8 Years......

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Berta R.
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8 Years......

Post by Berta R. »

...and cancer free!  Yay me!!   Image   Ever since I had breast cancer surgery on this day in 2006 I don't take my health or the life I've been blessed with for granted.  I know Bibi is going through her own battle right now.   Is anyone else here either battling or a survivor?
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Re: 8 Years......

Post by Deanna13 »

YAY! That's really wonderful, Berta! Image I'm an Endometrial Cancer Survivor of 10 yrs. this past June. Image
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Re: 8 Years......

Post by scrapy1967 »

Not as serious as yours but I am a skin cancer survivor cause I check myself and found a spot very early and had a hole cut in me about the size of a fifty cent piece.
 This was just last year.
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Re: 8 Years......

Post by blbabe1234 »

That is so awesome Berta! Yay you is RIGHT! Hoping ALL of YOUR years are cancer free!
Brandy Williams

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Re: 8 Years......

Post by Flasher »

Yay!  Very good news indeed!
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Re: 8 Years......

Post by christinec68 »

Yay Berta!! 
Yay Janet!  
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Re: 8 Years......

Post by emmapaige »

I never knew you were a survivor Berta, but so glad that  you are!!!  Congrats to all the Cherries that have beat the big C!!!

** Chris **

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Re: 8 Years......

Post by average_kim »

Yay!  Happy for you!  Celebrate EVERY day!

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Re: 8 Years......

Post by Wheeliegirl »

So happy for you!!
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Re: 8 Years......

Post by croppinmama »

Congratulations, that is good news. I have lost two family members to lung cancer and my brother in-law is currently battling pancreatic cancer. It has been awful for my niece and nephew.
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Re: 8 Years......

Post by blfonty »

Special congrats to all who have battled and won their fight. Each day is a blessing.
blfonty a.k.a. Bonnie

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Re: 8 Years......

Post by sdwhru »

Congrats to ya both!
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Re: 8 Years......

Post by debamas »

Such good news, Berta!

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Re: 8 Years......

Post by 1grandma »

I am so happy for you!  Congratulations!
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Re: 8 Years......

Post by Shutterbug »

That is wonderful News.  So happy for you.
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Re: 8 Years......

Post by gonecamping »

Awesome news! I lost my dad to cancer 4 years ago. It's a horrible disease, so glad you are a survivor!
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Re: 8 Years......

Post by scrappininAK »

awesome ladies - and hopefully many more

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Re: 8 Years......

Post by mommyribs »

That is a beautiful thing Berta!  So happy to hear you are doing well!

Have a "magical" day
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Re: 8 Years......

Post by 1scrappymom »

Congrats to all the survivors!!  Sometimes you don't know how strong you are until you are put to the test.  I just lost a dear friend of mine to lung cancer last week.  She fought valiantly and passed on peacefully.  Cancer sucks, but it really goes to show how important early detection can be!  We have come so far!!  
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Re: 8 Years......

Post by Scrap Bug »

That is awesome.   I am so glad you're doing well Berta.  It seems so fitting for the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
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