I didn't notice!

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I didn't notice!

Post by Art_Teacher »

Sometime, fairly recently, I became a Cherry Delight! :)  I love Cherry Delight....it is a dessert my Mom has made since I was little...graham cracker crust, cheesecake center, and canned cherry pie filling on the top!  Yummy!  Anyway, I was checking the blinkies and signature avatars, and I didn't see this one....it was added to the ranks later, and maybe they didn't make one?  Anybody know where I can find one or do I have to try and make it myself? lol
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Re: I didn't notice!

Post by DN in MN »

I think this was brought up before that the blinkie wasn't made as this one was added after the fact :)  

Congratulations :) 
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Re: I didn't notice!

Post by Vicki R. »

Congratulations!  Perhaps a replica of your mom's Cherry Delight on the badge!
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Re: I didn't notice!

Post by joannie »

I believe Brandon was the creator of those newer ranks.  :greenwinkb:   Congrats!!
- joannie

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Re: I didn't notice!

Post by pawprints »

Congrats! And yes I remember that there were some ranks that there were no blinkies for.
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Re: I didn't notice!

Post by CarrieG »

woot woot congrats!
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Re: I didn't notice!

Post by Deanna13 »

YAY! Congrats!  😊
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Re: I didn't notice!

Post by emmapaige »

How delightful!
** Chris **

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Re: I didn't notice!

Post by sdwhru »

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Re: I didn't notice!

Post by blbabe1234 »

WTG Laura! Congrats
Brandy Williams

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Re: I didn't notice!

Post by karensay »

Karen in SC
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Re: I didn't notice!

Post by Monroe1218 »


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Re: I didn't notice!

Post by blfonty »

WTG! Congrats.
blfonty a.k.a. Bonnie

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Re: I didn't notice!

Post by Shutterbug »

I used to be indecisive; now I'm not sure.
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