Covid vaccine

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Gail R
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Covid vaccine

Post by Gail R »

I was able to get the Covid 19 vaccine today.  Dh and ds got theirs a couple weeks ago, but since I had a regular flu and pneumonia vaccine at my last doctor appointment, I had to wait for 2 weeks.  
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Re: Covid vaccine

Post by Karyn_Sue »

I’m fully vaccinated. Got #2 Tuesday. No side effects. Nothing, nada, zilch.
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Re: Covid vaccine

Post by sdwhru »

Nobody in my family or office has had it yet
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Re: Covid vaccine

Post by 1scrappymom »

I'm vaccinated as well. I'd say mild headache was the worst symptom I've had.
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karen c.
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Re: Covid vaccine

Post by karen c. »

No luck for me getting one yet. All appointments fill up in minutes. I am trying in 3 counties.
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Re: Covid vaccine

Post by shoorn »

Still no vaccine in our area.
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Re: Covid vaccine

Post by emmapaige »

I've preregistered both DH and myself but have heard nothing. DH and I are 72 and he is not in the best of health (heart failure, A-fib and diabeties) and I'm in pretty good health but since I am his primary (only) caregiver, I need to stay healthy.  I know people in their 80's who also have heard nothing. 

However my 18 year old granddaughter got her's at college in Mississippi.  I'm thrilled for her but WTH...she has grandparents that need the vaccine more than she does, especially since she is convinced she already had the virus in the Fall while at school. 

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Re: Covid vaccine

Post by Elysandrra »

I’m taking my Mom to get hers on Monday at one of the mass vaccination sites; she’s pretty healthy but older and we just want the piece of mind. I can’t wait until my Grandma gets her vaccine and I get mine so I can see her again. It sucks because she has beginning stages of dementia. Isolation from her family is really bad for her mental health. The last time I saw her was in August for her birthday.
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Re: Covid vaccine

Post by scrappinmom99 »

We probably won't be eligible until the summer if even then. NYC is getting so few doses for the amount of people, it'll probably be much longer anyway. 
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Vicki R.
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Re: Covid vaccine

Post by Vicki R. »

We were finally able to get our vaccines scheduled.  It's a month out, but at least it's scheduled. 

We used the Rite-Aid link....Chris?  Maybe you can get one using it?

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Re: Covid vaccine

Post by Donna_Coughlin »

I can't get an apppointment. Luckily, my youngest son works in a nursing home, so he got his 2nd shot Friday, and my daughter is a nurse so she got hers. Still I have more kids and grandkids and my husband. My in laws live in a retirement community so they got their first shot today. I have seen them since Christmas 2019. :greenwaiting:
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Re: Covid vaccine

Post by Art_Teacher »

Supposedly, the county where I teach will be vaccinating all the teachers who want it starting Feb. 8th. Here’s hoping...basically our governor is using this as a lever to force schools into going back in-person beginning March 1. But, we have been in-person since beginning of the year, so we aren’t a high priority. ;)

Not sure how it is going in other states, but my parents (both 75) were able to get their first dose this past Friday at Kroger. They registered online and then got scheduled.
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