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How to enter an ACOT contest

Be sure to read the rules carefully.

One of the things I love about A Cherry On Top is all the contests and challenges and games available for the members.  I think they really motivate people into trying new things, get out of their comfort zones and out of the occasional rut.  The response is fabulous and the Creative Team continues to be inspired by the huge pool of talent here!

How can you increase your chances of winning a contest?

First and foremost... read the rules of each contest carefully.  There are always 3 rules that never change for each contest.

1.)  You must use an original creation.  You cannot scraplift someone else's work.  This does not mean that if you see a technique or an element you like you cannot use it.  This does mean that you cannot use an entire layout design that someone has created previously.

2.)  At least half of the products used to create your page must be from the sponsored manufacturer.  If you use their paper... that just about does it.  What would disqualify you would be to use one little sticker or embellishment from that company. 

3.)  This is the most broken rule of the contests.  You must, must, must provide a detailed list of the products you used for your page.  It is not enough to just click on the name of the company in the drop down box.  You must actually list the products in your layout description.  Here is an example of one of my layouts with the products I used described:

Products used:

Cardstock: Bazzil
Button: Buttonz by Junkitz
Flowers: Heidi Swapp
Rub-On Letters: Karen Foster
Quote: Flair Designs
Rub-ons: Melissa Frances and Karen Foster
Patterned Paper and Matching embellishments: Piggy Tales
Chipboard 'B': Creek Bank Creations

Another tip when entering the contests:  The clearer the scan or photo, the better.  You might just need to brighten up your photo of your page a bit. 

And one more thing.... don't give up!!  Keep entering.  The winners are selected by the Creative Team.  If there are 41 entries, then they each send their top 4 votes to me to be tallied.  It's secret and no one knows how the votes go except me.  We don't discuss the entries, we just vote.  That is not always easy!!  I often will start out with a huge list of 'favorite' entries and have to narrow it down!  Don't become discouraged when you don't win with your first or second entry.  We wish every single person who enters could win.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have regarding the contests.  I will try to help in any way I can!!

Good Luck!!!