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A Cherry on Top does not participate or endorse the Swaps on our Message Board. We are not responsible if swaps go bad.


To host a swap:  Anyone can start their own swap.  It goes a little something like this....

The hostess comes up with a theme and starts a sign-up thread.  Now sometimes, a hostess will make a thread asking if any would be interested in joining her themed swap before posting the actual sign-ups.  {use a previously listed swap as a template for creating your own}  The hostess takes sign-ups, updating the info with each gal, until her swap was filled.  Some swaps have such a "hot" theme that a hostess may need to create a 2nd or even 3rd swap group.  For Certain swaps {ex: fiber swap} a hostess can open as many groups as need be. 

Basic requirements of a swap:  The hostess should make clear, the due date, cost of postage and any other rules for her swap {some swaps are "secret" and gals may not divulge their swap partner until authorized to do so}  when posting the sign-ups.  When receiving items, it is important that the hostess both pm the sender and update the thread announcing the item has been received.  Also, when sending a completed kit swap out, it's greatly appreciated if a hostess includes a printed list of each participant and what they supplied.  

To join a swap:  Most all hostess' list the rules of the swap right on the sign-up page.  Some prefer to be PM'd with your name and/or choice for the swap.   There are a few different types of swaps.  A specific item swap, as in a border or tag swap, is one where you will need to create your own products and mail them to the hostess to then be distributed by the hostess.  A kit swap (where each participant sends in a different item -either purchased or handmade) will return to you with all that you need to complete a two page layout.  Shipping will be different for each of those types of swaps, but again, important details are always listed on the sign-up thread!

Expectations of a swap:  It can be said that everyone here appreciates quality work.  Please do not sign up for a thread and not give it your full effort! 

A hostess will most always list the specific colors that items should adhere to.  For example, if you sign up for a baby boy swap and the colors are pastel blues and greens, please do not send in neon yellow or baby pink colored items!

Always always always package your swap items safely!  Plastic baggies are the ideal wrappings for swap items.  Too often swaps have mysteriously been torn open or gotten wet while shipping!

It helps a hostess sort items if you remember to add both your name and your SG/ACOT name either on the envelope or on a note inside your package.

A note:  hostess gifts.  This is certainly not a requirement!  Only a kind gesture.  It is completely up to you if you decide to add a special little something in your package to the hostess. 

A Bad Swapper/Bad Hostess list is in place.  Now, it is hardly used as we are all great friends on this site, but very rarely there comes a need to suggest a name be added to the list.  Another reason why it is asked that you give each and every swap your full effort and respect.