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Shipping Updates And Questions

Our warehouse and suppliers are operating normally at this time and most in stock orders are shipping out in 1-3 business days. Shipment times are currently slightly slower than normal due to high order volumes.

Over the holidays, USPS provided a statement that they were "experiencing unprecedented volume increases and limited employee availability due to the impacts of COVID-19". We're cautiously optimistic that ship times are improving now, but please be aware that it's possible that your package shipped with them will be delayed. We recommend choosing a FedEx shipping option (other than Ground Economy) if your order is time-sensitive. 


Common Shipping Questions

Why does my USPS tracking show “accepted” or “package acceptance pending” for an extended period?
This is a very common issue that we’ve seen over the past few months. Packages that show this status with no additional scans have been picked up and are currently in the possession of USPS awaiting processing. We’ve seen delays of multiple weeks in some cases. Please rest assured that your package has been picked up and will begin moving as soon as USPS is able to get to it.

But I called the post office and they told me they hadn’t received the package yet from you. Did it really get shipped?
Yes, if you were emailed a tracking number, that means your order was fully packaged and ready to be picked up during our next mail pickup, which happens at the end of each business day. We provide a shipping manifest to our mail carrier daily. When scanned, that will generate a “Shipment received” notice on the tracking page. However, this same notice also says, “the acceptance of your package is pending”, which many customers find confusing. We’ve discussed this issue with USPS multiple times and are hoping that they’ll choose to provide additional clarity on this to their support reps and on their online tracking soon.

Why is this happening?
Significantly increased package volume and short staffing at USPS facilities due to COVID-19 have caused frequent slowdowns. USPS took on hundreds of millions of extra packages this past holiday season that completely overwhelmed their processing facilities.

My packages normally come straight to me. Why is mine traveling all over the country this time?
As part of USPS's attempt to move packages along faster, we've been told that they're routing some packages to locations with available sorting capacity. These could be outside of the normal routes that packages would take to get to you. 

Can you contact USPS for me to see if they can find my package?
Yes, we’d be happy to submit a claim on your behalf if you reach out. However, we’ve seen no evidence that this helps the process move any faster. Almost all the time, we’re told there’s nothing to be done but wait. In our 20+ years of doing business, we've had very few cases where a package was completely lost by USPS, and our experience so far with the pandemic has been consistent with that. All of the packages we ship always begin moving eventually. 

Why don’t you just ship with another carrier?
We do offer several different FedEx shipping options currently. Some are very competitively priced with packages that would normally ship USPS Priority Mail. However, most of our packages are lightweight (less than one pound), and there are no USPS competitors that can match the rates that First Class Mail offers for small businesses. Rather than cutting out USPS entirely and raising (doubling) shipping costs across the board, we’ve decided to continue offering options and letting customers choose which they prefer.

All of the other companies I buy from get my packages delivered on time
That’s awesome and you should continue to support them. The vast majority of our packages are being delivered within a normal timeframe as well, but the small percentage that we mentioned are getting held up for extended periods. We’ve seen numerous accounts from other online retailers and small businesses that this issue is not just confined to ACOT.

Is there anything that I can do to avoid having my package stuck?
We used to recommend upgrading to Priority Mail over First Class Mail, but recently evidence has shown this doesn't help move your package along any faster. If your order is time sensitive, we highly recommend selecting one of our FedEx shipping options instead of USPS.

My package seems to be stuck. Can’t you just ship it again or refund my money?
In a normal situation, yes, we’re happy to do this for any lost mail. We stand behind our products and will always ensure that you either receive what you ordered (in good condition), or a full refund. With the current situation, we’re asking customers to wait much longer than normal for their package to begin moving and arrive. If you believe your situation is different, please reach out and we’d be happy to see what we can do to help.

Other questions? Please feel free to contact us!