinourpod says:
"First of all, the grouping on this layout is so pleasing to the eye.  The colors are perfect with the photo, and the title rocks!  Finally...we are all scrappers...we have all seen that face.  It's priceless!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"I love how everything is at the center of the page.  What an appropriate title to go with those pictures!"

Laura Fiore says:
"Cathy always does beautiful work! On this one, I especially like how she wrapped her title around all of the little photos!"

Beth-W says:
"I love the photos and how she captured everyday life.  The design here is fantastic and I love the subtle colors that make her photos pop."

nun69 says:
"The pictures on this LO are stunning and are the real focal point of the whole page.

bamablue says:
"How sweet!  I love that the predominant feel of this layout is two tone, but really, there's a lot more going on.  The picure is definitely the "center of attention"."

suslvgeo says:
"Oh my do I love the use of the multipics!! The black accents on the page are the perfect complement to the papers and the pictures!"

Jackie Pettit says:
"Love the colors and the grouping of photos. The main photo is priceless, I love the look on her face!"

Spooky Windows


MamaK321 says:
"I like the distressed border with the photos and title in the center mimicing the window theme. I also love how she's got so many layers going on, you have to really look to catch them all."

FairyMouseMom says:
"I love those photos and the placement of them on Peggy's layout.  Makes me want to see them in real life!"

Laura Fiore says:
"Spooky has very cool background work! I love the way the photos look like old Polaroids too!"

Beth-W says:
"I love all of the distressing here and the use of green and purple with the Halloween photos.  All of the accents are perfect and the design is wonderful."

melis_ga says:
"Wow...all the layered really makes this layout carry the whole "spooky" feel.  Absolulty wonderful layout!"

A crowd of thousands and you are the one who shines true.

Beth-W says:
"I love the editing on the photo, making her daughter in color and leaving the rest of the photo black and white and accenting it with a star.  The design here really makes the page flow.  The swirl draws your eyes across the page and I love how she did the title."

4peasinourpod says:
"Love the photoediting and the framing star...the details make this layout rock!"

Laura Fiore says:
"This layout is outstanding! I love the photo editing and the way she highlighted her with the stars. That big chipboard swirl is the perfect finishing touch!"

nun69 says:
"Love how Amy centered her daughter with  a star and tthe fact that she is in color and the rest of the photo in B&W just emphasizes her focal point even more."

FairyMouseMom says:
"I love the swirl used here...and the flow of the title."

suslvgeo says:
"I absolutely LOVE everything about this layout!!!!!  And I do mean everything!!!"

Jackie Pettit says:
"Love the strips of paper, the star around her daughter and how she made her daughter stand out in the photo by making her color."

Cheeky Parrot!


nun69 says:
"The bright colors are just amazing and the use of her Palphahas just takes it up a notch!"

Laura Fiore says:
"Cheeky Parrot is just too cool for words! I LOVE the way the photos are cut into the title letters. This one makes me wanna take a little mini vacation!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"I love the effect of those pictures when used with the "Phalphas."  Such a neat effect, I must say!"

n7zuq says:
"I love the gorgeous colors and the photos used with the "Phalphas."  This is eye candy at its best!!"

suslvgeo says:
"Very cool way to use pics!  The colors are vibrant and drew me in right away!"

melis_ga says:
"The colors are awesome and I love how you added the photos!!"


Posted by melis_ga

Monday, October 22, 2007

Scrapbooking With K & Company 9 comments

Just a few fabulous examples of what can be done with the beautiful new lines from K & Company.

Pam's layouts feature products from the release.  Perfect for heritage photos or everyday memories.  See more of Pam's work he...

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Sometimes Life Isn't Perfect 8 comments

Our scariest moments

The memories we usually choose to scrap are more often than not, happy times. Events we want to remember, moments that made us laugh, things we want to cherish. We usually don’t scrap the times we are down, scared, or confused.  I think it can be a good ...
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

American Crafts Contest

Using bold patterns and colors, American Crafts offers a wide variety of products including Thickers, miniMARKS rub-on transfer books, patterned paper and ribbon. If you love rub-on's, miniMARK books offer 50 rub-on transfers which are perfect for adding just th...

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Monday, October 15, 2007

American Crafts Reveal 4 comments

Creative Team Reveal

This week's Creative Team reveal features the American Crafts Thickers and miniMARKS rub-on transfer books.  Thickers are foam, chipboard, or vinyl letters that are also stickers.  They come in a wide variety of different colors and fonts.&nb...

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Shape Up! 4 comments

Join the digi CT as they explore getting "in shape"!

We decided that it would be fun to get out of the typical square and rectangle layouts and explore how to incorporate a shape as the core component of a page.  This reveal was a stretch for most of us that participated, but the results, I hope you'll agree, are stunn...

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Rusty Pickle Reveal 8 comments

Creative Team Reveal

This week's Creative Team Reveal is featuring the new lines from Rusty Pickle. Just in time for Halloween is a really fun new line called "Addams Family."  Another new line is called "Pirate Princess" and it is so popular right now! With fun patte...

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Oh My that's useful! 8 comments

Practical and useful Digital creations

This week the Digital CT is has been up to a creating a different kind of reveal.  We all love scrapbooking and recording our memories, but also wanted to share with the ACOT community how extremely useful and practical digital scrap-booking can be! 

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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Don't Blame it on the Rain 9 comments

Don't Blame it on the Rain
Ma's Madness October 2007

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Instant idiot driver: just add water.  Or, in this case, rain.  I’m not the biggest fan of driving anyway.  I prob...

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Monday, October 1, 2007

SEI Revealed! 11 comments

Creative Team Reveal

This week's Creative Team reveal features the new summer releases from SEI.  SEI makes scrapbooking fun. They have such beautiful, bright patterns that are perfect for playful, fun-loving pages while staying fashionable and very contemporary. The color...

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