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About Me

I'm a Marketing Manager. Have one wonderful husband-Jeff, two children: Brian(9) and Allison (4).

I have to mention: Love coffee w/splenda and cream, lots of cream! Butterflies, I love love love butterflies.

Special dates:
DOB - 3/12
Jeff - 5/16
Brian - 3/11/00
Allison - 1/29/05
Anniversary - 2/18/00

Started Scrapbooking - in 2002
Album size? - 12X12
Color choices? - Don't have any
Kids? Brian - 8, Allison - 2 years old
Do you like cute stuff? - depends on what it is
Lumpy or not lumpy? in between
Favorite designers? Really don't have one. If I like it, I get it.
Do you stamp? yes some
Chalk? some
Ribbon (unprinted/printed)? Both, don't use it a whole lot. Trying
Eyelets? Most definately
Patches? Never used, never really saw noticed them
Metal clips? Not yet
Wooden embellishments? a few
Library pockets/cards? - Never used, but look cute
Buckles (metal/palstic)? - nope
Twist ties? - never used 'em
Decorative brads? -oh yes
Fabric? - Nope
Bottlecaps (plain/printed)? - never used them
Rick Rack? - used it some
Canvas embellishments? nope, took a class as SDV event and made one. But that's about it.
Color washes? -what's that?
Walnut ink? -have some, but don't know what do to with it!
Liquid chalk ink pads? no
Acrylic paints? no
Foam stamps? No
Regular stamps? Yes
Rub Ons? Just started using them, love 'em so far. Like the ones you don't have to cut out.
What is your favorite type of item to make? ?
Do you use journal boxes on a regular basis? bad at doing it. I know I should ...
Do you use borders on a regular basis? no
Do you use titles on a regular basis? (By titles I mean those that you make on a separate piece of paper and then adhere to the background. So, it doesn't include just adhering letters to the background.) - sometimes
Do you use embellished tags on a regular basis? (and by that I mean those that you embellish yourself.) No
Do you use paper piecings on a regular basis? no
Do you use shakers on a regular basis? no
Do you use deco squares on a regular basis?no
Do you use serendipity squares on a regular basis? no
What is your greatest scrapbooking weakness? journaling
What is your favorite paper theme? I don't have one
Other than time and money (which we all need more of), what is your greatest scrapbooking challenge? figuring out how to use pattern paper.

Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Flower: Pink rose
Other Hobbies: Reading
Religion: No
Occupation: Urgent Care Receptionist
Favorite Animals: Butterflies
Favorite Scent: Lavendar

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