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A Cherry on Top is where you'll find your favorite crafting supplies! They'll help you put that finishing touch - that cherry on top - on your project!

More Detail:
A Cherry on Top, founded in 1997. ACOT has it all - a busy Community with a friendly Message Board and inspirational Gallery, Articles, Contests, Chats - and so much more! The online Shoppe at ACOT boasts a large selection of the latest crafting products.

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The blinkies and banners below may be used on your blog or non-commercial website. Twinkle Star by Julie Mead used by permission.

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 proud to be a cherry blossom proud to be a cherry picker proud to be a cherry berry proud to be a sweet cherry pie

proud to be a cherry bing proud to be a cherry bomb proud to be a cherry garcia proud to be a cherry cola proud to be a chocolate covered cherry

proud to be a cherry cropper proud to be a cherry jubilee proud to be a wild cherry proud to be a bowl of cherries proud to be a chatty cherry

proud to be a cherry addict proud to be a cherry on top


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Cherry Tart Cherry Blossom Cherry Picker Cherry Berry Sweet Cherry Pie Cherry Bing
Cherry Bomb Cherry Garcia Cherry Cola Chocolate Covered Cherry

Cherry Cropper

Cherry Jubilee

Wild Cherry

Bowl Full of Cherries

Chatty Cherry Cherry Addict A Cherry on Top