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Layout gallery instructions

To upload you layout to our Gallery, you will first need to prepare the layout image:

  • Scan your layout and save it to your hard drive.  Make sure you are aware of the location you save it in.
  • Use a photo program to stitch the images together if it required more than one scan.
  • Save the finished layout to your hard drive as a jpg - again, keep track of what you name it and where you put it.
  • Visit the Gallery and click the link that says "Submit To Gallery".
  • Once you have chosen your images, click the Submit button.  The next screen is pretty self-explanatory.  You will need to give your layout a title, description, and choose any categories you want to put it in. Click the submit button once you have finalized your choices.

Your layout will now appear in the Gallery!

Keep in mind when preparing the image file that the size is limited to 150k or 150,000 bytes per image file.
If your image is larger than that, resize your image so that it is only 700 pixels wide.

If the image is still too large ...

  • Open the image in your graphics program.
  • Find the "Save As" feature.
  • Give your file a name and make sure the program is saving it as a "JPEG" or "JPG" file.
  • Look for a "Compression" or "Advanced" or "Options" button where you can set the compression level of the image.
  • Turn up the compression a bit ... try 37 or 50 rather than the default.
  • Go ahead and save the file, then find the file on your hard drive and see how large it is.  If it is still too large, open it and increase compression even more.