Feeling lost...

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Feeling lost...

Post by beachlover »

My dad became an angel early Saturday morning while DH and I were in MI to celebrate our 5th anniversary.  We got the call at 6 am Saturday that his breathing had become labored.  I was under the impression that it was good that he was sleeping, had not become conscious since he went into hosp on Tuesday.  It was his body's way of healing.  Otherwise, we would have cancelled our trip.  I wanted to.  DH talked me into going, has been worried about me being alone so much with my recent retirement and his increasing work load.  So he wanted to take me to see my cousins, and aunt and uncle for the weekend.  But we could not get back in time to say goodbye.  My aunt and uncle and some cousins have come to NJ so we are all workig together to get things done, sharing memories and lots of wine (we are Irish, you know!).  It has helped, but there is still a great big hole in my heart.  So, I have not been around for a few days and not sure how I will feel day-to-day.  So far I am keeping myself busy cooking and DH go to my mom's every night for dinner, and spending time as a family.  Once the services are over on Saturday, I think that is when it will all hit us.  A few thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated!!!   
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by pawprints »

Oh Ann I am so deeply sorry. Many, many ((hugs)) to you.

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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by Vicki R. »

So sorry for your family's loss, Ann.  Hugs and prayers of comfort to all of you.
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by emmapaige »

You know how deeply sorry I am for you and your family. Luckily your mom is close by so you can lean on each other when needed. Hugs to all.
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by aheatfan »

So very sorry for your loss, sending prayers of comfort and peace. 
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by blbabe1234 »

I am so sorry for your loss Ann. I'm sorry you couldn't say goodbye. I can just imagine that's the hardest thing to go thru. Please know he is no longer sufferning or in pain. Just take it day by day, surround yourself with family and his memories. Hugs!
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by scrapy1967 »

Oh Ann I am so sorry my friend!!! Big hugs and prayers for all!!!! we are all here with you anytime you need to talk!!! 
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by Retiree3 »

I am so sorry for your loss. I will continue to pray for you and your family. God bless!
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by 1scrappymom »

I'm so sorry for your loss 🙏🙏🙏
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by LoreenC »

Thoughts And Prayers! So sorry.
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by joannie »

Praying for your family. So sorry for your loss.
- joannie

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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by traveler »

Sorry for your loss, losing a parent is tough. Hugs

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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by Natalie Dill »

I'm so sorry! Prayers to you all for comfort.
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by DN in MN »

So sorry for you loss.  My thoughts and prayers with you and your entire family.
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by Art_Teacher »

So very sorry, Ann! I saw your fb post and I said a prayer for you and for your peace.  Such a sad time and I'm sorry you feel bad for going on your anniversary celebration. I'm sure your Dad understood.  Hugs!
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by suewho372 »

So sorry to hear this. I was wondering about you and the situation over the weekend. I am praying for you and your family. It is good you are close by your mom too, you will have to help each other through it. Don't beat yourself up over going on your anniversary celebration. He knows how much you love him!
Many hugs to all of you.

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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by sdwhru »

prayers & hugs for the loss of your father 
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by Flasher »

Oh, Ann, I am so very sorry for the loss of your father.  You're in my thoughts.
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by karensay »

Ann, sorry your Father has gone to heaven. It is always difficult loosing a parent. saying a prayer for your family.
Karen in SC
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Re: Feeling lost...

Post by Rachel Kent »

Oh so sorry for your loss! I wasn't able to say goodbye to my mom before she passed either. The hole in your heart never goes away, but you do get used to a "new normal" eventually. Praying for comfort in the coming days, weeks, and months. We are here for you 💗💗
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