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Friday, November 30, 2007

Stylin' with Stacy Kluzny 3 comments  

Digital designer Stacy Kluzny has been offering her fun digital "Kluzny Kreations" with ACOT since just about the beginning of digital at ACOT. They range from fun and whimsical, to grunge with just about everything in between.

This week, the CT chose several of Stacy's cool products to showcase some of their favorite photos.

Amanda (mckcdaisy) created this adorable page featuring an autographed photo of Country singer, Reba McEntire, using Stacy's "LOVE that Denim!" kit.

The kit was perfect for these precious photos of Angie's (nun69) little Abby playing on the slide! I'm loving that T-shirt, Angie!

Egle (FairyMouseMom) designed this unique layout "For A Friend," utilizing the "All About Me" kit.

For A Friend

Both Cassandra (Mommybruno) and Sara (Keling) utilized Stacy's "Musical Melodies" kit for these two layouts. Cassandra also added bits and pieces from the "Love that Denim!" kit, as well.


Laura (Art_Teacher) showed off her furbaby, Paisley, with the "Pet Parade 2" kit. Isn't that pet collar and charm adorable?!?

Posted by Keling

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Meet Cecilia (aka Baltoscraper) 15 comments  

She loves her family, altering projects and can't get enough of Summer. Be sure to check out her Gallery.



Tell us about your family: 
I am married to my sweetie Ken for 15 years. We have 1 son, Mason, age 7 who is the 2nd grade and the absolute shining light in our lives. I have lived in Baltimore my entire life, with a short stint in Roanoke Va, from age 1-5 when my father was transferred for work. I love having the change of seasons, but my favorite is SUMMER! We share the house with 2 kitties, Rascal and JT. JT has been the topic of some of my posts because he is, quite possibly, the stupidest cat in the world! I work full time as an insurance agent (yippee skippy) and have been at my current job for 22 years! The beauty of working somewhere that long is the flexibility! I am quite close to my family and we do MANY events/holidays/dinners together, which gives me a lot of "material".

How long have you been a scrapbooking and what got you started? 
I started scrapping in March 2003 (march 16th to be exact! according to my layout! (thank God for dating layouts!). I had been on a "mommy" message board that I had been on since I was pregnant in 2000. All our kids where now 3 years old and we needed something else to talk about, so they opened a "craft" board. All the moms where either scrappers or quilting and since I couldn't sew, I decided to try scrapping. I have been hooked since and now I wonder what I did with all my spare time and money before!

What inspires you? 
I LOVE challenges! I wish I would COMPLETE more of them but they definately inspire me to get to my scrap room and just "do it"! Another thing that inspires me is an awesome photograph and how to showcase it so that everyone wants to look at it again and again! My kid is really cute, so I want to make the pages as "pretty" as he is! Sketches also inspire me, but it seems once I pick the sketch I want to use, I get inspired and do it my own way anyway!

How do your family and friends feel about your scrapbooking? 
They couldn't be any happier to have someone other than themselves showcase all those happy memories!!!! They all EXPECT homemade albums and gifts for Christmas and any other holiday which may fall anywhere near a major "picture" event. Everyone gets together for a party? Surely Cecilia will be scrapping that and giving us all a mini-album! THAT'S what they all think! and that's mostly what they get!

How did you find A Cherry on Top? 
Remember that "mommy" message board? One of the scrappers had branched out and found THIS board, and redirected me to it! Guess who else I wrangled over here from that site? Elsie! (ElsieB) from California.

How long have you been a part of the ACOT community?
I think my first post was in July of 2003, about a month after the board came on line!

Do you have a favorite product line? 
My Minds Eye, without a doubt! A close second is Basic Gray.

What is a favorite technique that you like to use? 
Inking, distressing, sanding, mod podging, alcohol inks (a new fav!) oh right, you only asked for one............ 

When and where do you create your layouts? 
I have a wonderful scraproom! When my niece, who had lived with us while in college moved out, Shoot! Score! I got my scraproom. Within 2 wks of her moving out, the walls where a retro turqiose!! It's the absolute girliest room in the house with purple flowers painted around the window and sheer, glazed flowers all over the walls!


