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Sharing my wish list

How to share my wish list ...
Initially your wish list is private.  Here's how to turn it on ... (so that others can view it):

  • Click on "My Account"
  • Look under the account settings for "Privacy Settings" link
  • Check the box to make your wish list appear as a link in your bio profile
  • Click on "Edit Your Bio"
  • Check the "Show a link to my wishlist in my user profile" box

How to see someone else's wish list ...

  • Click on their profile and then click on "View Wishlist."  If the "View Wishlist" option does not appear it is because the other user has not made their wish list public and has it set on "private."

Can I email my wishlist? ...
You can opt to email your wish list link directly from the My Account area.

How to allow others to ship directly to you (set your default shipping address) ...
Allow others to ship items that are on your wish list directly to you (your address is hidden)

  • Click on "My Account"
  • Click on "Edit My Address Book"
  • Set up your default shipping address (this is where any packages should be shipped).
  • If you do not have any address listed, simply enter your shipping address.  Once it appears in your address book click on "Set as default Shipping Address."
  • If you do not have a default shipping address set, the option to ship the package directly to you will not appear for the person buying items that are on your wishlist

Wishlist packages may be shipped directly to you ...

  • Someone adds a few items from your wishlist to their own basket.
  • They click on "Place Order"
  • The option to ship directly to the wish list (you!) recipient will appear in their address book (the address is hidden to protect your privacy ... you no longer need to give your address away!)
  • The next screen will allow them to send the order as a "Gift Order" (prices are hidden on the Gift Receipt) and add a special message to the Gift Receipt that comes with the package.


Common Questions ...
Question: If someone buys an item on my wish list will it disappear from my wish list?
Answer: No, it will not disappear.  The reason: they may have bought the item for themselves (for any number of possible reasons).  Another reason: You may notice that it disappeared and know to expect a gift.  There are obviously disadvantages to doing it this way as well, such as the fact that more than one person could order the items on your wish list for you.  We will eventually correct this so that it removes the items from the wishlist if you send it directly as a gift to the recipient.

Question: If I set a "Default Shipping Address" will my address be shown to those who ship products to me?
Answer: No, your address will not be shown.  The person placing the order has the option of having the items shipped directly to you.  They will see a message next to your name that says, "Address hidden for privacy."