January 9 Words

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January 9 Words

Post by Flasher »

Good morning, Cherries!

60.  Egg Noodles
34.  Maple Syrup
17.  Sunny D
14.  Ground Turkey

🍝 🍊
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Re: January 9 Words

Post by Sandi0805 »

Morning Laura.  I got one today.  Getting real close.  Only need one more and that will fill my card for the bag and blackout.
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Re: January 9 Words

Post by joannie »

got 2 and still need 3
- joannie

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Re: January 9 Words

Post by Deanna13 »

Hay Laura!! I got 1.
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Re: January 9 Words

Post by blbabe1234 »

I had 3! Need two for the shopping bag
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Re: January 9 Words

Post by lissahope26 »

I need 3 for blackout too.
Melissa H.

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Re: January 9 Words

Post by DN in MN »

got one... need two for BO and one for the bag :) 
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Re: January 9 Words

Post by pawprints »

3 for me again. Only need one more which will give me shopping bag and blackout. I assume shopping bag comes first.

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Re: January 9 Words

Post by sherriscraps »

I got the shopping cart bingo with yesterday's words.  woot, woot.   :)
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Re: January 9 Words

Post by sdwhru »

Got one - still need too many to count
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Re: January 9 Words

Post by Shutterbug »

Got one today.
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