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I ordered products that weren't sent in my order

There is a possibility an item may have been inadvertently omitted from your order or was not marked as being out of stock on your packing slip.  Please contact our Customer Support Department so a customer credit or refund can be issued.  Our policy is to issue a customer credit for orders paid using PayPal® or by Money Order unless otherwise requested by the customer.  If paid via major credit card, a complete credit is issued at the time your order is processed. 

Your order may have been shipped in multiple shipments if it included delayed ship items.  If so, your packing slip will notate this.  Our Customer Support Department will also be able to let you know if this is the case.

Another possibility is that you ordered pre-order products.  Pre-ordered items may ship separately from some of the in-stock product in your order. For more information regarding our Pre-Order system, please CLICK HERE.

To ensure you are aware you are purchasing pre-order or delayed ship products, you have to approve the following or your order will not complete:

Please read and check each of the following boxes to indicate that you have read and agree to the terms of this purchase:

One or more items in this order will cause a slight shipment delay (items marked with an * on the Step 3). We are expecting these products to arrive in our warehouse within 2-7 days. Your order will ship once these items are available.

One or more items in this order is a Pre-Order item (items marked with ** on Step 3). Your order will ship once these items arrive at our warehouse.