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Friday, August 28, 2009

Party Favors  

Quick and Easy Additions to Set Your Party Above the Rest

I've been having lots of fun making these little party favors!  In this class I will share with you some very quick and easy instructions to create your own.

While my favors are Halloween themed, I am not specifying any particular papers or embellishments for this class so that you can re-create them using any theme you desire. You are probably thinking - "But coffins, what other holiday would you use a coffin?" Well, they would be great for Mardi Gras or an "Over the Hill" birthday party.

These are also hybrid projects; however, that is simply because I chose to print out a few fun papers and embellishments. You can go more hybrid or do straight paper on these party favors.

The few supplies you do need on hand are as follows:

Black Cardstock (8 1/2 X 11)
Patterned Paper (8 1/2 X 11)

Glue Stick

Heavy Weight Patterned Paper or Cardstock (8 1/2 X 11)
Assortment of Patterned Papers (8 1/2 X 11)
Double Sided Tape

Pop Top Can

Smooth Edge Can Opener
Assortment of Patterned Papers and/or Cardstock

Tissue Paper OR Large Sheet of Crate Paper (not a crate streamer) - I used a fabric tissue paper found at Michaels
Clean Toilet Paper Roll
String or Ribbon

For all these favors you will want to have some fun fillers - candy, little toys, notes, etc.

If you are going hybrid be sure to print out a selection of patterned papers and accents to match.



1.  Adhere the back side of an 8.5" X 11" piece of patterned paper to black cardstock.  Note: For my lid I only used the black cardstock.  If you want your coffin lid lined repeat this step.

2.  Print out both templates on regular 8.5" X 11" paper.  Place the bottom template onto the patterned side of your decorative paper and secure by stapling around the edges (do not staple on the inside).  Repeat for the lid template.

3.  Score on the dotted lines of each template.  Cut on the solid lines of each template.  With a bone folder fold on the scored lines so that the creases go toward the inside of the pattern paper.

4.  Flip over the bottom portion of the coffin so that the black cardstock is showing and add glue to each tab.  Adhere the tabs to the inside of the box.  Repeat step for the lid.


5.  Embellish the lid with a sticker/tag or leave blank and wrap with twine.  Fill the coffin with goodies.

(Found this project on Martha Stewart's Site)


Note:  For this box it is fun to create your own decorative paper by adhering several different patterns to a base layer; however, you can make a solid colored star too.

1.  Create your decorative paper by choosing a base cardstock sized 8.5" X 10.5".  Adhere strips of patterned paper and/or borders - the length of each should be 10.5, the height is up to your discretion. 

2.  Arrange the paper on its side (orientation horizontal) and patterned side facing down.  Make a score line at 1".  Continue to make score lines at 2" intervals until you have a total of 5 score lines (translates into score lines at 1", 3", 5", 7" and 9").

3.  Flip the page over from top to bottom so that the patterned side faces up.  The left side of the paper will remain in the same orientation.

4.  Make a score line at 2" and continue at 2" intervals until you have a total of 5 score lines (translates into score lines at 2", 4", 6", 8", and 10").

5.  Rotate the page so the orientation is vertical.  Add a score line 1" up from the bottom of your paper.

6.  At the bottom of your paper, the intersecting score lines create ten 1" squares and a smaller tab at the 10" score.  Cut each of the squares into points as shown.  Cut the 1/2" tab off.

7.  Accordion fold at each score line.  With a piece of double sided tape adhere the 1/2" side tab to the inside of the next section.

8.  Along the bottom of the star, fold the tabs in, right over left, and adhere together.


9.  Trace the star shape onto a corresponding paper.  Cut out and adhere to the bottom over the tabs.


10.  Fill with goodies and add a cute tag or embellishment.



1.  With a smooth edge can opener remove the bottom of a pop top can.  Rinse the can out and dry.

2.  Measure the can and cut your paper so that it covers the can both from top to bottom and covers around the can leaving a slight overlap.  Adhere the paper with double sided tape.