How would you define your style? 
Altered! I really have a mixed style, one minute I like "clean and graphic" layouts, but than usually wind up "junking" them up with my little altered pieces and it no longer looks "clean and graphic" but that WAS the look I was going for! I also like to give myself personal challenges, such as using a kit with ONLY what is in the kit, plus ink (gotta have it) and get the best possible finished project from the kit. Or, I'll pull out a certain amount of embellishements and say " I can ONLY work with these, make it happen". I usually issue myself some kind of challenge when I scrap just to keep it interesting!

Do you have any tips to share for saving time, organizing or getting started? 
Sure! To get started, I just look for something on the board here, or in a magazine. When I see pretty art, it makes me want to create also! As far as organizing.....I'm all for it, in the beginning of a layout. But once I am "full on" working on it, all organization goes out the door and I wind up using every inch of the 3 tables I have for scrapping. HOWEVER, once I am done a layout or project, EVERYTHING must go back to its (semi) proper place. I can't start a new project with the "old stuff" sitting on my table. Hence the reason I can only do 1 project at a time!! And saving time? This is my HOBBY, its all about "wasting time" looking through idea books, creating, planning, dreaming and sharing and there is no reason to save time doing that. This is my escape, my TIME. I save time doing everything else (I'm a multi tasker big time)so I can slow down, relax and be at one with my precious photos and scrappy supplies!

What is your ultimate goal in scrapbooking? 
To be published, of course!!!! I would love to be a featured artist for an altered art magazine!!!! Also, as is (most) everyone's goal is to have my life and memories remembered for years and generations to come. I want my family to be able to remember the who, what and where of our lives, even if it does take my son an entire U-Haul to bring the books to his home. 

Any other hobbies?
Yes! Summer!!!! I know its not a hobby to most, but its mine! We love watersports, waverunning, boating, tubing...anything to get you wet and cool! I also love to build things, with actual power tools! I am still afraid of the circular saw, but am working my way through that! My dh and I love to do all kinds of home improvement projects, something not everyone enjoys, but we love to see the fruits of our labor!

Posted by FunStuff

Monday, November 26, 2007

CT Spotlight Vol. 19 20 comments  

Welcome to the CT Spotlight, a monthly feature in which the Creative Team will put the spotlight on superior layouts that have caught our eye in the gallery.  We'll show you the layouts, tell you who made them and why we love them.  The first CT member quoted is the one who chose the layout for the Spotlight.


Superstar! by sarahwhithers

nun69 says:
"This LO is stunning...the colors are so vibrant and her subject is just adorabe and that arrow just points right to her main subject!"

 FairyMouseMom says:
"I like all the bright colors that Jenn used here.  If that photo wasn't adorable enough, then those arrows sure bring your eye to it anyway!"

4peasinourpod says:
"WOW!  I am totally loving the "felt" arrows, and that picture is a scrapbooker's dream!  The filmstrip makes it seem so "Hollywood"  Great job!"

suslvgeo says:
"The colors are just so vibrant and are the perfect choice for the fun photo!!"

Laura Fiore says:
"Superstar is so bright and full of fun. I love the felt pieces!"

MamaK321 says:
"This layout conveys such energy with the bright colors and fun patterns, it compliments the photo perfectly!"

Beth-W says:
"These bright, fun colors set the perfect theme for this vibrant Lo."


Size Twelve by lorigaud

FairyMouseMom says:
"I love the fact that Lori focused both on the journaling and included a large photo."

nun69 says:
"I love that the journaling and large photo are the focus of her LO!"

4peasinourpod says:
"Scrapbooking such an important milestone in a honest way...that is what this is all about.  The large photo and the journaling are equally important, and equally focus.  Great job!"

Laura Fiore says:
"Size 12 is not only beautifully done, but her journaling is so inspirational."

MamaK321 says:
"The clean design and soft hues make this layout very pleasing to the eye."

Beth-W says:
"The page design is so well balanced and I love the large photo and journaling."

bamablue says:
"Courageous and inspirational!"


Sk8 Star by nene

4peasinourpod says:
"The photos in this layout are perfect...they seem to match the sticker exactly!  I also love how Renee got 3 4x6 pictures on a 12x12 layout without it looking crowded.  Her colors are perfect and the title ROCKS.  Everything works perfect!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"I like how Renee used the B&W photos here wtih these colors.  Neat looking title."

nun69 says:
"I LOVE that big cardboard alpha and the whole "grunge" look."

suslvgeo says:
"Love the placement of the photos  and the orange with the brown overtones make those black and white photos POP off the page!"

Laura Fiore says:
"So many cool elements--the big cardboard title is my fave!"

