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FREE SHIPPING* on orders over $69!

Do you ship to hotels?

We do not recommend you have your order shipped to a Hotel simply because there is a good chance the package will not arrive within the time frame desired.  If the order cannot be delivered, the package will be returned to our warehouse.  You will still be charged shipping fees and any additional costs for the package being returned.  However, we do ship to Hotel addresses.  If you opt to do this, we recommend placing your order within a day of your arrival time and selecting 2nd Day or Overnight (1-day) delivery.  Also, you may want to contact the Hotel for their shipping address as this information may be different from their published address.

Please include the following information in the shipping address:

1.  The name of the Hotel
2.  The name of the guest
3.  The dates the guest will be staying at the hotel

For example:

Hyatt Regency
John Smith (Hotel Guest, May 1st-May 15th)
1234 Main Street
Chicago, IL  60601