Handmade candy swap.

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Handmade candy swap.

Post by Ashjoy » Tue May 25, 2010 10:03 am

I know that handmade embellishments are all the rage right now, so thought it would be nice to host a swap. I've made a few and also saw some cuteness on Dawn McVey's blog (http://dawnmcvey.typepad.com/these_are_ ... there.html) and thought wouldn't it be nice to have just a quick and easy swap to share some of our art.

So if you want to play along. Make at least 5 embellishments, and you'll get back how many you send me. Package them up and send them off to me along with a return envelope. You have until June 15th to get them to me and then I'll swap them out.

PM me for my address and I'll know to expect your envelope. Please post here as well so I know how many will be planing along.

I'm going to post this on a few sites so we get a nice mix of swappers. I already have mine ready to go! Who's in???

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Re: Handmade candy swap.

Post by yytbyebyet » Tue May 19, 2015 1:55 am

=12.8000001907349px 1 week is as much time as should pass, but since we all grant a lot, and like to make sure the shipping is "worth it" with the raised shipping prices, etc understand. Just remember how much you like receiving your goodies, and the gal you've granted for is feeling the same way. ???

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