MamaK321 says:
"Great action shots and I like the addition of the textured title letters."

Beth-W says:
"I love the black and white photos with the neutral colors in this LO.  Great photos, love the texturized letters and the pop of orage is the perfect touch."


got art? by wirsmom

katarria says:
"This layout immediately caught my eye in the gallery.  I love the way she embellished the scallops with buttons & doodling and the dimension on the title is great!  Wow!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"I like how all of the colors from the picture are brought out in the supplies used here.  Neat looking title and journaling as well."

4peasinourpod says:
"The title rocks, and is perfect for that photo!"

Mommybruno says:
"This layout grabs my eye because of the bright blue, and the buttons on the scalloped edges. I really like that photo too - the small boy against the vast canvas. So cool!"

Laura Fiore says:
"Great work! The simple papers and fun scallops really draw your eye to the fabulous photo!"

MamaK321 says:
"This is a great design! I really like how she arranged the title letters and created a colorful button border." 

Beth-W says:
"I love the artistic feel of the whole Lo.  The photo is wonderful and the colors here are perfect. "


Freshly Squeezed by dianagirly

bluejeans7 says:
"I love the bright colors and how the she mixed the different fonts for her title.  The title is just perfect for that sweet photo!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"I love how Diana got all of the colors to feed off of each other here.  What a sweet little girl and beautiful layout."

nun69 says:
"OK...don't you just want to "squeeze" those cheeks! The colors match perfectly to her dress."

4peasinourpod says:
"This is adorable!  I love the bling circle with the lime, heart and flower."

MamaK321 says:
"Adorable page and a great example of focusing on a single color. I love the large sparkly title."

Beth-W says:
"I love the monochromatic colors used here and the creative title."

Keling says:
"Yummy and scrumptious! You just want to eat that little one up and the lime and white is simply delightful!"


Paris Je t'aime by VeronicaH

suslvgeo says:
"LOVE how she was able to use so many photos! And the special added touches, such as the music paper, the stamps, the flowers, the swirls....everything just blends beautifully!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"Awesome way to display 30 pictures.  Love the choice of colors for her embellishments."

nun69 says:
"The back and white title and flowers are very elegant."

4peasinourpod says:
"Breathtaking!  I totally love this...those stamps tucked in the photos is the perfect touch."

Mommybruno says:
"I love that there's just so much on this one page layout! All those photos, plus a score of embellies that all work harmoniously with each other. And the chipboard title just looks so elegant!"

Laura Fiore says:
"I love Paris is amazing! Just the fact that Veronica was able to use so many photos is great, but the embellishments and title work really are exceptional!"

MamaK322 says:
"Amazing layout! I love how she fit so many photos and still had room for the perfect embellishments!"


Father Daughter Camping by iamkaren

Mommybruno says:
"I just found this layout by iamkaren in the digi gallery, and I absolutely loved the way she did her journaling like an oversized crossword puzzle! That and the mix of alphas is just so creative!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"What a beautiful looking layout to remember a fun event.  Love the use of multiple alphabets."

nun69 says:
"Just love how she mixed the title up to look like a crossword and used so many different alphs."

Laura Fiore says:
"This digi layout by IamKaren is visually stunning. I love the rustic feel of it and all of the playful embellishments!"

MamaK321 says:
"The title design is so very clever and she's done a great job with layering all the elements on the page."

Keling says:
"Beautiful colours and textures here!"

bamablue says:
"The colors are lovely and I love how the words are interwoven like a puzzle."


Caleb's Halloween by anitawill1

Laura Fiore says:
"She used so many cool elements on this great halloween layout! The bling coming out of the rocket ship is pure genius in my book!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"Love, Love, Love that title alpha.  Those embellishments give this layout the perfect touch."

nun69 syas:
"Love the Bling added to the spaceship to look like wind."

4peasinourpod says:
"This is amazing.  From the embellished title to the star to the bling.  perfect!"

 suslvgeo says:
"Oh my....I absolutely LOVE how she did the real Yoda along side her little one! Great elements!"

 MamaK321 says:
"Great font work and i love the rocket-bling too!"

Keling says:
"Who doesn't love Yoda! It's so hard to find Star Wars stuff for scrapbooking, whether digital or paper, and Anita's done an awesome job capturing her son in such an adorable costume!"


personality at 4 1/2 by mamakimberly

bamablue says:
"I love this layout by mamakimberly.  I'd first seen this on her blog and was tickled to see it in our gallery.  Those pictures make me giggle every time I look at them and the soft background paper really makes them pop.  The little alpha tags for the month and the typewriter font are just adorable too!"

