Lets get SWAPPING!!

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Lets get SWAPPING!!

Post by jessinmich » Wed May 25, 2011 10:51 pm

Ok, schools almost done....and i'm almost out of swaps from the past. Whos interested in getting some going?? I'm up for any suggestions and will host or participate in anyone elses. For anyone who doesn't know whats involved...Basically a theme is given and all that sign up make/buy x amount of the same item (high quality/creative) and send it to a host with postage for your swaps return trip. Then that host puts one of each item together and sends it to all the participants and wala...you have enough to do two or more pages of that theme.

Anyone with any questions let me know....Acherryontop use to have the best swaps, lets get it going again!


I am a collector of scrapbook supplies in hopes someday i'll have time to use them....

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