Update on my Hubby REALLY GREAT NEWS!!!

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Update on my Hubby REALLY GREAT NEWS!!!

Post by emmapaige »

He definitely had a small stroke.  He is still in he hospital tonight but will be released and transferred to a rehab facility tomorrow.  Grateful that it is probably the best in the Philadelphia area.  He has improved so much and I am so proud of him.  They will likely keep him 7 to 10 days but we are hoping for a shorter stay due to his improvement.

Tonight I had a total breakdown with the staff. He had ordered dinner to be delivered at 6:00.  By 6:20 dinner was still not delivered.  We called down and said his dinner was on the way up.  By 6:40 still no dinner and called and got a recording that the Room Service was closed (they close at 6:30).  I started going to anyone that would listen to me that my husband is diabetic and needs FOOD.  They said there was some kind of problem but it would be delivered shortly.   By 7:15 I went to the cafeteria and bought him a turkey sandwich and some yogurt.  Everyone was very apologetic but I was extremely upset.  So I finally left the hospital a few minutes before 8:00, came home, grabbed something to eat, threw in laundry and packing him a suitcase for his stay at the rehab center.  I worked for most of the day today and plan to go into work extra early tomorrow.  Needless to say, I am totally exhausted but I will do anything for my man!!! 

Thanks again to everyone for their prayers, kind words and support.  ACOT members are the very best people out there!!!  Image
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by christinec68 »

Thanks for the update.  I am glad he is doing well enough to move on to rehab and that it's some place great.  That sucks about dinner and I can totally see myself losing it in the same situation.  At least the cafeteria was open. I hope you get a chance to get some time to unwind and some good sleep.  I know it's easier said than done, but make sure you take care of yourself too.
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by blbabe1234 »

Thank you for the update Chris. So sorry to hear about the issue with the food. At least you were able to get something for him. I hope he continues to improve, and rehab is short. Take care of yourself too. Get some rest.
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by Kache »

I hope he continues to improve and the trip to rehab is a smooth one!
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by Celticrose »

Glad to hear he is doing better.  I hope his recovery is quick.
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by jnet »

Thank you for the update.  I hope you both get some rest and that the rest of his rehab is smooth sailing.
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by Retiree3 »

I'm so glad to hear that he is improving. I will continue to pray for both of you.
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by CarrieG »

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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by need2scrap »

Thanks for the update - so glad to hear he is doing better!  Prayers for a full recovery for your dh and strength for you to make it through!Image
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by Sandi0805 »

I was out of town on Saturday and missed the first post.  I am glad to hear that he is doing better and please keep us updated.  Sending prayers for you both.
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by Shutterbug »

Appreciate the update. Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your DH.  Be sure to file a formal complaint with the hospital.  Being a diabetic myself I can relate to the food issue. I am grateful you were able to get something for him to eat.  (((Hugs)))
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by shoorn »

Happy to hear that he is improving - hope he is home in record time. I can relate to the food issue too - hopefully it will not happen again.
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by debamas »

So glad it was a small one and he's doing much better. Hopefully rehab will have him back to normal quickly. Strange about the dinner issue as you'd think knowing he's diabetic, something would be available for him even to hold him till dinner came and at least the nurse checking into the situation. I'd be upset too. Good for you looking after him even if you did have to get something yourself. At least you know he's OK. Hopefully hubs will listen to you if ever needed again about seeing a doc too. Right? Can't rub it in, of course, but maybe he has learned some things can be serious and better to check it out just in case. Hang in there, he'll be home in no time.

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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by Charleneanne »

Good on you.  I fought with the medical staff both at hospital and rehab facility nearly daily.  I knew more about him and his health than any of them and how he would react to various meds they kept piling on!  You keep on them to take the best care of him possible.  Fingers crossed all goes well.
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by Deanna13 »

Glad to hear he's doing better, Chris! Will keep him in my prayers for continued improvement. That's terrible about the food though. I've also had to deal with that when my Mom was in the hospital and also when I was in the hospital one time. My DH went and bought something from the cafeteria. Sending you lots of hugs!
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by suslvgeo »

Prayers for you and your hubby!!!
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by Monroe1218 »

So glad that he is showing improvement!  Hopefully, he will do well at the rehab center and can be released sooner!  I'm sure that he would feel more comfortable in his own surroundings.  Saying a prayer for you both!

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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by average_kim »

Glad to hear that he's being released from the hospital, and glad he is going to the best rehab place in your area.  Hope he's back home soon!  Will keep you both in my prayers.

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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by sdwhru »

Oh, man.  Be vigilant with your DH at any hospital stay.  Thanks for updating us on his condition.  Praying he has an easy/speedy recovery.  
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Re: Update on my Hubby

Post by karensay »

Be strong.  sorry to hear of the dinner problem.  Extra stress you do not need right now!  
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