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Gallery won't accept my image

How big are your images?  Keep in mind that you must shrink them to be 150,000 bytes or less.  Generally resizing them to be a maximum of 700 x 700 (or less) is a good idea.  You can find the "resize" feature on any popular image editing programs.  We recommend Paint Shop Pro -- easy to learn and easy to use.  If you do not want to purchase a program to resize your image, you can use GifWorks ( to resize your image without installing any software onto your computer (it is an online image editor).

How big is my image?  First, find your image using Windows' File Explorer or My Computer (or My Documents, if that is where you store your images).  Once you find your image in Windows, right click on the image and choose "Properties."  Then, look for the image size in bytes.  If it is bigger than "150k" or "150,000 bytes," you will need to resize it before attempting to upload it to the Gallery.

Please note: If your image is very large, your browser may time out or behave strangely (fail to respond) when attempting to send the image to our gallery.  Once the system receives your image, you will receive an error message.