Moneyball (DVD)

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Moneyball (DVD)

Post by koala1966 » Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:44 am

Brad Pitt shines as Billy Beane, player turned General Manager of the Oakland A's. Set in 2002, this film tells the story of a team gutted by free agency, a brave GM, a brash young kid fresh from college (Jonah Hill as Pete), and a very unpopular idea. When Billy meets Pete on his quest to rebuild his team, he hears Pete's farfetched idea to use statistics to build the perfect baseball team. Billy knows that the old system isn't working for him on his shoestring budget, so he employs Pete to help him out. What they do next sets the world of baseball on its head, and to Beane's credit he doesn't flinch.

Baseball lovers might be disappointed at the lack of actual game time in this movie, but it's a drama and it focuses on characters, particularly on Billy and Pete. The players are their supporting cast, and they do a good job of setting up scenes in which we care how Billy and Pete react to situations. We learn a little something about behind the scenes of baseball, and perhaps that's all you come out with, but if you open your heart you can also feel the hope and pain and longing of a man who just wants to matter, who wants to make his mark, and that is the true center of Moneyball. It is one of Brad Pitt's best performances. Make sure to catch this now that it's out for rental - a fantastic movie with excellent acting and a very interesting story, a film with heart.

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Re: Moneyball (DVD)

Post by sarahwhithers » Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:47 pm

I actually didn't mind this movie at all. I was expecting it to be all basbebally, and since I just don't like baseball at all, wasn't expecting to like it, but there was not a lot of baseball, just the behind the scenes stuff. I think the acting was great and the story was a good one. And what was with Brad Pitt eating in most of the scenes? haha!!!

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