3.  Trace the bottom of the can onto a coordinating paper.  Cut within the lines so that the circle fits within the seams of the lid of the can.  Cut off a little of the side of the circle with scissors.  You may need to do this several times until the circle fits under the pop top.  Adhere the circle to the lid of the can, under the pop top, with double sided tape.


4.  Fill the can with surprises.  If filling with edibles, put them in a baggie so they do not take on the taste of the can or get glue on them.  

5.  Along the outer rim of the cut out bottom add a thin line of strong glue.  Adhere bottom back onto the can.  Wipe away excess glue.  Note: While the glue dries set a heavy object onto the can to create a good seal.

6.  Finish decorating your can with stickers, buttons, tags, etc.


This is a fun version of the traditional English Christmas toy.

1.  Lay out a piece of crepe paper OR a double layer of tissue paper.  Note:  I found a fabric tissue paper at Michaels (I have seen it at dollar stores too) which works really well for this project. 

2.  Place the toilet paper tube at one edge of the paper in the center.  Roll the tube in the paper until it is wrapped and cut off excess paper.  Adhere the edge to the paper.

3.  Twist one end and tie off with a ribbon or string.

4.  Fill tube with goodies.  Twist the other end and tie off.

5.  Measure and cut a piece of decorative paper to wrap around the tube with a slight overlap.  Wrap the paper around the tube and adhere overlapping edge with double sided tape.

6.  Fringe the ends.

7.  Trim the ribbons at each end and add an embellishment.

8.  Finish decorating tube.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer Lovin' 7 comments  

digital Creative Team reveal

As summer is swiftly fading away, we take a few last moments to reminisce over all that we've experienced in these short vacation months. Do you remember back in elementary school when one of the first activities back to school was to answer, "What did you do this summer?"  Well, for a little fun, the digital Creative Team decided to answer that question too, in the form of summer themed layouts with journaling. Scrapping about summer was a breeze, it was the journaling requirement that had the team grumbling about homework. But they aced the test and if we had blue ribbons, you'd see one on each and every reveal layout. I know that you'll get some great inspiration from these examples, for scrapping about your own summertime activities, whether you took an exotic vacation abroad or stuck it out at home trying to stay cool and keep the kids occupied.

Thank Goodness For Summer by sarahwhithers
~ Despite some rainy days and cooler temperatures, Jennifer managed to have a pretty busy summer and her creative layout design highlights the best parts! 

Texas by davsar
~ Sarah's family has a tradition of traveling to visit family every summer, building years of fond memories. Cropping her photos into circles is an eye-catching technique.

scrap your holiday by annelies1972
~ Annelies and her family enjoyed a lovely two week holiday in France! Arranging photos in a line is a great design tool to use when you have a series of photos from different activities.

Vegas by nun69
~ Angie's ultimate vacation was a trip to Vegas, just she and her dh! The bright green background makes the B&W photo *pop* and the delicate glitter strokes lend a sassy movement to her clustered design.

6 Weeks by Keling
~ Unfortunately Sara's ideal summer did not include doctor's orders to stay confined in a wheel chair. That didn't keep her from working a little fun into her summer break with the help from family. Her layout design focuses more on the journaling and creative embellishing without the need of photos, which is a great example for moments you wish to remember but didn't capture on film.

"What we did this summer" by janello
~ Janell is still riding the high from scrapping with double pagers last week and created this great 2 page spread, summer in review with lots of journaling. She says, "Sometimes it's important to record the special details that don't always come out in the pictures."

Swim'n Summer '09 by Smiley-Scrap8
~ Ronny recalls having to write those childhood essays detailing the summer's activities and while journaling may not be her favorite part today, she is glad for the challenge which inspired her to write much more for these few photos than she would have otherwise.

Summer With Family by JennK
~ Jenn's annual family reunion is filled with special memories and the kind of subject that can sometimes be tricky to scrap each and every year. She kept her design very clean and simple, using a full page photo as a background instead of papers, and accenting the page with only a title and journaling.

Summer '09 in review by MamaK321
~ Kristianne used a calendar style grid to highlight a few images from her busy summer activities. Don't hesitate to scrap over and under such a design, as she did here by layering a larger photo, journaling strips and embellishments on top of the grid.

