Mysterious package

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Mysterious package

Post by oceanbreezes423 »

I do not know who sent this, and of course ACOT would not tell me who sent it. With that being said, whoever you are, please know I am truly grateful and it warmed my heart! Your message was so special! God Bless you as well, you have made my month!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
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Re: Mysterious package

Post by emmapaige » sweet!!
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Re: Mysterious package

Post by Deanna13 » thoughtful! 😊
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Re: Mysterious package

Post by blbabe1234 »

Super sweet!
Brandy Williams

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Re: Mysterious package

Post by pawprints »

How very thoughtful!

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Re: Mysterious package

Post by Shutterbug »

That’s exciting! Enjoy the goodies and God bless you and the kind loving person that sent you the Suprise!
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Re: Mysterious package

Post by Vicki R. »

Sweet and thoughtful!
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Re: Mysterious package

Post by joannie »

what a nice surprise!!
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Re: Mysterious package

Post by blfonty »

Awesome! ACOT and the Cherries are all so special and supportive. This just warms my heart! Enjoy!
blfonty a.k.a. Bonnie

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Re: Mysterious package

Post by Linda S. »

What a sweet and thoughtful surprise!! 
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Re: Mysterious package

Post by scrapy1967 »

What a sweet surprise!!! 
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Re: Mysterious package

Post by DN in MN »

What a wonderful surprise!  Happy mail is always so much fun :) 
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Re: Mysterious package

Post by MTCanuk »

Aw... so sweet. There are a lot of good folks out there.  
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Re: Mysterious package

Post by shoorn »

Sweet & thoughtful surprise!
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Re: Mysterious package

Post by karensay »

Wow, I think that was a nice thing to do for you!
Karen in SC
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