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How to delete a shopping basket

To delete a shopping basket, first click into the shopping basket page (use the "My Basket" link). 

If you do not want to delete a shopping basket but want to delete some of the items that are in a shopping basket, see the article entitled How to delete the items from your shopping basket.

Delete an entire shopping basket ...

Three of your baskets cannot be deleted.  These are: My Basket, My Saved Products and My Wish List.  You can, however, delete baskets that you have created. 

If, for instance you want to delete "My New Basket," first find it on the list of "My Shopping Baskets":

Next, locate the "Delete" link to the right of the basket's name:


Once you click the "Delete" link you will see the following:


Choose "Yes, Delete Basket" to delete the shopping basket.  Once you click "Yes" the basket will be deleted.  All the products in the basket will also be deleted from the basket.  Unfortunately there is no way to "undelete" anything that has been deleted.