See something you like? Here are some of  the products the layouts above were created with.


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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Basic Grey Lemonade 9 comments  

Making the Most of this Gorgeous line

I was so excited when I found out I would get to work with the Basic Grey Lemonade line this month.  The colors are gorgeous, the patterns are fun and the additonal products are fabulous.  This line is perfect for so many of my photos.  It was an absolute pleasure to scrap with.  The colors work with so many other manufacturer's, the quality is high (as it always is with Basic Grey) and all of the products were just as pictured in the shop. 

I approached my reveal a little bit differently this month.  We recently had a discussion on the message board about whether most of you would purchase a piece of paper for scrapbooking that retailed at $3.  I was surprised that most people wouldn't invest that much in a single piece of paper.  This line has several diecut pieces of patterned paper that retail for $2.99.  If I told you that you could use these papers on more than one layout, would that change your mind?  I will show you some quick and easy tips to make the most of this line. 

Diecut Doilies

Before I started any of my pages, I cut up 2 of the specialty diecut doilie papers.  I wanted to make the most of these papers because of the price and show you how easily to do the same.  I used a glass cutting mat and my trusty exacto knife.  I started with the flower doilie diecut paper:

I knew I wanted to use the outside of the paper as a border for one of my pages.  Using my exacto knife, I cut around the outside of the flowers and leaves that were attached to the border of the doilie. 

 I then cut the middle up into 3 large accents for additional pages.  I used to spend so much time cutting flowers like this out of patterned paper.  What a quick and easy accents for my pages.

I also cut the Swiss dot diecut doilie into 2 pieces for different pages.  I used the Berry colored one but this could also be done for the othered colors:

I used the precut dots as my guide to know where to cut.  I used the inside square and followed the dots with my exacto knife. 

Here is the finished product:  I planned on using the outside for the border of a page and covering the middle with patterned paper.  I knew by cutting out the middle, I could use the inside for another page.  I did trim the middle square so that it had a straight edge.

Lemonade Take Note Journaling Spots

This is another product that I wanted to mention before showing you my layouts.  I didn't realize how versatile this product was until I opened the package.  There are four journaling spots along with a coordinating color transparency for each one.  They can be used together or separately.  Throughout my reveal, I will mention if I use one of the pieces and which one so you can get an idea of their versatility. 


This was the first page I made.  I wanted to do a layout with a recent photo of my daughter because she just turned seven.  I think I will probably frame this page and this may become a yearly tradition. 

I used a large flower cut from the middle of my flower doilie as an accent on my page.  I also used the transparency from the Take Note Jouranling Spots and saved the journaling paper.  I decided since my picture would be covering up the middle of the journaling spot, that I didn't want to waste it.  I laid the journaling spot face down on a piece of blue pp from the 6x6 pad of paper (that was also face down.)  I traced the outside of the journaling spot with a pencil and cut it out using my handy Cutterbees.  The result was a piece of paper that fit perfectly behind my transparency without using up my journaling spot.  I can use it later on another page. 

Here's my finished layout:

Annabella + 10

I love the witty things my daughter tells me.  This was a fun page that I made telling the story of one of those witty things that I don't want to forget. 

I used the outside of the Swiss Dot Doilie for this page.  I cut out the center (as shown above.)   I cut out a piece of patterned paper for the middle and added lace behind the paper before stitching it down.  The lace reminded me of the tulle skirt my daughter was wearing in the photo.  I also used one of the Take Note Journaling spots on this page.  For this layout, I only used the journaling spot.  It was the perfect size for my title.  I could have easily adjusted the size of the journaling spot by scanning it and printing at a larger or smaller scale depending on my title font.  I saved the transparency for later.  This page was so easy to put together.

7 Things You Love at 7

This is another page that I try to do yearly and it documents 7 things she loves at the age of 7.  I often get caught up recording events or moments but want to look back and remember these things, too.  It was easy to ask my daughter what things she liked and she loves being involved in a page.

I used the outside border of the flower doilie for the border of my page.  The design came together so easily once I had the border glued down on a piece of cardstock and my picture picked out.

