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Pre-Orders - Everything You Need To Know


Pre-ordering products at is a smart and convenient way for you to be among the first in line to be shipped hot, new products as soon as they arrive at our warehouse. 

We suggest you limit your pre-order purchase to products from one brand or collection only per order; place a new order for products from a different brand or collection. This will enable us to ship your order out as soon as the products from each company arrive. However, if you do pre-order from multiple companies on one order, we will hold your entire order until all products have been received before shipping your order.

Estimated shipping dates may vary according to manufacturer fulfillment times; unexpected delays sometimes occur. We are unable to provide specific ETA dates.

Current promotional codes for in-stock items will usually also apply to pre-order items as well; though there may be some exceptions.

If, for any reason, we are unable to fulfill any pre-ordered item orders, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price.

Pre-Ordered items must be paid for at the time the order is placed. You may cancel your pre-order order or items at any time before shipment by contacting our customer service department: or 989-498-4001