Feeling Fit...January 21, 2014

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Re: Feeling Fit...January 21, 2014

Post by gonecamping » Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:19 am

How about Feeling Fit...then the day...kind of like the daily threads that are already started. I just got home from zumba..kicked my butt!!I
They started a class where its zumba with a couple disco balls going and the room in dark. It was kind of hard to see the instructor, thank goodness the lady in front of me knew the routines as well as the instructor. lol!

I have my fitnesspal but don't use it because I am doing weight watchers and track my food that way. I should try it both ways and see how many calories my 28 points is giving me. I am very organized when it comes to the food area. I make a weekly menu and go shopping from a list based off that menu. My food today was

Oatmeal with a tsp of brown sugar

Salad with 2 oz of diced chicken for the protein

banana and Luna bar for snacks

dinner was Chicken tamali pie. As I am looking at my food for the day I realized I have had no dairy except for the cheese on the tamali pie. I need to change that tomorrow. And drink more water. 32 oz today is all I have had.

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