Birthday Present

For this page, I used another one of the flowers from the middle of the diecut flower doilie.  I also added the center of the Swiss Dot Berry Diecut paper.  When you already have 2 items, such as the diecut flower and the diecut dot square, my page tends to come together so quickly.

Birthday Wishes Card

I also made this pretty birthday card for one of my best friends with this line of paper.  They were the perfect colors and patterns to make a birthday themed card.

Butterfly Round Tin

I also used this line to make this altered project.  I found a cute, round tin in a dollar bin at a craft store.  I thought it would be perfect to alter and maybe hold a present.  It could be used to store some scrapbooking supplies.  Or, I could also just set it on my desk to look at because it makes me so happy.


Products Used for this Reveal


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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Star Wars 9 comments

Using great products from Creative Imaginations

I am not normally the type of scrapper that likes themes. I prefer to usually do those types of layouts using color schemes to fit the theme instead. However, last Winter CHA, the Creative Imaginations Booth had Darth Vader, Clone troops and other Sta...

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Monday, August 24, 2009

On the Road Again with October Afternoon 10 comments

Scrapping with the Road Map line!

I don't know about you but I seem to collect an endless supply of photos that are busy and multicolored.  They're hard to scrap and no matter how much I might like them I can never really seem to find the right paper to go with them!  Enter: the

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Digi Reveal: Double The Fun! 9 comments

Enhance your digital design with double page layouts

For some people, designing a layout with two pages is simply the norm; for others it can pose a real challenge.  Whatever the case may be, a two page layout can really enhance your design.  It is the perfect way to instantly allow more space to display additiona...

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

AUGUST Creative Team Spotlight 6 comments

You've DAZZLED us again!

Even during your very busy summer season, you scrapbookers have stayed in your scrappy groove and given us lots of dazzling eye candy to oooh and ahhh over in our gallery! Here are a few standouts this month:


30 Weeks bymrsduke2u

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Vinyl revisited....plus a little more...:)

The Cricut can do it, too!

 Vinyl words, saying and designs...they are all the decorating rage.  Yesterday, I showed a few ideas that I did with my Quickutz Silhouette (article here).  Today, I will show you that the same effects can be created with the Cricut Expressions.&nbs...

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The versatility of vinyl...Part 1 4 comments

featuring the Quickutz Silhouette

Almost two years ago, my husband surprised me with a Quickutz Silhouette.  I was never so surprised in my life, as until that moment, scrapbooking was an unspoken word between us.  Sadly, that Silhouette collected dust, as I had already received a Cricut from my...

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Make a Flower Basket Gift

With KaiserCraft Products

Make this fantastic Flower Basket paper crafting project. Give as a gift or keep for yourself!

KaiserCraft Products used: 

Penny Royale Papers
Penny Royale Diecuts
KaiserCraft ...

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Digi Reveal: featured designer 9 comments

Featuring the talented Julie Bullock

This week the Creative Team features the amazing Designs by Julie Bullock.  We had so much fun creating pages with Julie's products.  Her designs range from cute kiddo kits to chunky alphas and funky frames to calm and serene papers.  We are so lucky to have her here at A...
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meet beachlover/Ann 6 comments

Our featured Guest for August

Please join me in welcoming Ann, aka beachlover, as our featured guest for the month of August.  You can check out her gallery here. 

Without further ado, here she is:

Tell us about your family.


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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Acrylic Albums 12 comments

The CLEAR Choice!

 Do you love the look of acrylic albums?  Have you ever wanted to try one?  Now is the time to put your fears aside and just go for it!  I created my first acrylic album in February of 2008 and I've been hooked ever since.  It's been over a month ...

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Guest Paper CT Reveal - lilkoala 32 comments

 For the month of August ACOT is having two Guest Paper CT's.  So that means twice the reveals and of course twice the fun!  Up next is lilkoala3.  You can learn more about Leslie and see the awesome layouts she created using some of the new

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Cricut Home Decor Solutions Cartridge 16 comments

The Cricut Expression machine has always been one of my favorite scrapbooking tools because of the creative flexibility that it provides. Over the last several years, I have purchased many different cartridges that I use over and over again.  These days,...

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