FairyMouseMom says:
"I don't know how one couldn't smile when looking at this layout.  What adorable pictures and cool journaling to give us an insight into this little cutie."

nun69 says:
"The title says it all!"

Laura Fiore says:
"The photography on Personality at 4-1/2 is awesome! I love the simple look of this layout!"

MamaK321 says:
"A great layout and I really like her simple design, focusing on the adorable photos."

Keling says:
"Simply adorable photos!"

melis_ga says:
"This layout just makes you smile looking at it...gorgeous!"


There goes my heart by Kim2002

MamaK321 says:
"I am drawn to this layout by it's simplicity and strong emotion. The title and quote are beautiful and the photo really pops against the muted background."

FairyMouseMom says:
"That title just "did me in."  It brought back memories of seeing my kids go off to school and start their own life journey."

nun69 says:
"This title totally brings your emotions into play by her simple title and that bright red heart."

suslvgeo says:
"The photo is priceless and the title and quote are simply amazing and oh so true!"

Keling says:
"So simple and striking!"

bamablue says:
"Cute, cute, cute!"

melis_ga says:
" the sentiment of this layout.  A truly special layout!"


Posted by melis_ga

Monday, November 26, 2007

Narratives by Creative Imaginations 6 comments

This is the last of our month-long reveals of Creative Imaginations.  As you have seen Creative Imaginations has a wide range of product to fit your every need and the Bare Elements line is perfect for creating beautiful gifts and home decor projects.&nb...

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Bling in the Holidays! 5 comments

A Little Bling to kick off the Holiday Scene

Today officially kicks off the holiday season, if you didn't know by the throngs of people up at the crack of dawn to grab some holiday steals!  Lets kick off the season digital style, using some of the fabulous sparkley, glittery or blingy elements in the shoppe to ...

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Creative Imaginations CT reveal 4 comments

more wonderful gift ideas with CI products!

This week's reveal is once again featuring the wonderful products from Creative Imaginations.  From gift giving to holiday layouts, these products will give you results that you will be so pleased with!

Miranda's (LoveMyBella) projects are so feminine and bea...

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Friday, November 16, 2007

All About the Alphas 4 comments

Move aside photos, it's alphas turn to shine!

Our layouts would be left wanting without a little journaling or a catchy title, so we decided it's time to show the alphas a little extra lovin' by making them the highlight of our layouts.  This is the perfect way to show off a favorite alpha pack or font, and...

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Creative Imaginations Creative Team Reveal 5 comments

This week, our Creative Team has been working with Creative Imaginations' Bare Elements products, patterned papers, and embellishments creating layouts and altered art projects sure to inspire you to get started on your holiday crafting.  If you are looking...

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Friday, November 9, 2007

PARTS is PARTS 8 comments

......Template Parts, that is!!!!

Anyone else remember that Wendy's commercial with "parts is parts" being said by the employee to a customer?    Well, we have taken that phrase and put it into our digital reveal this week!

Our challenge this week was to use PART of a template ...

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Creative Imaginations Reveal 8 comments

Get a Headstart on your Holiday Gifts!

It seems every year that the pre-holiday season starts earlier and earlier.  Of course, that should be good news for those of us in the scrapbooking community!  The earlier we start planning our hand-crafted projects, the more time we're able to put into them.&n...

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

ACOT Debuts TRANSITIONS Collaborative Kit 7 comments

Release Date: November 3, 2007

We invite you to welcome the warm colors of autumn as ACOT introduces the Transitions collection from the ACOT designers. This packed kit includes 38 papers, three alphas and an overflowing assortment of embellishment...

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Thinking outside of the frame... 6 comments

Alternate uses for frames

It's so easy - open up a cute background paper, stick your picture on it and then surround it with a frame, and you've got a classic scrapbook page.

But have you ever thought that frames could do so much more? Talk about thinking outside o...

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wouldn't You Like to See a Hoarder Too? 16 comments

Ma's Madness for November 2007

You know, I really should write a book. A “how not to” book about organizing. It’s so obvious that, not only am I clueless about organizing scrappy goods, I’m actually quite bad. Really bad. I attack my scrappy area about every three to five weeks ...

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